Review: Chillafish Bmxie2 Lightweight Balance Bike For Age 2 to 5 Years


The Chillafish Bmxie Balance Bike is the most fashionable bike at an affordable price for toddlers. It is a cute and sporty bike that enables the kids to develop their balance and coordination. Both kids and parents will love the structure of the bike with rubber skin tires, light-weight, and adjustable seats that help kids enjoy the ride and fine-tune their motor skills and agility.


Pros & Cons


  1. Adjustable seat height
  2. Rubber skin tires that make it puncture-proof
  3. Removable footrest
  4. Light-weight
  5. Long durability


  1. The complex design of the footrest and footbrake.
  2. The wide rear shaft on the bike can interface with a kid’s leg
  3. Seat height is restricted to 3 settings which may not be feasible for taller kids


This 12″ bike, is made for 2 to 5 years old kids. Coming in three color variations of Blue, Lime, and Pink, the Chillafish Bmxie2 will cost you $59.99. The body of the bike is made out of fiberglass reinforced plastic. It makes the body withstand a weight of 77lbs or 35kg. The Bmxie2 comes with a 5-year warranty and can be put together without any tool adjustment. The bike weighs around 5.48lbs or 2.48kg and comes with an adjustable seat. The seat can be fixed anywhere between 12.6″ to 15.3″ in height. The most noticeable feature which catches the eye is the integrated foot-brake and airless rubber-skin tires. The footrest is also provided for a comfortable leg rest.


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Paint Job

The Chillafish Bmxie Balance Bike is available in 7 different colors to satisfy every child’s desires. The bike has a colored upper frame and handles, while the rest of the part is black. It also has colored rims which makes it look more attractive and mesmerizing. It has a glossy finish on the bike that makes it appear to be shiny. The bike has a couple of branding stickers on either side of the frame. It also has a detachable front number plate for great customization with stickers. The seat post knob is also of a different color than that of the keyframe color, which makes it appear appealing. The Chillafish Bmxie Balance Bike is available in Blue, Lime, Camo(Sergeant Hearts), Pink, Red, Yellow, and Lime(Man on the Moon) colors.


Material & Strength

The Chillafish Bmxie Balance Bike uses plastic and fiberglass-reinforced as the primary material. It is very lightweight which makes it easier for the toddlers to ride and enjoy. It weighs 3.8 kg or 8.5 lbs. It is tough and durable. The saddle is not padded, which makes it a little uncomfortable for the kids without diapers. It is a stylish and maintenance-free balance bike.


Safety & Stability

Unlike BMXie-RS, the BMXie 2 has an integrated footrest and footbrake that makes it easier to stop the bike. The bike does not have a handle brake instead, it has a footbrake. It also saves their shoes from being worn out. The wider rear frame around the rear axle leads to an unpleasant experience as the kids may hit their feet or ankles during their ride. The bike also lacks a handlebar limiter which prevents the 360 rotation of the handlebar.


Wheel & Comfort

The Chillafish Bmxie Balance Bike has a 12″ wheelbase. It is made up of solid foam so that it will never go flat. The puncture-proof rubber skin tires have an outer layer of rubber to provide exceptional traction on the road. These rubber-skinned tires have much more traction than the regular foam tires, but they are like foam tires that do not offer comfort like air tires.


The BMXie Balance Bike uses rubber-skinned seats that give a firm grip on the saddle and prevent kids from slipping off. But the seat is not padded, and it may cause some discomfort for the kids to ride as it can be quite cumbersome for them to sit for a longer time.


It is a medium-size balance bike whose seat can be adjusted without the use of any tool. The Chillafish Bmxie allows an adjustment to one of the three set seat heights that range from 12.25” at its lowest setting and 15.25” at its highest setting. This unique seat adjustment of this bike restricts us to adjust the height out of these three sets. The height varies by unscrewing the seat post knob that is attached to the seat post. We can unscrew the knob, pull up or push down the seat until we reach the perfect seat height, and then adjust the knob in the locking position.


The bike has a non-adjustable handlebar. But the cycle does have good handlebar grips. The grips are well secured on the ends to avoid any slippage of little hands.


The Chillafish Bmxie-RS Balance Bike has a removable footrest. The footrest is big enough for experienced kids to place their feet while riding. It may also hinder the ride of some kids as it may hit the back of the child’s leg. So the simple solution is to remove the footrest. The footrest can be unscrewed without the use of any tools and attached to the bottom of the bike’s frame. When needed can be screwed again to the place at the base of the seat post.


The Chillafish Bmxie 2 Balance Bike has a footbrake integrated into the footrest. But this design can be confusing for the kids. If a child places his foot on the back part of the footrest, it acts as a footrest but if a child places his foot on the front part of the footrest, it acts as a footbrake. Many children couldn’t make this distinction. Also while using footbrake instead of handbrakes, the child faces problems in balancing himself while the bike slows down as the legs of the bike are on the footrest. Hence if the child doesn’t use the footrest or the footbrake, the problem can be solved easily.


Extra Features

The company gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 5 years warranty for the product. It gives a free driver’s license for the toddlers to feel more responsible while they ride. It also guarantees the quality of the product.



Concluding the quality of the bike is it has a mesmerizing appearance. It is a stylish bike that is lightweight, easy to maintain and has puncture-proof tires, an adjustable seat, and a removable footrest. The integrated footrest and footbrake is the only issue that can be resolved by not using one of the features. Also, the wider rear axle may hinder the ride of the toddler. It is best for kids of 2-5 years.


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