Pedal Bike Repository

The table below gives a quick comparison between various pedal bikes on the market. You can use it to quickly narrow down your selection to 4 or 5 bikes. Click on the bike’s name to read a quality-packed article with the buyer’s opinion, or click on the buy link to buy the bike for your little ones.

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NameWheel Size (inch)ColorBrakesGearSuspensionMaterialAge Range (yrs)Rating (5)Cost ($)On/Off RoadShop Link
ByK Bikes E250 Kids Bike14Cyan Blue, Bright Orange, Pretty Pink, Sky Blue, Neon Yellow, Charcoal, Lilac Haze, Polished AlloyFront BrakeNoneNoneAlloy Based3 to 63.60.0On RoadAmazon
ByK Bikes E350 Kids Bike18Blue, Red, Celeste Green, Grey, Midnight Black, Pretty Pink, PurpleDual BrakesNoneNoneAlloy Based3 to 63.8309.00On RoadAmazon
ByK Bikes E450x3i Kids Bike24Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Stealth Charcoal, Deep VioletDual Brakes3 Speed ShimanoNoneAlloy Based5 to 93.8359.00On RoadAmazon
Clearly Bikes Scout26Wicked Blue, GreyDual Disk Brakes10 Speed ShimanoFrontSteel9 to 113.8850.00BothAmazon
Diamondback Insight 20 Bike20Silver, GreenDual Brakes7 Speed ShimanoNoneAluminium8 to 103.8260.00On RoadAmazon
Diamondback Lux 3 Bike27.5BeigeDual Disk Brakes12 Speed ShimanoFrontAluminium12 to 143.61400.00BothAmazon
Diamondback Mini Viper Bike16, 20Blue, GreenNoneNoneNoneSteel3 to 63.80.0On RoadUnavailable
Early Rider Belter Urban Bike16SilverDual BrakesNoneNoneAluminium Alloy4 to 63.8400.00BothAmazon
Guardian 16″ Bike Ethos and Airos16Aqua & Pink, Black & Blue, Black & Blue & RedDual BrakesNoneNoneSteel, Aluminium Alloy4 to 64.0379.00On RoadAmazon
Guardian 20 Inch Bike-Ethos and Airos20Black & Blue & Green, Purple & AquaDual Brakes6 Speed ShimanoNoneSteel, Aluminium Alloy5 to 84.0459.00On RoadAmazon
Guardian 24 Inch Bike-Ethos and Airos24Blue & Black & Green, Purple & AquaDual Brakes7 Speed ShimanoNoneSteel, Aluminum Alloy8 to 124.0479.00On RoadAmazon
Joey 2.5 Ergonomic Kids Bike14White, Red, Orange, Lavender, Fuchsia, BlueDual BrakesNoneNoneSteel2 to 53.8239.00On RoadAmazon
Royalbaby H2 Bike14, 16, 18Pink, Orange, BlueDual BrakesNoneNoneAluminium3 to 54.0239.99On RoadAmazon
Schwinn Elm Girls Bike12, 14, 16, 18, 20Pink, Purple, TealFront BrakeNoneNoneSteel2 to 83.6150.00On RoadAmazon
Schwinn Koen Boys Bike12Red, Blue, BlackFront BrakeNoneNoneSteel2 to 43.6150.00BothAmazon
Schwinn Krate Evo Kids Bike16Apple-Red, Shadow Black, Sky Blue, RaspberryNoneNoneNoneSteel3 to 73.6249.99On RoadWebsite
Schwinn SmartStart Bike16Blue, Pink, Red, OrangeFront BrakeNoneNoneSteel3 to 53.8130.00BothAmazon
Joystar Totem Kids Bike12Greyish Silver, Sunny Yellow, Light Pink, Apple Red, Turquoise BlueNoneNoneNoneSteel2 to 44.0152.99On RoadAmazon
Segway Ninebot Kids Bike14, 18Turquoise Blue, Baby Pink, Flawless RedFront BrakeNoneNoneAluminium Alloy3 to 74.4249.99On RoadAmazon
Mongoose Switch BMX Bike18Black, BlueDual BrakesNoneNoneSteel3 to 63.8115.00BothAmazon
Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike16Green & BlackRear BrakeNoneNoneSteel7 to 93.8199.99Off RoadWebsite
CYCMOTO Hawk Boys Bike14, 16Blue, Green, YellowFront BrakeNoneNoneSteel3 to 63.8136.00On RoadAmazon
CYCMOTO Nancy Girls Bike14Pink, PurpleFront BrakeNoneNoneSteel3 to 53.8126.99On RoadAmazon
Royce Union Kids Aluminum Mountain Bike20Matt BlackDual Brakes6 Speed ShimanoDualAluminium5 to 93.60.0Off RoadAmazon
NiceC BMX Kids Bike12, 18Cool Black, Lemon Yellow, Mystery Champagne, Princess PinkDual BrakesNoneNoneMagnesium Alloy2 to 104.0170.00BothAmazon
CYCMOTO Unicorn Kids Bike12, 14, 16, 18Light Blue, Light Pink, Light PurpleFront BrakeNoneNoneSteel2 to 43.80.0On RoadAmazon
JOYSTAR Vintage Kids Bike12, 16Beige, Pink, GreenNoneNoneNoneSteel2 to 73.8146.00On RoadAmazon
Apollo Flipside Kids Bike20Blue & Red, Green & Blue, Silver & Blue, SilverNoneNoneNoneSteel7 to 123.4104.00On RoadAmazon
PHOENIX KAKU Kids Bike12, 14, 16, 18Sky Blue, Morning White, Wine RedDual BrakesNoneNoneSteel2 to 93.8119.99On RoadWebsite
Duzy Customs Skyquest Bike12, 14, 18Red, Blue, Orange, Green, PinkDual BrakesNoneNone2 to 43.6150.00On RoadAmazon
Specialized RipRock 12 Coaster Bike12Pink & BlackNoneNoneNoneAluminium2 to 43.6270.00BothAmazon
Spawn Yoji 16 Off-Road Bike16Blue, Red, Green, Orange, PurpleDual BrakesNoneNoneAluminium3 to 53.6460.00BothWebsite
Woom Off Air 4 Bike20BlackDual Brakes9 Speed ShimanoNoneAluminium7 to 104.0949.00Off RoadWebsite
Park 14″ Pedal Bike14Jet Black, Quicksand, True Blue, Intense Pink, Minty FreshDual BrakesNoneNoneAluminium Alloy2 to 53.6269.00BothWebsite
Norco Roller Kids Bike16Blue, GreenDual BrakesNoneNoneAluminium4 to 53.8439.00BothWebsite
Commencal Ramones 16 Kids Bike16White & AquaDual Disk BrakesNoneNoneAluminium Alloy3 to 74.0449.00Off RoadWebsite
Btwin 100-14 Inch Kids Bike14Aquatic BlueDual BrakesNoneNoneAluminium3 to 53.6149.00On RoadAmazon
ByK Bikes E450 Kids Bike20Ninja Green, Celeste Green, Blue Chrome, Midnight Black, Polished Alloy, Lilac Haze, Soft Yellow, Coral Pink, Charcoal/Neon Pink, Celeste Green 2.0Dual BrakesNoneNoneMetal Alloy5 to 94.2319.00On RoadAmazon
Cleary Gecko 12″ Bike12Orange, Red, Pink, BlueDual BrakesNoneNoneSteel Alloy2 to 43.6330.00BothAmazon
Cleary Bikes Hedgehog 16″ Bike16Magenta, Baby-pink, Xanthous, TurquoiseDual BrakesNoneNoneSteel Alloy3 to 53.8390.00On RoadAmazon
Cleary Owl 20″ Kids Bike20Desert Green, Patagonia Red, GraphiteDual BrakesNoneNoneSteel Alloy4 to 53.8500.00On RoadUnavailable
16″ CYCLE Kids Bike16Orange, Blue, LilacDual BrakesNoneNoneAluminium4 to 64.6299.00BothWebsite
20″ CYCLE Kids Bike20Lime Green, Orange, Light BlueDual Brakes8 Speed ShimanoNoneAluminium6 to 94.2439.00BothWebsite
Huffy 12″ Rock It Bike12Black & RedNoneNoneNoneSteel Alloy3 to 43.859.00On RoadWebsite
JOYSTAR Pluto Kids Bike12, 14, 16, 18Black, Pink, Red, Blue, Orange, GreenFront BrakeNoneNoneSteel2 to 94.0139.99On RoadAmazon
FOUJOY Sporty Kids Bike12, 14, 16, 18, 20Green, Blue & White, Black & RedNoneNoneNoneSteel2 to 94.0139.00On RoadAmazon
JOYSTAR Whizz Kids Bike12, 14, 16, 18Blue, Silver, White, Pink, IvoryFront BrakeNoneNoneSteel2 to 94.0139.99On RoadAmazon
Petimini Pongo Kids Bike14, 16Dark Blue, Apple Green, Baby PinkFront BrakeNoneNoneSteel3 to 63.8129.00On RoadAmazon