Review: Baigor Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 5 Years Old


Crashing in the market with its robust looks and classy design, The Baigor Balance Bike is a total blast for its $89.90 price tag. The bike seems astonishing already in its first look. Furthermore, the appreciation only increases as you go through its features. The bike comes in 2 color options, namely Red and Black, with its matte and subtle gloss finishes aligning with the shiny aluminum forks. The company claims the bike to be suitable for the age group of 1.5-6 years, which seems reasonable to its appreciable range of 12.2-16.1 inches though the comfortable age group seems more like between 2-5 years. The bike has many superior features that make it stand apart and more appealing to the eyes.


Pros and Cons


  1. Padded seat
  2. Footrest pedals for safety and increased comfort
  3. Rubber Tyres
  4. Handlebar Limiter
  5. Good customer support


  1. No brakes are included with the bike
  2. The handlebar is not adjustable
  3. Limited color options


Tagged with a price of $89, the Baigor Balance Bike is a balance bike carved out of aluminum alloy. The bike is available in 2 different shades. The capacity is well above the age range for the bike, which is 1.5 to 6 years. The bike has a regular wheelbase of 12″ which is convenient for kids.


The bike itself weighs about 10lbs or 4.53kg with a pair of pneumatic air tires. The tires are wide and are attached via button head axle bolts. It has adaptable seat, with the seat post sliding from 12.2″ to 16.1″. To make the adjustment easier, Baigor Balance Bike is equipped with quick-release clamps.


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Paint Job

The paint gets your attention at the very first look. The bike comes in 2 color options Black and Red, with polished aluminum forks. The aforementioned adds a very positive appeal to toddlers and adults alike, making the classy and unique design irresistible to the eyes. While the black option comes with a soberer and matte finish, you can choose glossy red if you want things to pump up a bit. The stickers used in the bike significantly boost its appearance and provide a more child-suited look to the bike.


Material and Strength

The company uses aluminum to construct the mainframe, making the bike more durable and lightweight than many of its competitors. The bike weighs 10 lbs/ 4.53 kgs, making it heavy for a toddler to carry and handle. The handlebar is also made up of aluminum and has bumpers along the ends to ensure that rider is safe. The saddle made of high-quality foam with extra padding tends to last longer and serve its purpose beautifully. The tires are made of rubber and affirm the longevity of their life. The overall material quality and strength can be deemed secure for this price range.


Safety and Stability

To our disappointment, the Baigor Balance bike does not include brakes, which seems a bit odd as many bikes with similar price tags offer them. The bolts didn’t seem exposed anywhere, winning a plus point. Reflectors are not provided with the bike, though it seems reasonable considering its market price. The handlebar, as discussed earlier, has a bumper on its ends which is a necessity in these bikes. It also has a good grip, performing well while riding. The bike comes with footrest pedals, delivering both the safety and joy of riding downhill. Most importantly, the bike comes with a steering limiter, which is a good thing to consider for safety measures.


Wheel and Comfort

For the construction of tires, pneumatic rubber with an aluminum ring comes into use resulting in a firmer grip on off-road surfaces. The Baigor Balance Bike performs equally well on paved surfaces. The broad wheelbase of 12″ delivers a more robust performance on the road than its 10″ counterparts.


The bike offers an extra padded adjustable seat of a range of 12.2″ to 16.1″. The saddle is ergonomically shaped and built to last longer, thereby setting a benchmark for quality and assurance.


The handlebar is straight, offering complete stretching and growth of the kid’s body. Having a limiter in the handlebar significantly reduces the chances of any risk or injury.


The footrest pedals are a remarkable quality of this bike. They provide a comfortable and smooth riding experience to the kid. Overall, the wheels and comfort level of this bike can be considered top-notch.


Extra features

Unfortunately, The Baigor Balance Bike does not come with any extra accessories or add-ons for customization. It came as a disappointment as many bikes in the same segment offer customizations on their product. Although the bike is sufficient for its price and offers exceptional quality, providing some customizations like a bell or a helmet won’t hurt either. Although there is no mention of a warranty anywhere on the seller’s site, the company claims to have the best after-sales service and reliable customer support. I believe this is undoubtedly an area of improvement for the company.



The Baigor Balance Bike is a fantastic and reliable product in its price range. The paint job does not look cheap and offers a clean, appealing look to the bike. The aluminum frame used in this bike withstands the test of time and the road itself, providing absolute strength with low weight. The rubber wheels offer an exceptional grip over paved and off-road surfaces alike, reducing the chances of slipping significantly. Upon learning that the bike does not come with brakes, I was a little disappointed. I believe this is an area of improvement. The padded seats undoubtedly amplify the riding experience and provide sturdy support to the rider’s body. In the end, this bike would be a valid consideration for kids in the age group 2-5 years.


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