Review: ByK Bikes E450x3i Kids Bike 5 to 9 Years Old


The ByK Bikes E450x3i Kids Bike comes thrashing the market with its massive range of features and additional accessories. Arriving at the price tag of $369.00, the bike provides incredible features and provides value for every penny you spend on it. The cycle offers buttery transitions from one gear to another with an internally geared hub that lasts longer than the derailleur-based gearing systems without any alignment issues. The bike comes in 4 color variants, each perfectly describing its classy look and cheerful appeal. Although it has some areas of improvement, which are perfectly described below in full detail, its features outshine them and provide an indulging riding experience.


Pros and Cons


  1. An internally geared hub that is easy to use and requires less maintenance.
  2. The tinner tires perform better on paved surfaces delivering a comfortable and fast ride.
  3. Reflectors, kickstand, and bell included with the bike
  4. Very lightweight for its price
  5. Adjustable seat and handlebars
  6. Equipped with coaster brakes
  7. Large 24″ tires provide better riding in comparison to their 20″ counterparts.


  1. It is very challenging to assemble as there is no instruction manual included with the bike
  2. Narrow tires do not perform well on muddy and slippery surfaces.
  3. Caliper brakes on the front tire
  4. The quality of the components is not up to the mark.
  5. Absent mudguard


Loaded with features, the $359.00 E450x3i Pedal Bike comes in 4 exciting colors- Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Stealth Charcoal, and Deep Violet. The body of the bike is built using butted alloy. This helps to keep the weight of the bike around 20.8lbs or 9.43kg. The bike comes fitted with reflectors, a warning bell, and brakes for both the front and rear wheel to add to the safety of the child. It also has an adjustable seat going from 23.2″ to 28.7″ and the handlebar post capable of extending 1″. But on the contrary, the bike is difficult to ride on muddy surfaces due to thin tires. The bike also lacks a mudguard which makes it unsuitable for offroad cycling. All and all, the bike is best suited for children within the range of 5 to 9 years.


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Paint Job

This bike’s sober and minimal paint job delivers a calming look and a distinctive aura that is positively alluring to the eyes. The bike comes in fantastic shades of Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Stealth Charcoal, and Deep Violet. All the colors look somehow attractive to the eyes, even though the bike does not have many stickers attached to it. The colors didn’t look very punchy to me, but I would say that the relaxed tone fits better with anyone who is minimalist.


Material and Strength

The bike’s mainframe is made up of butted alloy, with a low gravity concept design that allows the rider to have complete control of the bike. The rubber tires, although thin, provide an enhanced experience on the paved roads. The handlebar is also made up of an alloy that is adjustable up to 1″ according to the rider’s height and built. Shimano’s 3-speed internally geared hub is a significant asset that sets the cycle apart from the rest of the manufacturers. As claimed by the company, this gearbox requires minimal maintenance rather than the derailleur-based gearing systems that could run out of synchronization when gears are not correctly changed or tampered with when the bike is at rest. The saddle is beautifully stitched, offering full support to the rider’s body. Although a part of the gearing mechanism is exposed outside the bike, it is much more confined and secure than the derailleur-based gearing systems. Weighing about 20.8 lbs/ 9.43 kg, the bike stands in the lighter category of the hybrid cycles.


Safety and Stability

The bike comes with a caliper brake for the front tire and a v-pull brake for the rear. This seemed a little odd to me as the cycle could have used a v-brake for both the tires since caliper brakes are less effective and frequently have alignment problems. The bike is equipped with coaster brakes, which increase the bike’s overall appeal without jeopardizing the rider’s safety. Reflectors and bells are provided with the bike to establish a new standard for safety in the cycle. A kickstand is supplied with the bike, helping the rider park the bike in the right spot. On the downside, I think that the v-pull brake could have improved the bike’s safety standards, and a mudguard should have been provided with the bike. Overall, the bike has appreciable safety standards, although there are certain areas for improvement.


Wheels and Comforts

The bike comes with a 24″ wheelbase, which provides better clearance than its 20″ counterparts. The tires are thinner than most of their counterparts and provide easy and comfortable rides on paved surfaces. Simultaneously, the tires do not perform well on muddy or smooth surfaces due to the lack of grip.


The bike contains a 3-speed internally geared hub that is easy to use and requires far less maintenance. The shifting is smooth, and the gears do not go out of alignment upon excessive use. The bike contains a chain guard that protects the legs of young adventurers.


The bike comes with a stock suspension under the saddle, which is common and does not provide an edge to the cycle.
The saddle promises comfortable rides and has an adjustable height of 23.2″-28.7″.


Low Rise V-Bars handlebar with a threaded headset is used in the bike, which helps adjust the handle by about 1″. It has a soft grip that your young cyclist can easily hold. The aluminum alloy used for the headset feels sturdy and firm while riding.
The pedals are rider-friendly and have apt grips so that feet do not slip down the pedal while paddling.


Extra Features

As discussed earlier, a bell, a reflector, and a kickstand are provided with the bike, increasing its overall beauty and appeal. The company is very supportive and provides help for any issue in the cycle due to manufacturing faults. The exact period of warranty is not disclosed on the company’s official website, which I think should be mandatory for all the manufacturers. The company provides a plethora of customization options such as cycling helmets, gloves, training wheels, baskets, saddles, grips, tubes, and much more. It really defines the joy of customizing the first pedal bike for your kid.



As I conclude this discussion and this article, I can say that the ByK Bikes E450x3i Kids Bike can definitely be considered an option for your kid if you like minimalistic, sober, and sturdy designs. The paint job is soothing to the eyes, using calm colors instead of punchy ones. The alloy frame provides rigidity to the bike and confidence to the rider at the same time. Although I found the areas of improvement in caliper brakes and absent mudguard, the internally geared hub outshines its demerits in every room. Overall, I won’t hesitate to recommend this bike to any parent looking for a proper ride for their kid.


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