Review: Chillafish Charlie Lightweight Toddler Balance Bike For Kids 1.5 to 4 Years


Want to add more fun to your summers? There can be no better partner than the Chillafish Charlie. It was the first balance bike ever created by the Chillafish. The main aim was to create toys that have high functionality as well as were beautiful to admire. The bike plays a crucial role in paving a path for better health and motor skills at an early age. With a super-duper design and fun stickers, people will turn around to make a note of it. So, what are the details? Read along to find out!


Pros & Cons


  1. Light-weight
  2. Adjustable seat and handlebar height
  3. Puncture-proof tires
  4. Integrated carry handle
  5. Easy to assemble


  1. Uncomfortable grips
  2. Tools needed to adjust the height
  3. Non-padded seats


Made with High-quality metal, Chillafish Charlie Balance Bike will cost you $48.27. With a 10″ wheel, this bike comes in four colors – Black, Pink, Red, and Silver. The bike is perfect for kids from 1.5 years up to 4 years, giving it a weight limit of 55lbs or 25kg.


The no-pedal bike has 10″ EVA tires which are flat-free. The bike is very light weighing only 3.14kg or 6.92lbs. Both the seat and handle can be adjusted when needed. The seat can slide from 11″ to 14.5″ and the handle can be adjusted from 18.7″ to 19.8″.


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Paint Job

The Chillafish Charlie Balance bike is available in 4 different colors i.e; Red, Silver, Pink, and Black. The contrasting color of the seat and handle than that of the frames gives it a mesmerizing look. The colored rims of the bike make it look fabulous and stylish. The bike has a matte finish all over the body that gives it a smooth look. The no-pedal cycle has fun stickers on either side of the frame that make it look attractive and gives a personal touch to the toddlers. The bike also has some branding stickers on the body. The different colors available for the body satisfies the wish of every kid.


Material & Strength

The Chillafish Charlie Balance Bike is made up of a metal frame that makes it strong and long-lasting. The bike is notably lightweight and enables toddlers to ride it safely and enjoy the ride. It is durable and satisfies the parents. It weighs 3.1 kg or 6.9 lbs, enough to support kids with 55lbs or 25kg of weight. The bike is a perfect toddler toy to train the basic motor skills necessary for learning to ride a bike.


Safety & Stability

The bike saddle is not well padded, which makes sitting for a long time annoying for the kids. This gives an unpleasant experience to the kids, and they do not enjoy the ride. Handlebar grips play a vital part in the safety of the kids. The grips on the handlebars provide protection to the kid’s hands when they call or come in contact with a wall or a tree. It makes the ride safe and enjoyable, but having a less smooth and comfortable texture may hurt the small hands of the kids. The bike has neither a hand brake nor a foot brake. This is comprehensible as at such an affordable value, these extra features will raise the price.


Wheel & Comfort

The Chillafish Charlie Balance Bike has EVA tires that are 10” in diameter. The tires are puncture-proof that enabling kids to enjoy the ride with no worries. The tires do not need any frequent pumping compared to air tires. The point to keep in mind is the tires provide less traction and grips on the road and hence give less comfort to the kids. These tires are not suitable for paved roads, but they do last for a substantial amount of time. As mentioned before, the seat is not well padded on the Charlie Balance Bike, which makes riding troublesome for the kids, and sitting for a very long time actually a pain in the butt. Nevertheless, the seat post of the Chillafish Charlie Balance Bike is adjustable. That adds up an advantage for the bike as the bike rises along with the kids. The bike has a height ranging from 11” at the lowest and 14.5” at the highest. The adjustments can be made using tools like the Allen key as it lacks a quick adjustment clamp. The bike has a straight handle which is not comfortable and hinders the ride of the toddlers. The height of the handlebar fork is adjustable but needs tools for adjustment. The handlebar can grow from 18.7” to 19.8” or 47.6 cm to 50.4 cm. The bike lacks a footrest but comes integrated with a carry handle. This carry handle helps the parents to carry the bike around easily. Toddlers can take their favorite ride-on toy anywhere they go and enjoy their ride.


Extra Features

The Chillafish bike has a 2-year warranty if bought from Amazon, but if the bike is purchased from the Chillafish website, the warranty gets extended to 5 years.



The Chillafish Charlie Balance Bike is a neat bike that has a marvelous appearance. It is lightweight with puncture-proof tires. It has an adjustable seat and handlebar height that needed tools for adjustment. It also has an integrated carry handle. The only issue is the non-padded seats and poor handlebar grips. It is best suited for kids 1.5-4 years old, who are not taller than average.


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