Review: Byk Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


The ByK Bike was born from a father’s passion to build a bike made specifically for children. Suitable for constantly growing body and different structure to that of grown-ups. This pedal-less bike is available in gorgeous eye-catching colors with all the required safety measures for the kids to make riding comfortable and peaceful. The bike is available in 2 different models E-200L Byk Balance Bike and E-250L Byk Balance Bike. This bike is a perfect blend of fun and architecture. Do words sound enticing? Read out the review to know if the bike suits your kids or not.


Pros & Cons


  1. Visibility flag
  2. Comes with a bell
  3. Rust-proof aluminum frame
  4. Cushioned Rubber Tyres
  5. Sturdy Frame
  6. Adjustable Seat Post
  7. Handbrake – essentially maintenance-free drum brake on the rear tire
  8. Various shades available


  1. Exposed bolts could scratch legs with time
  2. Heavier than similarly priced bikes
  3. No Footrest Available
  4. Handlebars not adjustable


The Byk Balance Bike is a $189.00 aluminum ride that uses a regular 12″ wheel that can withstand weight up to 55lbs or 25kg. The weight limit makes the bike ideal for kids 2 to 4 years old.


The Byk has a lightweight of around 9.47lbs or 4.3kg. The seat of the bike can be adjusted from 13″ to 16.14″. Byk also provides a long adjustable seat post that can extend the seat height up to 18″ for taller kids. For easy steering, the bike has v-shaped handlebars and rubber tires for a firm grip on the ground. Though brakes are generally not required on a balance bike, the Byk has a rear roller brake as a safety measure. To double down on the child’s safety, they have also included a bicycle bell, safety reflectors, and a safety flag. The bike is expensive for sure, but the perks offered are worth every penny spend on it.


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Paint Job

The Byk Balance Bike is available in many bright colors that make kids fall in love with it. The E-200L model is available in Bright Blue, Silver Alloy, and Pretty Pink colors whereas, the E-250L model bike is available in Bright Red, Black/Neon Yellow, and Coral Pink colors. The bike uses two complementary colors on the frame. The base color covers the mainframe and the handlebar, while the secondary color is prominent on the handgrips, central handlebar cover, and handlebar fork. Other parts, such as the wheel and the seat, along with its post, are black. The empty space of the mainframe is covered using branding stickers.


Material & Strength

The Byk Balance Bike is made up of an Aluminium frame that makes the bike strong and durable. The bike has a unique low center of gravity design. The sturdy frame builds up confidence in the kids and allows them to use the bike, even after several falls. The bike is a little bit heavier in weight, and it makes it hard for the little toddlers to handle the bike. It also increases the force required to be exerted by the kid on the road to make the bike move. The bike weighs 9.5 lbs or 4.3kg.


Safety & Stability

The Byk Balance Bike ensures the safety of the kids as the parents rely on these balance bikes. The bike has hand brakes but, the best brakes one can have are the rider’s feet. It makes sense for the rider to slow up the bike the same way they got started. But, it also makes sense to have hand brake control. Only the internal rear wheel has a roller brake which is safe and well-hidden. The brake lever is small and adjustable to fit even the tiniest palm of the rider. The bike has hand grips that keep the hands safe when they fall and prevent their hand from sliding off the handle. The bike lacks a turning limiter which restricts the handle from turning 360. The wheel-axle bolts are rounded yet exposed, which could hit the little toddlers’ legs and give them an unpleasant experience of riding. The bike also has safety flags and bells for the safety of the kids.


Wheel & Comfort

Both the models of the Byk Balance Bike have dynamic advantages, tall alloy wheels with spokes. It has low-profile rubber tires with a low resistance design with micro and resolute tubes. The groves on the wheels make it suitable for riding on and off the paved road.

The bike has a padded saddle that makes the ride comfortable and joyful. It has an adjustable seat post that ranges from 13” – 18”. It grows along with the kids but doesn’t provide too much room for growth with the regular seat post. Both the models have an additional, free extra long seat post that can be replaced with the regular pre-installed post to extend the height. The E-250L Byk Balance Bike has a higher seat height than the E-200L Byk Balance Bike has. The handlebar post on the Byk Balance Bike is not adjustable. With the extended seat post in place, the rider’s posture on the bike becomes awkward and quite inconvenient for kids. For little toddlers, the E-200L Byk Balance Bike is suitable, whereas for taller toddlers E-250L Byk Balance Bike will better fit as its higher seat height ranges with higher set handlebars to allow a more upright position.


The bike lacks a footrest which came as a bummer and should be something Byk can add to make space for kids dangling legs.


Extra Features

The Byk offers assistance in case your bike breaks down or any part is damaged. Their friendly customer service is available to the first owner of the bike via their Byk distributor or retail stores.


Several free goodies like a safety flag, reflectors, a bike bell, and an extended seat post come free with the bike. Additional add-ons can be purchased from Byk’s website. Bike locks, helmets, and gloves are worth checking out.



The Byk Balance Bike is a mid-range balance bike perfectly suited for riding enthusiasts. Packed with features and, goodies this pedal-less bike is a real deal. The E-200L will be great for kids 2 to 3 years old while, the E-250L will work just fine for a kid 3 to 4 years of age.


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