Review: Cleary Owl 20″ Kids Bike for 4 to 5 Years Old


Set up along the western shore of California, United States, the Cleary’s have had a not-so-long yet liberal history of designing, the absolute best in class, for their clients. The Cleary’s go through their days analyzing what’s critical to the children and how to win them over with their beautifully architectured designs after they get on a bicycle. They configure bicycles to give kids the most limitless conceivable riding experience. Our article today is about the Cleary Bikes Owl. The Cleary Bikes Owl is an ideal 20-inch bicycle for adventure-seeking children who need to ride quickly, do stunts, go rough terrain, or journey around. Charmed? Peruse on to find out additional!


Pros and Cons


  1. Stable and sturdy design instills confidence in young riders to try new things.
  2. One of the lightest 20″ bikes on the market.
  3. Dual hand brakes.
  4. Fast and high-performing on varied terrains.


  1. More challenging to assemble than expected.
  2. Trigger shifters can be hard to engage.
  3. Internally-geared hub requires kids to stop pedaling to shift gears.


Yet another bike from the Clearly brand. The bicycle is made from a steel alloy with a wheel diameter of 20″. This variant of the Clearly bike is meant for 4 to 5 years old kids, who are a bit more mature and would be able to steer a bigger bike. The cycle weighs 19.1lbs or 8.66kg which is on the lighter side of the spectrum. Similar to other variants, this one too has plain and simple visuals. One can buy Clearly Owl 20″ bike in 3 different shades- Deserted Green, Patagonia Red, and Graphite for $500. Other valuable features of the bike are dual brakes, reflectors, wide tires for performing decent tricks, and an adjustable seat (21″-26.4″). The same variant is also available in a 3-speed, and both of them are covered from manufacturing defects by warranty.


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Paint Job

With more than three unique shades and tones, including Desert Green, Patagonia Red, and Graphite, the previously mentioned model has an unrivaled visual allure and has a good clue to its actual air. These consistently rich shadings embrace the bicycle, making it a clean and minimal style of art. With a little over twelve spokes and dark-rimmed wheels, the shading blend on this piece of craftsmanship is radiant and commendable.

Material and Strength

Tipping the scales at 19 pounds, the Owl is one of the lightest 20″ bicycles available. The Cleary Bikes Owl is made of durable and hearty steel, making it 33% of the weight. The steel frame is impervious to being crashed, bumped, kicked, or dropped. The overall design and all of the bike’s components are ideally suited for a child rider to be comfortable, adventurous, and ride efficiently. The Cleary Owl is the ideal bicycle for aggressive youthful riders who need to ride quick, do stunts, go through rough terrain, and voyage around. Worked for execution and worked to last, the 20″ Owl is accessible as a solitary speed and as a 3-speed with an inward center.

Safety and Stability

The low handlebars of the Cleary Owl create a more “aggressive” body position compared to most 16″ bikes that your child has probably been riding. (This is because 20″ bikes are designed for more experienced riders.) This body position, along with the Owl’s wider tires, is ideally suited for more adventurous riding like off-roading and trail excursions or simply doing tricks around the neighborhood or at a bike park. The Owl’s q-factor (width between the pedals of the bike) is wider than other bikes. It widens a child’s “base,” which Cleary intentionally gave more advanced riders a wider stance, making the Owl more stable for aggressive riding. The overall triangular shape of the bike gives it overall stability as well. Clearly Owl has a moderately leaned forward body position. The lower bottom bracket allows for better leg extension by providing a lower limit to the bottom stroke of the pedals. Better leg extension means it’s easier for a child to pedal because they get better leverage on the pedals with every stroke.

The dual hand brakes are pretty sensitive and, therefore, will require prior training to deal with. The Cleary Owl features dual hand brakes (Tektro V-brakes), a charming feature for a 20″ bike. Once adjusted properly, they are easy to reach, easy to engage for kids’ hands, and can stop on a dime.

Wheels and Comfort

As the name says, the Owl has 20″ regular wheels with an in-seam length range of 19″-24″. Accustomed for 4-5 years old, this bike will deliver its optimum performance for all the kids with a height range from 44″-52″. The geometry of the Owl creates a stable platform for riding, centering the child’s weight between the handlebars and seat.

The Owl centers the rider’s weight between the handlebars and seat for stability and handling. The Owl’s 20″ tires are 1.95″ wide, which makes the tires heavier, but better for off-roading.

While a good position (when combined with a long wheelbase for stability) is excellent for young riders on 14″ and 16″ bikes who are still learning to balance and pedal, it’s not ideal for older, more experienced riders. By the time a rider is on a 20″ bike, they should be confident enough with balancing a bike that they would benefit from a slightly more aggressive, leaned forward position that better allows them to shift their weight while riding. It also lowers their overall center of gravity for better balance. Thus the Owl’s lower handlebars allow better control of the bike.

The saddle is one of the most crucial parts of the bike, and its position and texture will determine whether or not the child will learn accurately to drive and ride. Suitable for our customers, the Owl has a well-conditioned saddle along with a vegan leather seat cover to ensure optimum stability while riding.

The Owl was initially available only as a single-speed. Cleary later released a 3-speed version of the Owl. The geared version has just 3-speeds versus the 6 to 8 generally found on kids’ bikes. Three speeds is a great middle-ground to introduce young riders to the world of gears and shifting. With no exposed moving parts to get bumped, scratched, or covered in dust, internal hubs typically equate to more consistent gears and performance, especially with kids who are tough on their bikes.

Extra Features

A limited lifetime warranty covers all defects for as long as you own this durable 20-inch bike. This is a scarcely available trait, that not many companies or brands provide.

Various accessories and branding stickers, airflow pump, kickstand, and bike bell are available at relatively affordable prices and will surely be gorgeous additions to the bike.


Easy to maneuver and just plain fun to ride, you won’t regret your investment in this well-designed, high-quality kid’s bike. The 3-speed version features everything available in the single-speed but has a trigger shift system that may be difficult for your child to use. All of this said, no bike is perfect, and your kid would go through this minor hassle again because the Cleary Owl is that awesome to ride.

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