Review: 16″ CYCLE Kids Bike for 4 to 6 Years Old


With a price tag of $299, Cycle Kids 16″ Bike promises various features to both the kids and the parents. This pedal bike provides a smooth transition from balance bikes to pedal bikes for small riders. Are you considering this bike to purchase for your kids? Keep on reading to find out if it will be an optimum choice for your kids or not?


Pros and Cons


  1. Minimal visual appeal
  2. Light and durable material
  3. Reflectors are present on the back and pedals
  4. It comes with a kickstand
  5. Extra padded seat
  6. Quick handbrakes
  7. Quick-release seat post
  8. Good customer care support


  1. Limited color options
  2. Lack of a mudguard
  3. Exposed bolts
  4. Handbrakes need proper tuning


The Cycle Kids 16″ Bike is a minimally designed piece of machine. The cycle is available in Orange, Blue, and Lilac color options. As clear from the title itself, it has a 16″ wheel which comes with brakes both at front and back. The wheels are also studded with reflectors to help ride at night. One can take this ride for some off-road adventure thanks to its roomy and well-grooved tires. Unlike most of the pedal bikes out there, this one has a quick-release lever and a kickstand. The seat post on this cycle can be switched from 21″ to 25″ with ease. This makes the bicycle suitable for kids 4 to 6 years old. The ride uses aluminum for most of its parts. This makes the bike light and keeps the weight below 16lbs or 7.25kg. The whole package can cost you around $299, which is a steal deal.


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Paint Job

Cycle Kids Bike has a very sleek look. It has a modern nostalgia about riding around the block with our friends. It is a kids’ bike, but the overall cycle looks very classy and simple. It comes in three color options, i.e., orange, blue, and lilac. The color options are limited, but they give a sober look to the ride. The paint job looks perfect from every orientation and offers a beautiful matte finish to the cycle. There are pops of silver paint on the fork and frame of the bike, which makes this cycle unique from its other competitors in the market. The black seat and tires complement the overall appearance of the bicycle. The company’s branding is in white, highlighting the company’s name without making the frame look ugly.


Material and Strength

Cycle Kids 16″ Bike uses aluminum as the primary material for its frame. It makes the bike lightweight yet resistant to dents and scratches. Components like forks, cranks, rims, brake levers, etc., are also made of aluminum. It makes the overall bicycle both tough and long-lasting. The bike weighs only 15.75 lbs or 7.14 kgs. This weight is suitable for kids to handle and transport the cycle on their own. The bike has exposed hexagonal bolts, which may cause injury and scratches if not adequately handled.


Safety and Stability

Aforementioned, this bike has exposed bolts which may cause minor injuries to the kids. One of the fascinating features of this ride is that it comes with reflectors. They are present on the pedals and the back of the bike. It makes the kids drive safely during the night also. The bicycle comes with Tektro linear-pull brakes, making kids safe from collisions. Dual handbrakes make it very easy for the kids to stop the cycle instantly, but both handbrakes require a significant amount of tuning. This feature may concern some parents. Handlebars provide an excellent grip to the kids, making their rides safe and comfortable. This bike comes with a kickstand; thus, kids won’t have to lay their bikes on the ground. It lacks a mudguard, so kids may ruin their clothes if they ride through a muddy patch.


Wheel and Comfort

Cycle Kids Bike comes with 16″ wheels. Large wheels provide a smooth ride to the kids and make their ride enjoyable. Kenda small block 16*1.5″ wide tires provide stability on any surface. The rubber-filled air tires make it easy for the kids to ride anywhere because they provide better traction and grip.


This bike has 4″ of seat height adjustment (from 21″ to 25″). It is enough to provide extra room for the growth of the kids. The padded seat comes with a quick-release system, so parents won’t need tools to adjust the seat height. The overall geometry of the bike maintains the correct posture of the kids. A proper posture is necessary to learn balance and coordination quickly. The bike comes with an actual threadless headset, which provides a rotatable interface between the fork and head tube of the bicycle frame.


The CYCLE Kids 16″ has a gain ratio of 4.3. It means that for every inch the pedals travel, the bike will move forward 4.3″. It is excellent for the small riders as they can travel farther without losing much energy. Handlebars are bent in shape and provide an excellent grip to the kids. It keeps the kids in their place. The wide pedals give enough room to the kids’ legs to rest on them.


Extra Features

In addons, only safety helmets are available on the company’s website. Parents will have to purchase bells, bottle holders, etc., from somewhere else. This bike comes with quick and easy assembling. All the tools are provided along with the components of the cycle free of cost. The bike comes with a “special life manual” that provides instructions regarding the bike and riding.


The company has excellent customer care service. Parents can call on the toll-free contact number of the company if they face any issues with the bike.



The bike comes in a classy and minimal look that captures the attention of every viewer. Although there are limited color options, this bike manages to create a great visual appeal. The bike uses aluminum for almost all of its components, making it both durable and lightweight. The extra padded seat provides more comfort than any other bike in this price range. Handbrakes are quick and instantly stop the bike, and Handlebars offer an excellent grip. A reflector, threadless headset, and stand are some of the other advantages of this bike. Larger wheels and wide tires provide extra comfort and stability to the kids. Good customer care support is a cherry on top of the features of this bike. This pedal bike is a substantial option for kids aged 4-years to 6-years.


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