Review: ByK Bikes E450 Kids Bike for 5 to 9 Years Old


After learning balance and coordination on a balance bike, kids need to upgrade their cycle. ByK Bikes E450 Kids Bike is a promising pedal bike, making their journey better after the transition. Keep on reading to find out more about this bike.


Pros and Cons


  1. Light and durable material
  2. Reflectors are present on the back and on the pedals
  3. Extra-large and padded seat
  4. Quick handbrakes
  5. Quick-release seat post
  6. Many color options
  7. Low center of gravity
  8. Comes with a bike stand
  9. It comes with a bell


  1. The quality of components can be better
  2. Lack of a mudguard
  3. Poor customer support
  4. No add-ons available


The E450 Kids Bike comes with a lot of color options. From Ninja green and Blue Chrome to Neon Pink and Midnight Black, there are a ton of options for a kid to choose from. This is a 20″ bicycle that is made up of metal alloy and weighs around 18.6lbs or 8.4kg. Comfortable for kids 5 to 9 years old, and with a price tag of $319. The bike has some basic features like dual brakes, reflectors, bell, kickstand, and chainguard. The seat post on this ride is adjustable and can be fixed anywhere between 23.2″ and 28.7″.


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Paint Job

ByK Bikes E450 Kids Bike has a very sleek look. The overall cycle looks very classy and elegant. It comes in ten color options. These are Ninja Green, Celeste Green, Blue Chrome, Midnight Black, Polished Alloy, Lilac Haze, Soft Yellow, Coral Pink, Charcoal/Neon Pink, and Celeste Green 2.0. These colors give a sober look to the bike. No other cycle provides these many color options. It looks even from every orientation and offers a beautiful matte finish to the bike. The frame is white, while the chainguard is colored. It gives this cycle a very sporty and robust look. The black seat and tires complement the overall appearance of the bike. The company’s branding is colored, highlighting the company’s name without making the frame look ugly.


Material and Strength

ByK Bikes E450 Kids Bike uses an alloy as the primary material for its frame. It makes the bike very lightweight but resistant to dents and scratches. Components like forks, cranks, rims, brake levers, etc., are also made of alloy. It not only makes the overall bicycle both tough and long-lasting. The bike weighs only 18.6 lbs or 8.4 kg. This weight is suitable for kids to handle and transport the bike on their own.


Safety and Stability

ByK Bikes E450 Kids Bike does not have exposed bolts, protecting the kids from minor scratches and injuries. One of the fascinating features of this bike is that it comes with reflectors. They are present on the pedals of the bike. It makes the kids drive safely during the night also. The bike comes with a rear coaster Brake with an alloy front caliper and rear V brake, making kids safe from collisions. Dual handbrakes make it very easy for the kids to stop the bike instantly. The brakes are adjustable and short-reach. It makes it very easy for the kids to apply brakes. Handlebars provide an excellent grip to the kids, making their rides safe and comfortable. The handlebars are adjustable and maintain the proper posture of the kids. This bike comes with a stand; thus, kids won’t have to lay their bikes on the ground. It lacks a mudguard, so kids will ruin their clothes if they ride in the mud.


Wheel and Comfort

ByK Bikes E450 Kids Bike comes with 20″ wheels. Large wheels provide a smooth ride for the kids and make their ride enjoyable. However, a longer wheelbase makes the bike a stretch for kids with a shorter inseam. The low-resistant wide tires with rigid tubes provide stability on any surface. The rubber-filled air tires make it easy for the kids to ride anywhere because they provide better traction and grip. This bike has 5.5 inches of seat height adjustment (from 23.2″ to 28.7″). It is enough to provide extra room for the growth of the kids. The extra-large padded seat comes with a quick-release system, so parents won’t need tools to adjust the seat height. The overall geometry of the bike maintains the correct posture of the kids. The low center of gravity keeps the bike balanced. A proper posture is necessary to learn balance and coordination quickly. The bike comes with an actual threadless headset, which provides a rotatable interface between the fork and head tube of the bicycle frame. The custom-width V-bar handlebars are bent in shape and provide a comfortable grip for the kids. The wide pedals (q-factor) give enough room for the kids’ legs to rest on them.


Extra Features

Unfortunately, the company does not provide any add-ons on its website, so parents will have to purchase helmets, pumps, etc., from any other marketplace. The bike comes with a bell which increases the safety of the kids. The bike has a higher gain ratio, making it easy for the kids to travel more at the expense of less energy. The chainguard protects the kids’ legs from any injury. The company does not have an e-mail address or toll-free number. You have to send the message on their website. So if you face any issue with this bike, expecting a quick response from the company may be an issue.



Undoubtedly, ByK Bikes E450 Kids Bike offers the most color options, and no kid will have to compromise with his favorite color while purchasing this bike. The bike looks very sleek and classy. The paint job is durable and provides a uniform orientation to the bike. The bike uses alloy for almost all of its components, making it both durable and lightweight. The extra-large and padded seat provides more comfort than any other bike in this price range. Handbrakes are quick and instantly stop the bike. The adjustable handlebars offer a good grip. A reflector, threadless headset, and stand are some of the other advantages of this bike. Larger wheels and wide tires provide extra comfort and stability to the kids. Lack of good customer care support and a longer wheelbase for shorter kids may cause some concerns among the parents, but the overall bike is a great option to opt for. This bike is made for kids aged three years to five years.


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