Review: Boot Scoot Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 3 Years Old


Finding a good balance bike is crucial and can really dictate the pace at which the toddler learns. Boot Scoot balance bikes have inferior parts and an upright torso geometry which limits their maneuverability and overall durability. Keep reading the full review below to see if you should consider a Boot Scoot.


Pros & Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. Affordable Price
  3. Has Quick-release clamp
  4. Adjustable Seat-post
  5. Metal Headset


  1. After a few falls, the wheel and handlebar get misaligned.
  2. The seat placement isn’t comfortable enough and placed too far for the older riders
  3. Foam Tyres
  4. Bolts are sticking out


Coming in a classic color selection of Blue, Green, Pink, and Orange the Boot Scoot is a companion for your 2 to 3 years old kid. With a cost of under $60, the bike has a steel frame and 12″ plastic wheels, pretty standard among budget balance bikes.


The bike also offers an adjustable seat that can be fixed using a quick-release clamp. The bike has poor component quality when compared to other bikes on the market under the same price tag.


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Paint Job

Boot Scoot Balance Cycle has certified lead-free paint. It has a vintage design and a classic appeal. The bike has four color options with a gloss finish to satisfy every child’s mushiness. The bike has standard color options of blue, green, pink, and orange, whereas other parts such as the saddle, handle grips, and the wheel come in black. Not to forget, the handlebar fork and the seat post are made out of metal and give off that chrome look. The mainframe has little branding stickers that don’t seem to be appealing.


Boot Scoot has 3 different models with attractive names, giving the customers a range of options. The 3 models are named: Zoomer, Booper, and Cruiser. In terms of the overall appeal, the models are barely different, but the difference becomes apparent when compared functionally.


Material and Strength

Talking about the strength the Boot Scoot Zoomer is designed for a two to a three-year-old child, and the riders are usually below 5. The angles are much more pronounced because the bike is designed for young riders. So, it won’t be appropriate for a 5-year-old to drive the Zoomer. Younger kids have a greater body angle, hence lowering the center of gravity, which results in better handling. The higher center of gravity on the Zoomer for older kids is due to the more forward positioning of the seat. Therefore, the frame geometry of the bike is a weak point in terms of bike strength.


Safety and Stability

Due to its low price, the bike itself doesn’t pack a lot of features. The bolts used on the bike are sticking out, which is not a good sign. The exposed bolts are dangerous especially for little kids. The grips on the handlebar are of good quality with a rigid end. The end prevents the hands from slipping off the handle. The plastic wheels don’t provide substantial traction on the road resulting in poor stability.


Wheel and Comfort

The Boot Scoot Zoomer has foam tires on plastic rims and 12’’ solid hardened plastic tires. Its other variant Booper also has plastic EVA tires, which are easy to maintain but lack traction. The Cruiser, on the other hand, has 12″ inflatable tires with steel rims. The Zoomer offers a convenient solution to seat height adjustment i.e. by using the quick-release clamp. The metal headset on the Boot Scoot Balance bikes, allows the handlebars and the front tire to spin smoothly around the frame, making it smoother to ride on. But after falls, the wheel and handlebars have often come out of alignment. The misalignment is a common problem with other models as well, but there is a simple solution to this, which is to align the handle by holding the wheel between the legs. After alignment, one has to tighten the bolt at the top of the handlebar.



The Boot Scoot Balance Bike has poor component quality. The bike has a decent visual appeal with almost no safety features. There are many budget-friendly bikes that offer way more features at a reasonable price. The supported age group for this bike is from 2 to 3 years old.


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