Review: Cleary Gecko 12″ Bike for 2 to 3.5 Years Old


Childhood is the age of learning. It’s the time when kids learn the lesson they need for their entire lifetime. To help them learn balance and coordination, Cleary Gecko Bike is suitable for 2-3.5 years kids. This bike has various features like adjustability, color options, and a limited lifetime warranty. But do these features meet the demand of your kids? Keep on reading to find it out.


Pros and Cons


  1. It comes in 4 attention-grabbing colors.
  2. The bike has a durable and lightweight steel alloy frame.
  3. Round bolts.
  4. It has wide air rubber tires.
  5. Handbrakes are present.
  6. Adjustable seat post.
  7. Reversible seat post.
  8. Adjustable handlebars.
  9. 529 sticker prevents theft and tracks the bike.
  10. Limited Lifetime warranty.


  1. Lack of a reflector.
  2. Lack of mudguard.
  3. Not suitable for taller kids.
  4. A flat handlebar may not be comfortable for timid riders.


The Clearly Gecko 12″ Bike comes in four different shades of Orange, Red, Pink, and Blue, though the visuals are not much fancy. The bike is sturdy thanks to its steel build frame. The weight of the cycle is around 15lbs or 6.8kg which is comfortable for kids 2 to 4 years old. The bike has basic features like dual brakes, thick tires for off-road adventures, an adjustable handlebar, and an adjustable seat post (15″ to 20″). The bike is a tad bit on the expensive side, with a cost of around $330. As a good insurance measure, the bike also comes with a warranty period.


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Paint Job

The bike looks robust and clean. It does not give the impression of being a “kids bike” to its viewers. This pedal bike comes in four color options, i.e., orange, red, pink, and blue. These color options are enough to meet the requirements of the kids. The paint job gives a beautiful matte finish to this bike. The frame is colored while other components are black. The seat is brown, which in my view, does not compliment the overall look of the bike. It looks alien on the bike and does not suit well.


Material and Strength

Cleary Gecko Bikes use steel alloy for its mainframe. It makes the bike both lightweight and durable, weighing 15 lbs or 6.8 kgs. It’s not as light as other bikes in this price range, but kids can handle and transport it easily. The wheels have an alloy front hub and a rear alloy flip flop hub, making the wheels resistant to wear and tear. This pedal bike has a vegan leather saddle with an integrated alloy seat post. The headset is FSA sealed. The overall cycle is designed to make it last longer and resist any dent or material failure. The bike has a small chainring that makes it easy for the kids to start pedaling but restrain them from pedaling faster.


Safety and Stability

Cleary Gecko Bikes come with round exposed bolts which reduce the risk of minor scratches to the kids. Unfortunately, the bike does not come with a reflector. This pedal bike comes with Tektro junior v-brakes and brake levers. The presence of handbrakes increases the safety of kids. They prevent the fast riders from colliding with any walls or surfaces. The handbrakes are super smooth, and little kiddos can easily apply them without any extra effort. Cleary Gecko Bikes are available with or without coaster brakes. The addition of a kickstand and mudguard would have been great. Kids may ruin their clothes if they ride in the mud.


Wheel and Comfort

The wheels are 12″ wide. Larger wheels ensure cushioned and enjoyable rides for the kids. The tires are thick and provide a good grip. The air-filled rubber tires are suitable for any terrain because they offer good traction. Kids can glide on their bikes anywhere without the fear of discomfort. The alloy spokes make the wheels lightweight but durable. This pedal bike comes with 25 tooth chainrings and 14 tooth freewheels. The bike does not come with training wheels. The seat is padded and makes the ride fun for the kids. This pedal bike comes with an innovative idea in its saddle. For small riders, Gecko’s seat post can be reversed to shorten the distance between the seat and handlebars. It gives timid riders some more space to grow. Cleary Gecko Bikes are 12 inches in size, making it very easy for little riders to ride. Gecko comes standard with a seat post that creates an 18.5″ minimum seat height. A shorter seat height, with a range of 15″-20″, can be swapped out free of charge when purchased through its website. Handlebars are straight in shape. This geometry is beneficial for aggressive riders who like to jump and perform stunts on their bike, but it’s not suitable for timid riders. Handlebars have a good grip and provide both comfort and stability to the kiddos. The handlebars are adjustable and can be adjusted according to the needs of the kids.


Extra Features

The company provides an exciting range of addons on its website; Parents can purchase stickers, bells, bottle holders, air pumps, etc., from the company’s website at an additional cost. The bike comes with a unique idea of Project 529. The 529 Garage Bicycle Registration Kit will help you capture the critical information about your cycle and establish ownership, helping you maximize your claim with insurance and recovery efforts with the police in the event of a loss. The included 529 Shield sticker provides an additional unique identifier for the bike, thus making it easy for law enforcement and unknowing buyers to trace your bike back to you if it gets stolen. The 529 shield sticker is tamper and weather resistant. The company provides a limited lifetime warranty on all the bike components, which acts as a great advantage. Kids can learn freely without the fear of getting spanked by their parents for damaging it.



Concluding, this bike looks very sporty and comes in four different color options, thus giving kids a vast range to choose from. The paint job is durable, and the matte finish grabs the attention of the viewers. The steel alloy frame and wheel hub make this bike lightweight but durable. The handbrakes are easy to apply. Larger wheels and wide tires make the ride very comfortable and fun for the kids. Handlebars are flat in shape, which is not most suitable for timid riders. The lifetime warranty gives this bike a long life, so your kids will learn coordination and balance without switching to other pedal bikes until they are older.


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