Best Balance Bike for Older Kids

Here is a list of 3 balance bikes that are suitable for any kid between 5 to 9 years of age. As a matter of fact, these bigger balance bikes are found to be quite helpful for kids with disabilities like Autism or Down Syndrome.


  1. JOYSTAR Strider 16 Balance Bike
  2. Bixe 16 Balance Bike
  3. Go Glider 16 Balance Bike


1. JOYSTAR Strider 16 Balance Bike ($109.99)


Joystar is among the few who manufacture a 16″ Balance Bike. This bike is suitable for kids from 5 to 9 years old. The body is made out of carbon steel and comes in exciting colors – beige, black and blue. If you want to have more color options, you can check this bike on their official website. The biggie bike will cost you a little more than the usual 12″ balance bike, i.e., around $109.99. The bike comes with a caliper braking system and adjustable seat and handlebar. The seat height varies from 18″ to 22″ while the handle can travel from 25.2″ to 28.7″. Being a biggie bike, its weight is still a comfortable 13.5lbs or 6.12kg. To make the offer more lucrative, the manufacturer gives a limited lifetime warranty, along with a 100% parts replacement or fixing guarantee.


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2. Bixe 16″ Balance Bike ($109.99)


With a cost of $109.99, this is a 16″ steel balance bike. The bike is made for kids from 5 to 9 years of age and weighs at the top 150lbs or 68.04kg. Kids can select from four different colors – Blue, Green, Pink, and Violet. Due to its steel body, the bike itself weighs 12lbs or 5.44kg. The bike comes with tamper-proof clamps and wheels with safety washers. It is an excellent gift for kids with special needs or challenges. The seat can be switched from 15″ to 22″ to account for variation in the kid’s inseam length. The purchase comes with a 2-year warranty and a parts replacement & fixing guarantee to top it off.


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3. Go Glider 16 Balance Bike ($131.56)


Made with steel, the Go Glider 16 can sustain up to 150lbs or 68.04kg. As evident, this bike is meant for kids 5 to 10 years old and has a 16″ wheelbase. The bike comes in 5 different shades (green, red, blue, orange, and pink) and can be brought home at $131.56. The bike has sealed bearings and rubber tires that provide smooth and comfortable gliding. The rear tire is attached to a drum brake which makes the controlling the cycle very easy. A turn limiter further improves control on the handlebar that enables kids to make confident turns. The bike weighs around 11lbs or 5kg and has an adjustable handlebar and seat post. The range of adjustment for the handlebar is 27″ to 35″, whereas it is 16″ to 25″ in the seat post. They have also provided a removable footpeg to rest your foot while gliding and a kickstand to keep your bike upright.


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Safety Comparison


Of all the bikes on the list, the JOYSTAR Strider 16 Balance Bike steals the show with its impressive list of features. While the Go Glider 16 Balance Bike isn’t far behind it in terms of safety, the safety handle grips make the difference by keeping the kids’ hands secure. Both the bikes have a footrest that keeps the kids’ feet safe. The JOYSTAR Strider 16 Balance Bike has a front caliper brake, while the Go Glider 16 Balance Bike has a rear brake. The Bixe Balance Bike falls behind the two bikes in this area as it does not have many safety features to boast about. Overall, the winner in this category is the JOYSTAR Strider 16 Balance Bike, with the Glider being not far behind.



Comfort Comparison


When it comes to comfort, all the bikes are on par with each other. The best, however, for the older kids would be the Go Glider 16 Balance Bike due to its range of seat adjustment. The bike has a range of 16″-25″, which is very impressive compared to its competitors. All the bikes have pneumatic rubber tires that provide the utmost comfort to the kids. All the bikes have different unique features and make all of them a well-deserved candidates for the top position.



Strength Comparison


The strength comparison compares the material strength of all the bikes of which they are made. In this area, out of three cycles, the JOYSTAR Strider 16 Balance Bike seems the winner due to its carbon steel frame that is both lightweight and very strong. The other two bikes have a steel alloy frame, which is as strong as the carbon steel frame but is a little heavy. So, overall the winner in this section is the JOYSTAR Strider 16 Balance Bike.



Price Comparison


The price comparison brings all three bikes into the realistic grounds of comparison. The JOYSTAR Strider 16 Balance Bike and the Bixe Balance Bike steal the show when it comes to the price point. Both the bikes have a price tag of $109.99, which makes them both very affordable. However, the features of the Joystar are much more appealing than the Bixe. The Glider is a bit expensive compared to the two bikes, coming into the market with a price tag of $131.56. Therefore, the winners in this section are the JOYSTAR Strider 16 Balance Bike and the Bixe Balance Bike; however, the Joystar is always preferable due to its features.



Visual Comparison


The visual appeal of all three bikes is at par with each other. The paint job on all three cycles is beautiful, and the paint does not chip off. Talking about the color options, the Go Glider Balance bike has the most to offer, i.e., five color options. The second place is held by the Bixe Balance bike with four color options. The Joystar remains a bit behind in this area, providing just two color options. Therefore, the clear winner in this area is The Go Glider balance bike.



Final Verdict

After looking at all the merits and demerits of the bikes listed in the list, the winner is unarguably the JOYSTAR Strider 16 Balance Bike due to its features and qualities, with The Go Glider being not too far behind. So if your sole purpose is to purchase a bike based on the adjustment that it offers, the Go Glider can be your choice. But speaking is an overall fashion; the JOYSTAR Strider 16 Balance Bike steals the first spot with its features.



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