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The table below gives a quick comparison between various balance bikes on the market. You can use it to quickly narrow down your selection to 4 or 5 bikes. Click on the bike’s name to read a quality-packed article with the buyer’s opinion, or click on the buy link to buy the bike for your little ones.

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NameWheel Size (inch)Wheel TypeColorBrakesMaterialAge (yrs)Rating (5)Cost ($)Store Link
The Croco Lightweight Balance Bike12EVA FoamBlack, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Pink, Orange, Pink & Purple, Red, White & PinkNoneAluminium1.5 to 5474.90Amazon
Bixe Aluminium Balance Bike12EVA FoamBlue, Green, Pink, PurpleNoneAluminium3 to 53.669.99Amazon
INFAS Lightweight Balance Bike12EVA FoamBlack, Red, Green (Tassel Ribbon), Yellow (Tassel Ribbon)NoneSteel2 to 54.245.95Amazon
Schwinn Balance Toddler Bike12RubberBlue, Green, Red, PinkNoneSteel2 to 4485.00Amazon
Radio Flyer Air Ride Balance Bike12Rubber, EVA FoamRed, GrayNoneSteel1.5 to 5459.99Amazon
Chillafish Charlie Lightweight Balance Bike10EVA FoamBlack, Pink, Red, SilverNoneHigh Quality Metal1.5 to 44.248.27Amazon
GOMO Balance Bike12EVA FoamBlack, Blue, Blue & Black, Gold, Light Blue, Pink, Red & GrayNoneSteel1.5 to 54.269.99Amazon
Retrospec Cub Kid Balance Bike12EVA FoamPowder Blue, Bippi V2, Blush Pink, Kelly Green, Matte Black, Orange, Royal Blue, Shark Teal, Silver, Teal & Yellow, Unicorn PinkNoneSteel1.5 to 5469.00Amazon
Bixe Balance Bike (5 to 9)16RubberBlue, Green, Pink, VioletNoneSteel5 to 94.2109.99Amazon
Chillafish Bmxie2 Lightweight Balance Bike12Airless-RubberBlue, Lime, PinkRear FootbrakeFiberglass Plastic2 to 5459.99Amazon
Strider-12 Classic Balance Bike12EVA FoamStrider Red, Green & Blue, PinkNoneAluminium1.5 to 34.489.99Amazon
KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike12EVA FoamRed, Peppa PigNoneSteel1.5 to 5487.83Amazon
Yvolution Balance – Bike Y Velo Junior9Airless-RubberBlue, Pink, RedNoneAluminium1.5 to 4459.99Amazon
Swagtron Children Balance Bike12RubberBlue, PinkNoneAluminium1.5 to 4459.99Amazon
JOYSTAR Striker Balance Bike16RubberBeige, Black, BlueFront CaliperCarbon Steel5 to 94.4109.99Amazon
Little Tikes My First Balance-To-Pedal Bike12EVA FoamBlack & GreenCoaster2 to 53.869.99Amazon
JOYSTAR Marcher Balance Bike12EVA FoamIvory, Orange, RedNoneSteel1 to 5457.99Amazon
JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike10/12EVA FoamGreen, Black, PinkNoneSteel1.5 to 54.445.99Amazon
JOYSTAR Roadster Balance Bike12/14EVA FoamLime, RedNoneSteel2 to 6459.99Amazon
BRILRIDER AF Balance Bike12EVA FoamRed, Blue, GreenNoneLight-Metal2 to 34.250.0Amazon
BRILRIDER Flight AF Balance Bike12EVA FoamMetallic Blue, Metallic Red, Metallic GreenNoneAluminium2 to 34.275.0Amazon
Berg Biky Balance Bike12RubberWhite, GrayNoneSteel1 to 53.6120.00Tikes Bikes
Bixbi Route 12 Balance Bike12RubberWhite, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Light Pink, Purple, Silver, Red, BlackNoneAluminium2 to 53.8229.00Bixbi Bikes
Byk Balance Bike12RubberBlue, Alloy, PinkRear Roller BrakeAluminium2 to 44.8189.00Amazon
Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike12EVA FoamGreen, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Silver, Gold & BlackNoneAluminium1.5 to 43.4199.00Amazon
Dimond Miner Balance Bike12RubberBlackNoneCarbon Fiber1.5 to 43.8329.00Amazon
Eastern Pusher Balance Bike12EVA FoamBlue, Black, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple & BlackNoneAluminium1.5 to 43.4129.00Amazon
FirstBIKE Balance Bike12RubberBlack, Yellow, Red, Blue, GreenRear Drum BrakeGlass Fiber Reinforced Nylon Composite2 to 54199.00Amazon
Go Glider 16 Balance Bike16RubberGreen, Red, Blue, Orange, PinkRear Drum BrakeSteel Frame5 to 104131.56Amazon
Haro Prewheelz 12 EVA Balance Bike12EVA FoamBlack, Red, Blue, Bad Apple Green, PinkNoneAluminium2 to 33.8109.00Amazon
Joovy Bicyoo Balance Bike12RubberRed, Black, Blue, PinkRear BrakeAluminium1.5 to 53.8129.00Amazon
KinderBike Laufrad Balance Bike12RuberBlue, Red, Green, YellowRear V BrakeAluminium1.5 to 44.2119.99Amazon
Kokua LIKEaBIKE Jumper Balance Bike12RubberOcean Metallic, Red Gloss, Green Gloss, Metallic Coral Red, Metallic Pearl White, Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple, Black Flat, All White, Blue & SilverFront Brake ($29)Aluminium2 to 53.6349.00Amazon
Micro G-Bike Chopper Deluxe Balance Bike12EVA FoamAqua, Blue, Pink, YellowNoneAluminium2 to 53.8120.80Amazon
Muna Zing Girl/Boy 12″ Balance Bike12RubberPink, GreenRear Drum BrakeAluminium2 to 44.2125.00Amazon
WeeBikeShop Saracen Freewheel 12″ Balance Bike12RubberBlue, Pink, WhiteRear V BrakeAluminium2 to 43.6225.00Amazon
smarTrike Folding Toddler Balance Bike12EVA FoamBlue, Red, PinkNoneLightweight Metal2 to 5480.00Amazon
Evo Beep Beep Balance Bike12RubberRedNoneSteel3 to 43.689.95Amazon
Banana Balance Bike12RubberYellow, Blue, Pink, GreenNoneAluminium2 to 4450.00Amazon
Baby Beaumont Kids’ Balance Bike12RubberTeal, Turquoise, Xantheous, Natural WoodNoneSteel2 to 34119.99Website
Woom 1 Plus Balance Bike14RubberRed, Green, Purple Haze, Sunny Yellow, Sky BlueDual V-BrakesAluminium3 to 54.6269.00Amazon
Boot Scoot Balance Bike12EVA FoamBlue, Green, Pink, OrangeNoneSteel2 to 32.860.00Amazon
Burley MyKick Balance Bike12RubberGreen, Pink, Red, BlueNoneSteel2.5 to 3.53.6129.99Amazon
Chicco Bullet Balance Bike7.8EVA FoamBlue, Aqua, Yellow, PinkNoneMetal Alloy2 to 53.279.95Amazon
Vitus Smoothy Balance Bike12RubberBlue, Red, Yellow,, Mint, Silver, WhiteNoneMagnesium2 to 43.899.00Website
Qiani Balance Bike12RubberBlue, Red, Yellow, Mint, Silver, WhiteNoneMagnesium2 to 43.8159.90Amazon
Early Rider Trailer Runner XL Balance Bike12/14RubberMetal ChromeNoneAluminium2 to 33.8249.00Amazon
Yedoo Too Too Balance Bike12RubberOrange-red, White, Teal Blue, Mint, Lime, Candy PinkRear BrakesAluminium1.5 to 24149.99Amazon
Frog Tadpole Balance Bike12RubberBlue, Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Polka DotRear BrakesAluminium2 to 44.2300.00Amazon
Baigor Balance Bike12RubberBlack, RedNoneAluminium2 to 5489.00Amazon
Mini Glider Balance Bike12RubberRed, Blue, PinkRear Drum BrakesSteel2 to 54104.65Amazon
Black Mountain PINTO 14″ Balance Bike14RubberOrange, Sky Blue, Purple, Neon GreenDual BrakesAluminium2.5 to 54.8449.90Website
Islabikes Rothan 12 Balance Bike12RubberTropical Teal, Orchid Pink, Xanthous OrangeRear Brakes7005 T6 Aluminium1.5 to 24250.00Website
Kinderfeets Balance Bike12EVA FoamBamboo, Natural, Black, Cherry Red, Steiff ClassicNoneBirch Wood2 to 43.4129.00Amazon
Pello Ripple Balance Bike12RubberOrange, PinkRear BrakesAluminium2 to 44.8198.00Website
AODI Sport Balance Bike12RubberPink, WhiteNoneSteel2 to 43.862.99Amazon
Prevelo Alpha Zero Balance Bike12RubberSilver, Purple, BlueRear BrakesAluminium2 to 34.6199.00Amazon
Uenjoy 2 in 1 Kids Bike & Balance Bike12RubberTurquoise & Teal, Rose & Flamingo, Midnight black & BlueNoneAluminium2 to 33.6109.99Amazon
Reeple Toddler Balance Bike12RubberYellow, RedNoneSteel1.5 to 43.889.99Amazon
The RoyalBaby Pony Balance Bike12RubberBlack, Blue, PinkNoneAluminium2 to 54119.00Amazon
Giant Pre Balance Bike12RubberBlue, Black, Pink, YellowNoneAluminium2 to 54.2170.00Website
HORNIT AIRO Balance Bike12RubberYellow, Pink, Red, Turquoise, White, BlueNoneMagnesium Alloy2 to 53.8159.99Website
Subrosa Atlus Balance Bike12RubberYellow, RedNoneSteel2 to 43.4163.00Amazon
SmarTrike Xtend-Convertible Balance Bike14EVA FoamTurquoise Blue, RedFront BrakeMagnesium Alloy3 to 73.6249.99Amazon
Speciallized Hotwalk Balance Bike12RubberAcid Kiwi, Acid Pink, Metallic White Silver, Neon Blue, Matt BlackNoneAluminium2 to 43.6175.00Website
SQUISH 12″ Balance Bike12RubberBlueRear Brakes3 to 43.6183.00Website
Puky Balance Bike10/12RubberRed, Blue, Black, Green, YellowNoneRecycled Steel & Aluminium2 to 44219.60Website
Vilano Balance Bike12EVA FoamBlue, Green, Orange, Purple, RedNoneSteel2 to 53.439.95Amazon
Little Big Convertible Balance Bike14RubberRed, Green, Blue, Pink, SilverDual BrakesAluminium3 to 74200.00Website
Jollito Balance Bike10EVA FoamBlue, PinkNoneCarbon Steel2 to 43.869.99Amazon
Stampede Charger 12 Balance Bike12RubberBaby Pink, Light PinkRear Drum Brakes6061 Aluminium Alloy2 to 43.8129.00Amazon
Strider ST-R Carbon Fiber Balance Bike12RubberRed & BlackNoneCarbon Fiber2 to 54.2900.00Website
Ridgeback Scoot Balance Bike12RubberOrange, Blue, Red, Lime, Mint & GreyRear Brake6061 Aluminium Alloy3 to 65129.99Amazon