Review: Black Mountain PINTO 14″ balance bike for Kids 2.5 to 5 Years Old


With a price tag of £369, the PINTO 14″ balance bike comes with a bundle of exciting features that makes it very different from the rest of the bikes in this price range. Three-mode option, custom belt drive, and growing gear system are some unique features that give it an edge over its competitors. Keep reading this article to dig deep and find out more about this robust kids’ bike.


Pros and Cons


  1. Larger wheels
  2. Wide rubber air-tires
  3. Durable and lightweight
  4. Handbrakes are present
  5. Three mode option
  6. Growing gear system
  7. Comes with a custom belt drive
  8. Good customer care support


  1. Externally routed cable
  2. No handlebar pad
  3. No footrest present
  4. No reflectors present


The £369 bike from Black Mountain is a 12″ balance bike ideal for 2.5 to 5 years old. The bike is available in four shades, orange, sky blue, purple, and neon green.


The bike can be used in three modes – one balance mode and two pedal modes. In balance mode, the pedals are removed to make room for legs. One can even attach a pair of training wheels to the rear wheel. Talking about wheels; the bike has rubber tires instead of EVA tires. Unlike most, the PINTO Balance Bike comes with a front and rear brake. The handle and the seat both are adjustable.


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Paint Job

PINTO 14″ balance bike looks very different from other bikes in its price range. Despite being a kids’ bike, it appears well built and looks like an adult bike. The bike comes in four color options, i.e., orange, sky blue, purple, and neon green. All these colors are very eye-popping and attract the attention of viewers immediately. The matte finish looks good, and the paint job looks even from every orientation. The frame is colored while the rest of its components are black. The components’ color complements the overall look of the bike. The bike looks very robust and well-built.


Material and Strength

PINTO 14″ balance bike uses aluminum as the primary material for its frame. It makes the bike very lightweight and resistant to dents and scratches. Components like forks, cranks, rims, brake levers, etc., are also made of aluminum. It not only makes the overall bicycle both tough and long-lasting. The bike weighs only 12.5 lbs or 5.7 kgs, which is suitable for kids aged 2.5 to 5 years to handle and transport the bike without their parents’ help.


Safety and Stability

PINTO 14″ balance bike comes with low-profile rounded hex bolts with no sharp edges to prevent scratches and injuries to the kids. This feature is essential in a kid’s bike, as they are prone to injuries in its absence. The bike does not come with a reflector, but it is not much needed as kids mostly ride in the daylight. This balance bike comes with Tektro brakes, which are easy to handle for the kids. A quality handbrake allows kids to stop faster with more control. Handbrakes prevent kids from colliding with any wall or any other surface. However, the cables are not internally routed and thus require more maintenance. This balance bike does not come with a handlebar pad, which was a cut for me.

Wheel and Comfort

This balance bike comes with 14″ wheels. Larger wheels ensure cushioned and enjoyable ride. The metallic spokes make the wheels not only lightweight but also save them from frequent wear and tear. The wide air rubber tires provide a good grip on the slippery surface. Furthermore, air tires offer better traction, and kids can use the bike to ride on any terrain.


PINTO Balance Bike comes with a padded seat that makes the ride enjoyable for the kids. The custom saddle and inverted seat clamp allow it to go extra low for little riders. It provides more comfort and stability to the kids.


This balance bike comes with a growing gear system. It is easy to pedal in “small” mode, then move up a gear as the bike grows.


This balance bike comes with a custom belt drive. It is a belt 1/6th of the weight of a chain. It is oil-free, requires zero maintenance, and is in pair with custom short cranks.


The handlebars are bent, provide a good grip and keep kids stable in their position. This balance bike does not come with a footrest.


Extra Features

The bike has a fantastic UP: SCALE growing frame system and IN: GEAR two-speed drive system, which allows you to transform the bike from a lightweight balance bike into a small pedal bike, and then into a bigger pedal bike as the child grows. This bike is three bikes in one – replacing a separate balance bike and two conventional 12-inch and 14-inch bikes. As the kids grow and become stronger, this bike develops with them. There are various add-ons available on the company’s website. You can purchase jerseys, bells, hand pumps, etc., at an extra price. The company gives three years warranty on the bike, which is quite impressive. You don’t have to worry about buying another bike after purchasing this one. The company provides good customer care support. If you face any issue with the bike, you can either call on their contact number or write an e-mail.



Concluding, this bike does offer many color options, so kids will not have to compromise with their favorite color. This balance bike is kid-friendly but looks classy and robust. The matte finish paint job makes it attractive. This bike uses aluminum as its primary material, which makes it lightweight and durable. The wheels and tires are good and provide cushioned and comfortable rides to the kids. The handlebars offer a suitable grip to the kids and save them from falling off the bike. Good handbrakes, a three-year warranty, three-mode options, and good customer support are the salient features of this bike. The lack of a footrest and a handlebar pad are some minor drawbacks of this bike, but they are not a dealbreaker. The overall attributes of this bike fulfill the demands of both the kids and parents. This bike is suitable for kids aged 2.5 years to 5 years.


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