Review: Cleary Bikes Hedgehog 16″ Bike for 3 to 5 Years Old


Established along the western coast of California, United States, the Cleary’s have had a not-so-long yet generous history of engineering, the very best in class, for their customers. Clearly know the vital factors when building a bicycle for kids to win their hearts beforehand, during, and after they get their bikes. They study various pieces of the emotions attached to the bike- the elevated sentiments, the enjoyment of accomplishment, the unbridled pride, and the very close smile. Our discussion today is about the Hedgehog Lightweight Single Speed 16 Inch Kids Bike. Intrigued? Read on to learn more!


Pros And Cons


  1. Lightweight.
  2. The rear hub enables two freewheels – gain ratios ranging from 3.8 to 2.76 (comes as 3.1).
  3. Easy-pull, small reach brake levers.
  4. No coaster brake.
  5. Very stable.


  1. Lower top speed than most 16″ bikes.


The Hedgehog is a follow-up of Gecko, which is made for kids 3 to 5 years old. Hedgehog is a 16″ bike also made out of steel and weighing 17.3lbs or 7.84kg. The bicycle has plain and simple visuals and comes equipped with basic features. The bike has dual brakes, adjustable seat (20.25″ to 24.5″), and moderately thick tires for casual off-roading. One can purchase the bike in Magenta, Baby Pink, Xantheous, or Turquoise color. Few features like reflectors and a chainguard would have been a great addition but are missing from the bike. The Clearly Bikes also provide a limited lifetime warranty in case of manufacturing defects. The bike is not too heavy in the pockets and can be bought for around $390.


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Paint Job

When it comes to selecting a bike for a kid, the first thing that kids notice is the color and shade of the bike. And when it comes to the paint job, Cleary Bikes Hedgehog doesn’t disappoint. The model has an unparalleled visual appeal with over five different shades and colors and has a classic hint to its very aura. Magenta, Baby-pink, Xantheous, and Turquoise, to name a few, are all elegant and hug the bike, ultimately making it a visual and functional masterpiece. With over a dozen spokes and black-rimmed wheels, the color combination on this piece of art is magnificent and worthy.


Material and Strength

The Hedgehog comes with a freewheel, allowing kids much more rideability than a coaster brake. It’s an important detail, which is a game-changer for kids and features hand brakes, just like an adult bike, but small, durable, and created with little hands in mind.


The frame is made out of a lightweight 1020 alloy steel frame and fork. The Hedgehog is both light and robust, which is out of the box considering the weight (just 16 lbs or 7.25kg). When your kid is old enough to graduate from a 12″ to a 16″, the Hedgehog will reliably propel your 3 to 5 year old and is, therefore, the go-to bike for such a transition. A lifetime warranty backs the lightweight frame against the manufacturer’s defects. The handlebar is 19.7″ wide, 19mm in diameter, with a rise of 50mm, gripped by Cleary’s 19mm grips. The saddle and seat are made out of vegan leather, making it much more eco-friendly than other bikes of the same category. The wheels have an alloyed front hub, and a rear alloy flip flop hub with stainless steel spokes guaranteeing durability.


Safety and Stability

Super stable for tackling jumps, curbs, and all-terrain, the Cleary Hedgehog is a pure biking goodness in a pint-size package. It’s the perfect single-speed bike for aggressive young riders. The Clearly Hedgehog is fine-tuned to ensure proper stability and responsive handling with great emphasis on weight and geometry. The Hedgehog provides a smooth and easy ride with easy-to-use brakes, a lightweight frame, and a low basic gear. The standard low gear (3.1 gain ratio) allows kids to get the pedals moving with little resistance and quickly gain speed, making their ride more comfortable, fun, and less exhausting. The Hedgehog is designed to give parents the option of adding a second freewheel (“rear cog”) to the bike to allow two different gain ratios. Adding the second freewheel is entirely optional as most riders will not need to change the bike’s gearing. Raising the gain ratio will make it more challenging to pedal uphill and increase the bike’s top speed.


Wheel and Comfort

Both the freewheels provide enough legitimacy for freedom and movement, allowing adequate speed gain. The Hedgehog’s mid-range positioning – not too upright and not too aggressive – is best for most children riding 16″ bikes. Timid and hesitant riders do better on upright bikes, and more adventurous riders do better on a bike with an aggressive position. The mid-range is a good middle-ground for most kids.


Tektro brake switches give responsive slowing down to youthful riders. Children will experience no difficulty arriving at the brake switches and no issues changing them. Coming norm with front and back, the Cleary Hedgehog doesn’t have a coaster brake, permitting children to usually pedal in reverse when they lose their equilibrium.


The saddle is one of the most crucial parts of the bike, and its position and texture will determine whether the child will learn adequately to drive and ride. Suitable for the customers, the Hedgehog has a well-conditioned saddle with a vegan leather cover to ensure optimum comfort.


The handlebar is entirely adjustable for movement and bike growth and is fully functional with 360 degrees of rotation allowing our riders to gain maximum stability, flexibility, and movement.


Extra Features

The availability of dual freewheels is advantageous as it allows speed gain and back-pedaling, allowing the rider to gain balance if their tips off. A wide range of add-ons is also available at a very reasonable price. Some of these notable items are-

  1. Spurcycle Bell ($49.00)
  2. Stomp Pump ($69.95)
  3. Sticker pack ($4.00)
  4. Graphic T-shirts ($18.00)

The lightweight frame is probably the best addition to this bike and comes with a limited lifetime warranty if and when encountered by a manufacturing defect.



The low gain ratio, combined with the bike’s stability, makes the Hedgehog ideal for adventurous young riders looking to explore every curb, jump, and puddle in the neighborhood. The paint job is plain and classy, giving it a natural and sturdy appeal. The lightweight frame is an advantage. Thus the Hedgehog is best for eager beginning riders likely ready to tackle jumps, single-track trails, or the pump track fairly.


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