Review: Baby Beaumont Kids’ Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 3 Years Old


Since Selling their first bike, the Retrospec has designed hundreds of new products that get more people outside at an accessible price. When they are not geeking out on new designs for outdoor essentials, you can usually find them sporting Retrospec gear under California’s sun. Amongst many of their creations is the Baby Beaumont Kids’ Balance Bike, which happens to be our topic of description today. Partnered directly with manufacturers to sell top-tier gear at more accessible prices than traditional retailers, the Retrospec also sells at local shops to maximize “producer to consumer connect” and understand the marketing fundamentals of level. Interesting, isn’t it? Read on to learn more!


Pros and Cons


  1. No-pedal design for an easy transition to a “big kid” bike.
  2. Durable design for safer riding.
  3. Adjustable seat post and handlebars.
  4. Readily available and value for money.
  5. Front Basket attached to the handlebar adds up as an accessory, which not many brands provide.


  1. The steel frame adds to the bike’s durability while also adding to its weight, which might be a bit of an issue for a toddler.


The Baby Beaumont Kids’ Balance Bike is a $119.99 steel ride that comes in a plethora of colors. It has a regular 12″ wheel size that can withstand weight up to 34lbs or 15.4kg. The weight limit makes the bike ideal for kids 2 to 3 years old.
The seat and the handlebar of the bike both can be adjusted with the provided quick release clamp. The bike has BMX-styled handlebars and rubber tires for a firm grip on the ground.


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Paint Job

The Baby Beaumont Kids’ Balance Bike comes in a little less than a dozen colors, including primary shades and their derivatives. Teal, Turquoise, Xantheous, and Natural Wood are a few of them, all the available ones come with a glossy finish. Beautiful as they look, the Beaumont kids’ balance bikes are equally comfortable and comprehensive. The lucrative paint job is not only elegant but also variated to meet every kid’s wish. The retro colors resonate with the kids’ energy giving it a much more vibrant look.


Material and strength

The durable steel-frame and unicorn high-tensile steel, 1″ chrome steel seat post and aluminum alloyed seat post clamp provide overall stability to the bike while also counterbalancing the weight. Therefore the weight added due to the steel frame is negotiated. Alloyed rims, along with steel-ball bearings, contribute to the materialistic durability of the bike, guaranteeing safety and comfort. The Basket is made up of classic cane, woven in an antique brown shade, with a capacity of 5 lbs.


Safety and Stability

The durable step-through frame is easy to mount for little legs. The very purpose of a balance bike is to provide the kid with confidence and level him up enough to ride a pedal bike. Needless to say that the Baby Beaumont Kids’ Balance Bike does nothing short of that purpose. Balance bikes encourage kids to use their bodies to safely find balance, improve bilateral coordination, and confidently ride without the use of training wheels. Kids feel in control of their ride, limiting the possibility of speeding faster than their comfort zone and getting hurt. The low-to-ground design prevents any significant spills, while thick air-filled rubber tires, ball-bearing steering, and a bell for safety (cuteness as well) put your kid ahead of the pack.


Wheel and Comfort

The wheelset is composed of rims with over a dozen UCP spokes. The wheels are traditional 12″ made just right for a 2-3-year-old. The dimensions of the wheel are just right to maintain the perfect balance. The air-filled rubber tires provide traction and cushioning.


The seat post is 1″ steel clamped with quill-type steel alloyed to provide endurance and wear-resistance to the saddle.
The handlebar comes with a steel-riser, 25.4 centered, and made out of alloyed chromium. Also, the handlebars are gripped for large-end safety. The adjustable handlebar allows the bike to grow with the child. The handlebar is attached to the woven Basket, with adds to the cycle a touch of luxury.


The front Basket is an accessory not many brands provide. This alone makes the Baby Beaumont Kids’ Balance Bike stand apart and a notch more desirable than others on the list.


The absence of a footrest might be a downside for the aforementioned model, but it might prove helpful for the kids’ learning process.


Extra Features

Bell and Basket are additional accessories to the bike. The bell adds a certain amount of cuteness to the model, making it more child-friendly and eye-catching, as does the Basket.


A handful of add-ons are also available at a very reasonable price, such as Bike Helmets, grips, cranksets, elbow and wrist guards, and locks.


Excellent customer care service is a point of professional pride for Retrospec Ltd., and the company offers a 100% guarantee to replace defective parts (if any) after the purchase.



The lucrative paint job on the chromium and steel amalgamated frame perfectly hugs the edge giving it a glossy yet robust visual appeal. The negotiable weight added due to steel won’t be much of an issue for the toddler. The absence of a footrest can enhance the learning process and speed up growth under proper parental guidance. With all facts mentioned, this could prove to be a perfect ride for a 2-3-year-old.


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