Review: Apollo Flipside Kids Bike for 7 to 12 Years Old


Apollo Flipside Kids Bike is a budget-friendly bike that offers many features like premium bikes. With a price tag of $104, it amazes the customers with its price. But does this price come with a price of its quality? Find out more about this bike in this article.


Pros and Cons


  1. Handlebars with good grip
  2. Robust and durable
  3. Wide rubber air tires
  4. Rounded unexposed bolts
  5. Presence of a chain guard
  6. Presence of a bike stand
  7. Presence of a handlebar pad
  8. Lightweight


  1. Cheap paint job
  2. Fails to maintain the correct posture
  3. No add-ons can be purchased
  4. Poor customer care support


When it comes to affordable bikes, Apollo Flipside Kids Bike is definitely among them. The cycle costs $104 and comes in four different shades. Blue with red, green with blue, silver with blue, and silver are the option available. The bike is meant for older kids around 7 to 12 years old, given the wheel size is 20″. The frame is sturdy and is made up of steel, and weighs 22.5lbs or 10.2kgs. Having a low price does affect the amount and quality of features on the bike. Apollo Flipside has basic features like a stand, chainguard, handlebar pad, and an adjustable saddle. The bike lacks essential safety features like reflectors and brakes, which can be quite concerning.


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Paint Job

Apollo Flipside Kids Bike comes in four color options, i.e., blue/red, green/blue, silver, and silver/blue. The color options are great, and kids won’t get disappointed with the colors on this bike. However, the color does not look great on the bike. It appears as a cheap paint job on the bike. The paint job is durable and looks even. The overall look of the bike does not appeal much. It lacks classiness and visual appeal. The color combinations are weird, and they do not complement each other. The handlebar pad gives an ugly look to the bike.


Material and Strength

Apollo Flipside Kids Bike uses steel for the manufacturing of its frame. Steel makes the bike lightweight, durable and rust-resistant. The steel wheel spokes and rim make the bike both light and durable. The bike weighs only 22.5 lbs or 10.2 kgs. This weight is suitable for kids to handle and transport the bike on their own. Lighter bikes also give the advantage of balancing the bikes more easily.


Safety and Stability

This bike does not expose bolts which protects the kids from minor accidents and injuries. One of the fascinating features of this bike is that it comes with reflectors. They are present on the pedals of the bike. It makes the kids drive safely during the night also. The bike comes with coaster brakes. Brakes are necessary to save kids from accidents, but coaster brakes are not as efficient as pull brakes. This feature may concern some parents. Handlebars provide an excellent grip to the kids, making their rides safe and comfortable. The presence of a handlebar pad saves the kids from collisions with a wall or any other surfaces. This bike comes with a stand; hence kids won’t have to lay their bikes on the ground. It lacks a mudguard, so kids will ruin their clothes if they ride in the mud. The presence of a chainguard saves the kids’ legs from getting scratched. This bike provides a nimiety of safety features for the kids, making them feel safe while riding on the bike.


Wheel and Comfort

Apollo Flipside Kids Bike comes with 20″ wheels. While most bikes provide wheels of 14″ or 16″, this bike gives an extra advantage of larger wheels. Large wheels provide a smooth ride to the kids and make their ride enjoyable. The 20*2.25″ wide tires provide stability on any surface. The rubber-filled air tires make it easy for the kids to ride anywhere because they provide better traction and grip. This bike has a seat adjustment feature. It is to provide extra room for the growth of the kids. The padded seat comes with a quick-release system, so parents won’t need tools to adjust the seat height. The bike’s overall geometry fails to maintain the correct posture of the kids due to its extra-large wheels. A proper posture must quickly learn balance and coordination, so kids won’t be comfortable riding on this bike.

The handlebars are bent and provide a good grip on the kids.


Extra Features

Unfortunately, the company does not have a website. So if you want to purchase any add-ons, you will have to buy from somewhere else. It also makes it hard to find the spare parts for the bike. Since the company does not have a website, it isn’t easy to contact the customer care support of the company. So if you come across any problem, you will have to fix it by yourself.



Apollo Flipside Kids Bike comes in four color options which are sufficient to satisfy the demands of most kids. However, the paint job looks cheap and does not appeal much. The color combination looks weird, and the handlebar pad makes the bike appear ugly. Steel makes the bike both durable and rust-resistant. This bike is lightweight, so its transportation is easy. The 20-inch wheels make the ride cushiony, while the tires protect the bike from slipping in slippery areas. The seat adjustment feature and tool-less seat height adjustment make it easy for the kids to grow and gives them plenty of time to gain confidence in this bike. However, the lack of a proper website may concern some parents, but this bike is a great option that comes within your budget. It provides all the features which are provided by the premium bikes. Apollo Flipside Kids Bike is suitable for kids aged seven years to 12 years.


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