Review: Berg Biky Balance Bike for Kids 1 to 5 Years Old


Balance bikes are pedal-less bikes that teach kids how to balance and coordinate their bodies. These are the best companions for the kids. The BERG Balance Biky has the perfect balance bikes for everyone. Every child can choose from either variant of the bike such as BERG Biky Mini, BERG Biky City, BERG Biky Cross, and BERG Biky Retro, and step out into the adventurous world. Its color variations and functions attract the parents. The architecture of the bike makes kids fall for it. Read the full article to know if the bike fits fine for your kid.


Pros & Cons


  1. Extremely lightweight
  2. Adjustable seat and handlebar height
  3. Low step-through Frame
  4. Handlebar Angle Limiter
  5. Hand grips for safety


  1. Brakes unavailable
  2. Adult assembly required
  3. Tools needed for height adjustment


At $120, the Berg Biky Balance Bike is a steel beast that comes in two shades, white and grey. The bike can support 55lbs or 25kg of weight, which makes it ideal for kids 1 to 5 years old.


The bike itself weighs around 15lbs or 6.80kg. It has rubber tires and an adjustable seat. You can easily slide the seat from 14″ to 18.5″ for your comfort. The cycle has rubber tires that are long-lasting and give a perfect grip on the floor.


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Paint Job

The BERG Balance Bike is available in many classy colors. The Mini Model and the City Model both are available in Green and Red colors. The BERG Biky Cross is available in Green, Red, and Gray colors. Finally, the BERG Biky Retro is available in Green and Pink colors. The bike has an anodized finish that prevents it from getting rust or any scratches. The rim has a color that complements the mainframe color. Other parts such as the seat and the handlebar are black. There are branding stickers on the bike to fill up the blank space on the frame.


Material & Strength

The BERG Biky Balance Bike is lightweight, sturdy, and durable. The City Model has a magnesium frame which makes this model heavier in weight and weighs 4.8 kg. The Cross Model bike has an aluminum frame that makes the bike extremely lightweight, weighing only 4kg. The Mini Model of this bike is lightest in weight and weighs 3.6 kg, whereas the Retro bike weighs 4.3 kg. The lightweight of the frame makes it easier for the kids to handle the bike, push it forward and learn to balance. Even the parents can lift the bikes easily. All the models of the bike are durable enough to carry the maximum weight of up to 66lbs or 30 kg.


Safety & Stability

For any parent, safety is the foremost priority in a balance bike. There are several parameters to look for when selecting a bike. All the models of the BERG Biky Balance Bike come with handgrips to keep the hands safe and prevent them from sliding off from the handle. The bike is also equipped with a steering angle limiter. Balancing on two wheels while learning to steer is quite challenging at a young age. So the limiter helps prevent the handlebar from sudden oversteering and keeps the kids safe. There are no sharp edges or protruding parts that may hurt the kid. The only disappointing factor is the lack of a braking system.


Wheel & Comfort

The BERG Biky Minibike has 10” high-quality puncture-proof EVA foam tires that never go flat. The City bike has 12” rims with pneumatic tires as standard. The Cross and Retro bikes both have aluminum rims and pneumatic tires. These wheels make the ride comfortable and smooth. It provides good grip and traction on the ground and keeps the kids safe. Generally, rubber tires are preferred over the EVA foam ones as they provide better cushioning.


The saddle is well padded. The height of the seat is adjustable with the use of an Allen key. Thus the bike provides enough space for the kids to grow and learn.

The bike has a straight handlebar that is adjustable. It also has a turning limiter and handgrips that ensure the kids’ safety and reduces the fear of falling off.


The BERG Biky Balance Bike has an in-built footrest with a non-slip surface. The footrest allows the kids to keep their feet firmly and enjoy the ride along with balancing their bodies.


Extra Features

The company gives a 2-year warranty on the frame and other parts of the bike for all models. The Retro bike has a handy detachable saddlebag on the handle. The kids can use it to take your teddy, doll, or picnic stuff wherever they go.



The BERG Biky Balance Bike is available in 4 different models, and all the models are attractive with bright colors. The bike is lightweight and durable. Both the handlebar as well as the seat post are adjustable. It has a turning limiter and handgrips for safety. The lack of brakes on the bike is the only issue. Kids anywhere between 2 to 4 are good to go for a ride on this bike.


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