Review: Bixbi Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 5 Years Old


Young kids anticipate the feeling of riding a bike, especially with their peers, performing stunts, and whatnot. This curious little feeling is cherished by Bixbi Balance Bike. Its fabulous color variations fulfill each child’s desire. It is available in 4 different variants that attract the parents and give kids a lot of options to choose from. This pedal-less bike helps kids smoothly switch to a pedal bike and fulfill their desire for speed and fun. It is a perfect blend of style and functionality with an ample amount of safety measures for the kids. Read this review to know all the details of the bike.


Pros & Cons


  1. Multi colors available
  2. Lightweight
  3. Adjustable seat and handlebar height
  4. Rubber Tyres
  5. Rounded and recessed bolts that increase safety
  6. Wider Handlebars
  7. Sealed, semi-integrated, cartridge bearing threadless headset for smooth and effortless steering and gliding


  1. No handbrake
  2. Expensive
  3. No protection on the chain-stay that leads to scratching of the frame when dropped
  4. Tools needed for adjustment


Is the color game too weak with other balance bikes? Look no further than Bixbi Balance Bike, which boasts a whopping 11 different styles. Their frame is carved out of aluminum and is ideal for kids 2 to 5 years old. The light frame is mounted on 12″ wheels that can handle weight up to 55lbs or 25kg. Own it only if luxury is the thing your kid aspires because this bike starts at around $229.


The frame weighs 7.4lbs or 3.3kg which is, as said earlier, lightweight. The bike lacks adjustable handlebars, but it does have a seat that can slide from 13.8″ to 18.9″. Something that makes them stand out is their customization options. You can opt in to have your child’s name, a flame, or flowers painted on the bike’s frame. Lastly, to make everyone’s day, they also offer a lifetime warranty on the bike.


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Paint Job

The Bixbi Balance Bike has gorgeous color selections that are enough to fulfill each child’s cravings. That bike has 4 different models with different color combinations. The Route 12 Limited Edition Bixbi Balance Bike has a grey colored frame with a black seat and handle. The Route 12 Premium Edition Bixbi Balance Bike is available in Graphite, Cloud, and Lava colors. It also has a colored frame while the rest of the parts are black. The X Titanium Limited Edition Bixbi Balance Bike, on the other hand, has a frame painted out of Red and Gray. And the Route 12 Bixbi Balance Bike is available in Frost, Indigo, Aqua, Tangerine, Sakura, Pear, Orchid, and Canary colors. This particular model offers a wide range of color selections. All the bikes have stickers on the frame and hold an overall glossy finish.


Material & Strength

All the models of the Bixbi Balance Bike except X Titanium have an aluminum frame that makes it one of the lightest balance bikes on the market. The bike is robust enough to sustain multiple falls. It has an aluminum frame with forged dropouts, an aluminum blade & steerer with forged ends, and an aluminum integrated saddle. An aluminum stem with a 25° rise with a 4 bolt pattern and an aluminum handlebar is also attached.


On the other hand, the X Titanium Bixbi Balance Bike has a titanium frame (very sturdy) that can stand against many brutal drops and hits. The only aluminum part on the bike is its seat, handlebar, and stem. The lightweight Bixbi Balance Bike makes it easier for the kids to handle the bike and push it forward with less effort. It makes the ride pleasant and comfortable. All the models of the Bixbi Balance Bike weigh 7.4lbs or 3.35kg.


Safety & Stability

Parents have plenty to worry about when it comes to their kids’ well-being. The Bixbi Balance Bike has a plethora of safety measures that add safety and stability to the kid’s bike. The sealed, semi-integrated cartridge bearing and threadless headset provides smooth and effortless steering and truly help the Route 12 look and feel like a full-size bike. The rounded bolts and rounded alloy seat clamps are designed for the safety of the legs as they protect them from scratches. The bike has handlebar grips that keep the kids’ hands safe. It does not have a handbrake, which leads to the wearing out of the kids’ shoes as they have to use their legs to halt the bike. Also, it lacks protection on the chain stay from being scratched when dropped on the ground by toddlers.


Wheel & Comfort

The Route 12, Route 12 Limited Edition, and Route 12 Premium Edition have real rubber tires. It has black alloy rims, semi cartridge bearing hubs, and alloy spokes. The bearings on the wheels make the bike glide smoothly and effortlessly. The X Titanium has super-light rubber tires with super-light carbon fiber rims, sealed cartridge bearings, and 10X SS straight-pull spokes. The air tires on Route 12 Bixbi Balance Bike provide good traction and cushioning and make the ride smooth and safe. The rubber tires on the X Titanium Bixbi Balance Bike have less grip on the ground, but it is fit for paved surfaces.

The saddle of the Bixbi Balance Bike is padded. It is soft and comfortable for the kids and allows kids to sit firmly for an extended period. It has a classic look riveted leatherette saddle. The seat post of the bike is adjustable and can be adjusted with the use of tools. The precise tool-adjust clamp prevents the seat from slipping better than most quick-release clamps. The seat post of this bike ranges from 13.77″ – 19″.


The handlebar is made up of aluminum bars. It has wide handlebars that provide stability in steering and keep the kids safe. The handlebar of the bike is also adjustable and grows along with the kids.

It is a disappointment that such an expensive bike lacks a footrest.


Extra Features

The company gives a lifetime warranty on the product. And let’s not forget the custom name that one can add to their bike on request. Cool stickers such as flame design or a flower design can also be added to the mainframe.


Coming to the section of add-ons, one can buy their Lil’ Noggin Helmet for $45 or LowRider Kit for lowering the seat height at $25.



The Bixbi Balance Bike is available in 4 different models with beautiful color variations. The bike has a lifetime warranty, 5” of seat post adjustment, painted metal rims and spokes, and a sealed threadless headset and bearings. With the Bixbi, you are sure to get a luxury learning experience while riding the bike. The bike fits fine for kids of 2 years to 6 years old.


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