How to Assemble a Balance Bike

Are you confused with the poor instruction manual that comes with the bike? Here is how to assemble a Balance Bike for your kids. For the article, we constructed the ‘Little Kids Balance Bike’, but the procedure should work pretty fine with whatever bike you might have purchased.

To begin with, make sure you pull all the necessary bicycle parts out of the package. We are going to list it out for convenience.

    • Main Frame with Rear Wheel
    • Front Fork
    • Handlebar
    • Seatpost with Saddle
    • Handlebar and Front Fork Clamps
    • Front Wheel

Remember, it is quite possible that your package might have more than the listed parts. If it does don’t freak out, use the provided manual to get a glimpse as to where the part could go. To connect the parts together, we will need a 13, a 14, and a 15-millimeter wrench along with a flat-headed screwdriver. 

9-step assembly of a balance bike.

Start with your bike’s main body and slide the front fork through the bottom plastic headset cups. Before sliding it in, make sure to lightly grease the tube surface of the front fork. Now place the plastic washer over the fork tube emerging from the other end. Bring your fork and handlebar lock clamp (or quick-release clamp) and push it over the washer. 

Cover the discolored area of the handlebar with a little grease and slide it in the front fork. Lift the plastic protective cap and tighten the clamp bolt with a 13mm wrench while making sure the handlebar, frame, and fork are perfectly aligned. After using the wrench, bring down the protective cap that covers the clamp to avoid any injuries to the kids. 


Next, bring in your front wheel and unscrew the bolts until you have a little bit left on the thread. Pop the wheel into the front fork and screw the bolts back in. You can use the 15mm wrench and give those bolts a few more turns as needed. 


Get the seat post in your hand and grease its tube before putting it in the slot. Before using your 13mm wrench to screw the bolts, make sure the seat post is not below the minimum height mark given on the tube. While screwing make sure the saddle is aligned to the bike. Using the screwdriver just make sure the screw at the back of the saddle is tightened enough on the post. 

There you go! Your kids’ balance bike is ready to roll down the street. Make sure you have the necessary bike accessories and know the basic traffic rules.


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