Review: AODI Sport Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


Childhood is the age of learning. It is the time when kids develop their skills. To help them learn balance and coordination at a young age, AODI Sport Balance Bike comes at an affordable price of $62.99. With an adjustable seat, large wheels, and pneumatic rubber tires, this bike comes with a bundle of features. But are these features enough to meet the requirements of your kid? Keep on reading to find out!


Pros and Cons


  1. Adjustable seat
  2. Lightweight and durable material
  3. Pneumatic air rubber tires
  4. Arrives with a free bicycle pump
  5. Rounded bolts


  1. No handbrakes
  2. Limited color options
  3. No footrest
  4. Non-adjustable handlebars
  5. Poor customer support service


The bike comes in two shades with an awe-inspiring style that radiates energy and excitement. Made from steel, the AODI Sport Balance Bike will cost you 62.99 bucks. With a wheelbase of 12″, the bike is ideal for kids 2 to 4 years old with a weight up to 66lbs or 30kg.


The bike weighs around 8.8lbs or 4kg and has an adjustable seat. Adjustments can be made to the saddle from 14″ to 18.5″. The quick-release clamp makes the seat adjustment very convenient. The bike even comes with air-filled rubber tires.


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Paint Job

AODI Sport Balance Bike comes in just two shades, i.e., pink and white. While other balance bikes have more than three color options, this bike may not satisfy the kids due to the lack of choices it offers. The pink bike comes in pink and white shades, while the white cycle comes in tones of white and black. The bike has a pretty matte finish. The paint looks uniform in every orientation. The black tires, seat, and handlebars complement the overall look of the bike. Although this bike has limited color options, it does not fail to grab attention with its eye-popping colors.


Material and Strength

AODI Sport Balance Bike uses steel for manufacturing its frame. Steel makes the bike lightweight, durable and rust-resistant. It also gives a great visual appeal to the bike. The metallic rim and spokes of the bike make this bike both long-lasting and light in weight. It saves the wheels from frequent wear and tears. The bike weighs only 8.8 lbs or 4 kgs, making it easy to lift even by a toddler. Even being so light in weight, this bike can support a maximum weight of 66 lbs or 30 kg, which is pretty impressive.


Safety & Stability

The bike has round bolts, which make the kids less prone to injuries. The bike does not come with a reflector, which is not a big issue in a kid’s balance bike. The bike does not come with handbrakes which may cause concern to parents regarding the safety of their child. If your kid is a speedy rider, he could be prone to injuries on this bike due to the absence of handbrakes. The designed bike is such a shape that it does not allow kids to slip from the cycle. The handlebars have a good grip which provides both safety and comfort to the little riders. The bike does not come with a handlebar pad which was a cut for me.


The soft padded seat provides comfort to the child and keeps them stay at the same place. The pneumatic air tires have a good grip, and they perform well on paved and off-road surfaces.


Wheel & Comfort

AODI Sport Balance Bike comes with 12 inches metal alloy wheels that make the ride more cushioned and comfortable. The wheels also have metallic spokes, which makes the wheels both stable and durable. The bike has excellent air tires made of good quality rubber. Air tires provide better traction and make the ride both comfortable and enjoyable, so your little angel can explore any terrain with his balance bike without causing any concerns for their safety.


The bike comes with a padded seat, which makes the ride pleasant. The bike has 4″ of seat height adjustment (from 14.5″ to 18.5″). It gives enough room for the kids to grow and learn.


The handlebars are straight in shape and provide good grip and comfort to the kids. The handlebars are non-adjustable, which was a cut for me as it could harm the overall posture of the kids if their height is not optimum. The incorrect posture creates several problems for the kids when they transition to the pedal bikes.


The bike doesn’t come with a footrest. Due to lack of a footrest, kids may face challenges while riding downhill as there is no support for their feet to cling on.


Extra Features

To my discontentment, the company does not provide any addons on its website. Parents will have to purchase safety helmets and bells from any other store. But the company delivers a cycle pump along with other tools. It gives a 1-year free warranty on the bike. It’ll replace or fix the damaged parts of the bike.


Unfortunately, the customer care support of the company isn’t that great. If parents have any issues with the bike, they’ll have to either send an e-mail to the company or connect through Facebook. Both the options aren’t reliable and fast, so don’t expect a quick response from the company.



Concluding, the limited color options don’t seem astonishing, but the overall look and finish of the bike look decent. The steel frame makes the bike both durable and rust-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the cycle with a new one. The wheels and tires are good and provide cushioned and comfortable rides to the kids. The handlebars offer a suitable grip to the kids and save them from falling off the bike. The lack of handbrakes, a handlebar pad, and an adjustable handlebar may cause concern for some parents, but overall, this bike is a good option for the kids. The company claims that the bike is suitable for kids ranging from age 18 months to 6 years, but the bike will be best for kids up to 4 years. Older kids will get cramped in this bike, so it’s better to opt for bigger balance bikes for them.


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