Review: Bixe 12 Aluminum Balance Bike for Kids 3 to 5 Years Old


The Bixe is a US-based balance bike company that produces two types of balance bikes. This article discusses the 12″ balance bike made for 3 to 5 years old. The bike has over 300 reviews on its website and 1419 ratings on Amazon. It is a very budget-friendly bike that gets the job done. Read the article to get an in-depth opinion on the bike.


Pros & Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. Flat-free Tyres
  3. Budget-friendly


  1. Foam Tyres have less traction
  2. The seat can be more comfortable
  3. Wheel Attachment Problem


Bixe Balance Bike is an excellent selection for kids from 3 to 5 years with a cost amounting to $69.99. The bike has an aluminum body and comes with an attractive color selection of Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple. The Bixe weighs around 4 pounds or 1.81 kg, which makes it very light. The bike is a tool-free setup and can handle up to 45lbs/38.55kg max. The wheel size is 12″ which is ideal for a balance bike.


It also comes with a feature of height adjustment, both for the handle and seat. The seat can be adjusted from 11″ to 17″ while the handle can be extended from 20″ to 24″. The bike has foam tires which can be a turn-off for some peps, but the 100% return and parts replacement policy can win your heart back.


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Paint Job

The Bixe 12 has a shiny gloss finish. The mainframe of the bike is white with branding stickers all around. The company offers four different colors – blue, green, pink, and purple. The selected colors appear on the rim and the clamp coverings. The parts which are not colored and kept black are the seat, the handlebar, and the fork. The overall appearance is appealing to the eyes and, each color variation blends perfectly with the brand.


The bike doesn’t have any reflective stickers or paint to help ride in the dark. Such elements aren’t usually present on a budget balance bike. We suggest not to take your kids out for a ride in the dark, but if you do, make sure to invest in some safety reflectors and headlights.


Material & Strength

To keep the bike as light as possible Bixe 12 uses aluminum as its main component. The design and the material choice make the bike two times lighter than an average balance bike. With a weight of around 4 lbs or 1.81kg, the cycle can support 85lbs or 38.55kg of load. Generally, the weight of the bike should be between 3 kg to 5 kg. Sometimes, being too light can create a balancing problem when transitioning to a heavier pedal bike.


While going through the reviews, we found that quite a few customers didn’t get the clamps for the seat and handlebar post. So, make sure to check all the parts and, if the set’s not complete, then reach out to the manufacturer.


Safety & Stability

Being a budget bike limits the number of features that the company can provide. Though the addition of a rear brake and reflectors can be great for safety, it won’t make Bixe an affordable commodity. The bike has raised ends of the handlebar grips that ensure little hands do not slip off. The clamp on the seat post and the handlebar post use a plastic casing to protect kids from the exposed edges. The Bixe 12 Balance Bike also has exposed rounded bolts. Though they are not sharp, they still hinder the flow of legs. When laid on a rough surface, the bolts may lose their smoothness after some time. To avoid this, remember to place the bike on a soft surface such as grass.


The problem with using foam tires is that it tends to slip on smooth surfaces, but riding on the pavement won’t cause a slipping issue.


Wheel & Comfort

As the name suggests, the Bixe 12 uses a regular 12″ wheel. The wheel uses foam and is therefore sometimes referred to as plastic tires. Bikes with rubber covering have more traction on the floor and tend to last long. The plastic tires do not provide sufficient traction or cushioning while riding. But this is normal in the case of budget bikes, as adding rubber tires will increase the overall cost of the bike. Few customers told us that after rigorous use, the wheel attachment weakens, which increases the chance of snapping off.


The seat on the bike uses light padding with a width enough for every kid’s butt. The seat post has adjustability from 11″ to 17″ and is well-positioned to the handlebar post to give that slight bend posture. The slight bend posture while riding is essential, and often budget bikes with bad design mess this up.


The Bixe Balance Bike comes with an adjustable handlebar as well. The range of motion for the handlebar is 20″ to 24″. Both the handlebar and the seat use the traditional method of adjustment which is using an Allen wrench. This method takes time and often results in the mismatched alignment of the handlebar.


A footrest is not a compulsory requirement but adding one helps improve comfort. The footrest has a position on the rear side, just under the seat. While striding, the kid can comfortably put their feet on the grip pad provided on the footrest.


Extra Features

The Bixe 12 comes with a two-year warranty. The company will 100% buy back if you are not satisfied with the product. They also provide a 100% defective parts replacement in case anything falls apart.



The bike has a beautiful gloss appearance that makes kids love it. It is definitely a good choice for gifting on occasions. The bike is lightweight but cannot handle rigorous use for an extended amount of time. The ride feel is comfortable except for the thinly padded seat. With all the parameters in mind, the bike seems a good fit for kids 3 to 5 years old.


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