Essential Bike Riding Accessories for Kids

There are a lot of products one can have when it comes to cycling. But where should one start? Here we have compiled a list of essential items for every kid in their early days of cycling. We have ranked every product in decreasing order of their importance. It will help you prioritize your purchase according to your budget.



Wearing a helmet is the most practical action you can take while on a cycle. Wearing a helmet that fits perfectly on the head can save your face, head, and brain, in case you hit the ground. Though different countries have different laws regarding the helmet, having protection on the head surely doesn’t bite. Here is a map from Wikipedia on the “bicycle helmet laws by country.”


Green: No legal restrictions | Blue: Some local laws apply | Yellow: Children only; other local laws may also exist | Purple: Partial rules apply | Pink: Mandatory but no fines apply | Red: Mandatory

Points to consider when buying a bicycle helmet-

    • Comfort & Fit: Ensure to get a helmet that doesn’t wobble on the head and fits comfortably. A good helmet is lightweight, has more ventilation, and doesn’t hinder your vision.
    • Cost: The more expensive the helmet is, the more lightweight and aerodynamic it is. Generally, all the helmets on the market are up to the safety standard but spending a decent amount for a good helmet is undoubtedly worth it.
    • Type of Rider: Riders with road bikes should get a helmet as light as possible and pay special attention to ventilation and aerodynamic features. If mountain bikes are your preferred bike choice, do go for the one with shades and additional structure to protect the back of the head. Then some helmets are made specifically for fitness riding or commute purposes. They have a simple construction with sufficient ventilation.


At purchase, some bikes do come which reflectors. But even they are not enough to make the bike stand out on the road. According to a law in the UK, the owner must equip the bike with reflectors from sunset to sunrise. There should be a red reflector on the rear end and an amber-colored reflector on the pedals. For added safety, one can also lay down reflecting strips on the mainframe and along the front and rear fork of the wheel.



On number third, we have locks; very essential if you love your ride. There are three different types of locks one can choose from-

    • Chain Locks: Chain locks can be very sturdy and versatile. They can be wrapped around any bike and are extremely tough to break down. On the contrary, they are heavy and difficult to carry.
    • D-locks (U-locks): They are a bit more convenient than a chain lock. They are, without a doubt- tough, lighter to carry, and often come with an extra cable to wrap around a railing or post.
    • Cable Locks and Combination Locks: They are ideal for places with low crime. Both the locks are lightweight and, the combination lock even removes the headache of losing a key. But these locks tend to be less secure when compared to the previous two types.



Gloves tend to be very beneficial, eliminating any slippage over the handlebar and providing a reliable grip. They often become essential if one lives in a cold or rainy country.

    • Summer Mitts: Gloves with an extra layer between the palm and handlebar provide excellent grip. They are suitable for summer with lightweight and breathable material.
    • Lightweight Full-finger Gloves: They are similar to summer mitts but have closed coverings for fingers. Full finger gloves are best for moderately winter and autumn days.
    • Winter Gloves: They are thick, made especially for cold regions. Winter gloves keep the hands warm and dry even on days when the temperature is below freezing zero. The one made from neoprene can easily deflect mild rain, but one must switch to multi-layered thermal gloves for harsh weather conditions.

Safety Lights

Riding a bike at night can be risky, and therefore investing in some good quality bike lights will ensure safety. The strength or the intensity of such devices is measured in lumens. For city bike riders, it is recommended to get a device with 300 to 400 lumens. They are enough to brighten up the path without blinding other people or riders on the road.



A small bike pump might come in handy if the tire went out of gas.

    • Mini Pumps & Frame Pumps: They are small and easy to carry. In the case of a flat, they can be a lifesaver. Usually, they require more pumps than a conventional foot pump.
    • CO2 Inflators: They are loaded with CO2 cartridges that can instantly and effortlessly inflate the tire. They tend to be expensive, and one is often left stranded if the cartridge expires or gets damaged. They are also small and lightweight.


Multi-tools are also good to have devices if one owns a bike. The bike can suffer three types of damage. Damage due to vibrations, which includes loose connections and points, impact damage due to bend, break and twist and finally negligence that can lead to rust and corrosion. One can avoid these by investing in a quality multi-tool device.

    • Minimalist Multi-tool: They contain the absolute essential tools required during the desperate moments of riding. They are convenient and lightweight.
    • All-in-one Multi-tool: They have everything one might need. Enough for one to disassemble the whole ride! Unlike the first option, they are heavy and often convenient to carry in a bag or a seat bag.
    • Hidden Multi-tool: They are made for convenience as they can be easily attached to the bike parts instead of bearing the burden of carrying them around.
    • Workbench Multi-tool: They are bulky and often helpful for complex corrections. They can be used at home or on a workbench or carried around in a bag.

Handlebar Bag/Basket

Do you ride your bike for long hours? Maybe it’s work, or perhaps it’s just about having fun with friends. A handlebar bag or a basket can help store some of your daily necessities when on a long ride.



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