Review: Chicco Bullet Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 5 Years Old


Learning balance and coordination is necessary for the kids to transition to pedal bikes, and to help kids with that, Chicco Bullet Balance Bike comes at an affordable price of $79.95. This bike boasts the features of being lightweight, adjustable handlebars, and foam tires. Can this bike become the first balance bike for your kid? Read this article to find out if this bike meets the demands of your kids!


Pros and Cons


  1. Very lightweight
  2. Adjustable Handlebars
  3. Adjustable non-slip saddle
  4. Anti-puncture wheels
  5. Good grip on handlebars
  6. Steering limiter is present


  1. Paint chips off
  2. The frame is too small for the kids
  3. High handlebars
  4. No footrest
  5. No handbrakes
  6. Small plastic wheels
  7. The bike is prone to scratches and dents
  8. Not suitable for taller kids
  9. Poor customer care service


The classic Chicco Bullet Balance Bike can be your child’s new favorite learning experience. The bike has a metal alloy body that comes in 4 different colors – blue, aqua, yellow, and pink. The bicycle can withstand 44lbs or 20kg of weight. With a wheel size of 7.8″, the bike is suitable for 2 to 4 years old.


The bike has no-flat tires made from EVA polymer. The tires reduce the weight of the cycle and make it weigh around 6.7lbs or 3kg. It comes with an adjustable handle and seat. The seat can be moved from 13.8″ to 18.3″. For a comfortable ride, the inseam should be between 14.8″ to 19.3″.


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Paint Job

To my discontentment, Chicco Bullet Bike comes only in two color options, i.e., red and pink, which doesn’t satisfy the needs of the kids who love colors. There are several balance bikes available in this price range that provide more than three color options. The overall visual appeal of this bike is somewhat disappointing. The paint job looks okay, but several reviews have stated that paint the chips off after some use. The black seat and tires do not compliment the overall look of the bike. This bike fails to grab attention due to its poor visual appeal.


Material and Strength

Chicco Bullet Balance Bike uses metal alloy for its frame. The bike is very lightweight and thus can be transported easily by toddlers. The durability of this bike is not that great. This bike will get dents and scratches due to frequent falls and dragging by the kids. The other components like bolts and saddle are also prone to repeated wear and tear.

The plastic wheels make these bikes lightweight, but it’s uncommon in this price range. Most balance bikes provide aluminum alloy wheels in this price range. So if your kid is a fast rider, it can cause damage to the plastic wheels. This bike weighs 6 lbs or 2.7 kg, but it still can take a maximum weight of 55.11 pounds or 25 kilograms, which is pretty impressive.

The seat requires a tool to raise or lower it, which is a big disappointment in this bike, as most bike seat posts can get adjusted without tools in this price range.


Safety and Stability

Chicco Bullet Bike has a low center of gravity, which helps kids in maintaining balance and coordination. The round bolts won’t cause scratches and injuries to the kids. The handlebars of this bike are high, which makes this bike uncomfortable for the kids. Because of high handlebars, the proper posture of kids is unmaintained and makes it difficult for them to transition to pedal bikes. Handlebars have rubber grips that offer extra comfort to the kids. This bike doesn’t come with handbrakes, and this is a huge safety concern for the kids. Kiddos who love fast riding are prone to injuries in the absence of handbrakes.


Chicco Bullet Balance Bike is very small in size. The small frame attached to a higher seat height gives this bike an alien look.


Wheel & Comfort

Chicco Bullet Balance Bike comes with 10″ plastic wheels. The wheels are smaller than the other balance bikes and make the ride bumpy and uncomfortable for kids. The foam tires get saved from getting flat, but they lose traction on off-road surfaces. Several balance bikes provide air tires having better grip and traction on any surface in this price range. The padded seat is comfortable and thus provides cushioned ride to the kids. This bike has only 2″ of seat height adjustment (from 12.75″ to 14.75″). Kids grow very fast at this age, so Chicco Bullet Balance Bike won’t provide enough room for them to grow.


The handlebars are adjustable like every other balance bike in this price range. The handlebars have a bizarre geometry that forces riders into an unnatural position. The kid’s arms get bent at a 90-degree angle in front of them. It makes the ride not only uncomfortable but twitchy as well for the little riders.


This bike comes with a steering limiter. Its presence saves kids from sharp turns and prevents injuries.


This bike doesn’t come with a footrest. The absence of a footrest makes it difficult for the kids to rest their legs and makes their ride tedious and exhausting.


Extra Features

To my discontentment, the company does not provide any add-ons on its website. So, parents will have to purchase safety helmets and other accessories from somewhere else. The company offers a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Many other companies offer at least a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on its branded accessories.

The lack of proper customer care service is a big drawback of the company. The only way to connect to the company is through Facebook and Instagram, which is quite unsatisfactory.



Concluding, this bike only provides two color options, which is a big disappointment for both kids and parents. The paint is not durable and easily chips off. The material is lightweight but is prone to dents and scratches. The wheels are smaller than most balance bikes, which makes the ride uncomfortable. Further, the small frame doesn’t let the kids grow. The bizarre handlebar, absence of brakes, and lack of footrest make this bike a wrong choice for the kids. The small frame does not allow kids to grow. The company boasts the Chicco Bullet Balance Bike for kids ranging from age 2 to 5 years, but if your kid is tall, he will get cramped in this bike. So if you’re planning to purchase a balance bike for your kid, avoid this bike and go for other options in this price range.


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