Review: Bixe 16″ Pro Balance Bike For Age 5 to 9 Years


Bixe 16 Pro Balance Bike is one of the best-selling balance bikes with a budget-friendly price tag and lightweight frame. It is a neat bike that helps kids to learn to ride faster and build up confidence. Its architecture and cost-effectiveness attract parents. This product with air tires and footrest helps kids to enjoy the ride and tune their motor skills.


Pros & Cons


  1. Affordable price
  2. Light-weight steel frame
  3. Comfortable architecture
  4. Rubber Tyres
  5. Good Customer Service


  1. Handbrakes not available
  2. Tools required to Make Adjustments


With a cost of $109.99, this is a 16″ steel balance bike. The bike is made for kids from 5 to 9 years of age and weighs at the top 150lbs or 68.04kg. Kids can select from four different colors – Blue, Green, Pink, and Violet.


Due to its steel body, the bike itself weighs 12lbs or 5.44kg. The bike comes with tamper-proof clamps and wheels with safety washers. It is an excellent gift for kids with special needs or challenges. The seat can be switched from 15″ to 22″ to account for variation in the kid’s inseam length. To top it off, the purchase comes with a 2-year warranty, and parts replacement & fixing guarantee.


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Paint Job

The Bixe 16 Pro Balance Bike is available in 4 different colors to please every child’s craving. The bike has a white frame with a black seat and handlebar. The colored rims make it look stunning. The glossy paint on the bike makes it appear shiny and mesmerizing. There are branding stickers on either side of the frame, which provide some variation on the flat color. The Bixe 16 Pro Balance Bike is available in Blue, Green, Pink and Purple colors.


Material & Strength

The Bixe 16 Pro Balance Bike uses a steel frame. It is the lightest 16” balance bike that is available with a weight of around 12 lbs or 5.44kg. This lightness helps kids to enjoy the ride, have fun and also learn balancing and riding.


Safety & Stability

The Bixe 16 Pro Balance Bike doesn’t provide any brakes i.e, handbrake or footbrake. Lake of a brake may result in worn out of their shoes pretty often as they will rely on their feet to come to rest. But this can also be a great option for timid riders who are likely to keep their speed in check while riding. The seat height is low, and there is enough space between their torsos and the handlebars. The proper spacing makes the ride comfortable and not too compact. The grips are made up of plastic and are not very pleasant, but the safety bumpers on the ends of the grips protect the small hands against inevitable falls. The bolts used on the bike are exposed. This makes them likely to get scratched when the bike falls. Then these scratched bolts may hurt the delicate legs of the child. All the clamps on the bike are tamper-proof, with both the wheels equipped with safety washers, and every frame made with the capability to exceed the burden of the chubbiest kids. These were the few safety features that were easy to notice.


Wheel & Comfort

The Bixe 16 Pro Balance bike has air tires with metal rims. The air tires provide preferably more grip and cushioning than the foam tires. To have air tires and still manage to keep the Bike 16 so light-weight compared to the competition is pretty awesome. The only drawback with having an air tire is the fact that they get flattened and need regular pumping.

The saddle is not well-cushioned, but the length of the seat is perfect for older riders. The seat is adjustable with a height that ranges from 18.25” at the lowest and 22.4” at the highest. This bike has a 4” seat height range for an ideal fit for the kids with an inseam ranging from 19.25” to 24”. Unlike other bikes, Bixe seat adjustment requires tools. The provided Allen key with the bike is the way to go if you want to tweak the seat to your desired height.


The Bixe also provides a feature to adjust the handlebars which is a nice feature in such a budget bike. The bike has 2.5” of fork length, ranging from 24” to 26.45”. This enables the parents to set the comfortable height for the kids taking into account the torso length as they reach for those handlebars. Similar to the seat, one must use the Allen key to make the necessary adjustment. The clamps on the bike also require the Allen key to make adjustments. Unfixing the clamp is easy, but it takes some effort to adjust the handlebar that requires the re-aligning of the wheel with the handlebar.

The Bixe 16 has a footrest located in the rear position of the frame directly under the seat. The footrest is situated under the seat so as not to hinder the child’s ride. Kids can swiftly place their heels on the black grip tape to rest their feet.


Extra Features

The manufacturer gives a 100% buyback guarantee of the balance bike if the customer is not satisfied with the bike for 2 years. They also give a 100% guarantee to fix or replace the defective parts.


A lot of reviews can also be found in the online marketplace for good customer service by the company.



The bike has a mesmerizing appearance in 4 different colors. It is a bike with modern looks, is lightweight, and uses a steel frame along with a pair of air tires. It has adjustable seat height and handlebars with the only issue being that tools are required for any adjustment. With all the aspects in mind, the bike makes a good fit for kids 5-8 years old who are not taller than average.


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