Review: Commencal Ramones 16″ Kids Bike for 3 to 7 Years Old


The company “COMESPORT SA” was founded way back in 2000. Since then, they’ve built their reputation as a strong and concealed brand while also maintaining the driving line – enjoy the ride, performance, and unique design! They are responsible for developing the Andorran mountain biking brand COMMENCAL in Europe and regions across the Northern Atlantic and around the globe, directly from their online channels and platform and via specific retailers. They are also distributors on a global scale. Their newest product happens to be our topic of description today. Read on to know about the nitty-gritty details!


Pros and Cons


  1. Lower standover height, lower-placed bracket, with a broader stance, keeps a rider’s center of gravity down to improve stability.
  2. Smaller chainstay and chain-guard for better maneuverability and additional safety.
  3. Broader tires with artificial grips for better hold on dirt trails, uneven surfaces, and bumpy neighborhoods.
  4. The lower gain ratio for easier hill-climbing and not so often dirt biking in a friendly neighborhood.


  1. Comparatively heavier than similarly priced bikes.


The Ramones 16″ Kids Bike is an off-road beast from Commencal. It is available in one color combination of white with aqua. The overall design is very aggressive and sporty. The frame is built out of premium aluminum alloy and weighs 17.63lbs or 8kg. The bike packs some quality features like dual disk brakes, chain guard, bell, and lights. The bicycle is on the expensive side, costing about $449. Kids from the age of 3 to 7 years can find it comfortable to ride. The thick off-road tires make them suitable for any terrain action.


Check the Price of Commencal Ramones 16″ Bike on their Website:

Paint Job

When it comes to selecting a bike for a kid, the first thing that one observes is the color and shade of their cycle. And when it comes to the paint job, the Commencal Ramones 16 Inch Kids Bike doesn’t disappoint. The model mentioned above has an unparalleled visual appeal with over four different shades and has a classic hint to its very aura. Pearl White, Electroplate Lagoon, and Shiny finish, to name a few, are all elegant and hug the bike completely, making it a visual and functional masterpiece. With over a dozen spokes and black-rimmed wheels, the color combination on this piece of art is magnificent and worthy.


Material and Strength

Pedal bikes are designed to evolve alongside the child. They are all equipped with disc brakes to effectively stop and give the child their first downhill feelings. The top tube has a low profile as far as possible to make it easier to step over. Protection around the chain prevents fingers or clothes from getting caught up. The components used are carefully selected by following three criteria:

  1. They must be specific to a child’s shape, size, and weight. The handlebars, for example, have an external diameter of 22mm so that the child can hold them securely.
  2. No shortcuts on solidity. It’s impossible to ask the young ones to take care of their bikes. Commencal, therefore, has fewer plastic parts as possible, unlike bikes sold in supermarkets, for example. It’s good to point out that these bikes hold better resale value even after several years of use.
  3. They must have authentic mountain bike parts so that the child has a safe and fun first experience of riding an MTB.

Safety and Stability

Super stable for tackling jumps, curbs, and all-terrain, the Commencal Ramones 16 Inch Kids Bike is a pure biking goodness in a pint-size package. It’s the perfect single-speed bike for aggressive young riders. The Ramones 16″ Bike ensures proper stability and responsive handling with great emphasis on weight and geometry.


It promises a smooth and easy ride with easy-to-use brakes, a lightweight frame, and low gear. The standard low gear (3.1 gain ratio) allows kids to get the pedals turning with little resistance and quickly gain speed, making the ride more pleasant and less exhausting. The bike has the option of adding a second freewheel (“rear cog”) to it and allowing two different gain ratios. The secondary freewheel is out-and-out optional as most riders will not need to change the bike’s gearing. Raising the gain ratio will make it more challenging to pedal uphill but increase the top speed.


Wheel and Comfort

The mid-range position of the seat – not too upright and not too aggressive – is best for most children riding 16″ bikes. Timid and hesitant riders do better on upright bikes, and more adventurous riders do better on a bike with an aggressive position. But, the mid-range is a good middle-ground for most kids. Easy-pull, small-reach Tektro brake levers provide responsive braking for young riders. Kids will have no trouble reaching the brake levers and no issues adjusting them. The Ramones 16″ Bike comes with dual disk brakes, which are highly effective compared to coaster or V brakes. The saddle is one of the most crucial parts of the bike, and its position and texture will determine whether the child will learn properly to drive and ride. For the customers, the Commencal Ramones has a well-conditioned saddle along with a vegan leather seat cover to ensure optimum stability while riding. The handlebar is pretty adjustable for movement and bike growth with fully functional 360 degrees of rotation allowing our riders to gain maximum stability and flexibility.



Standing apart from a whole lot of higher-end bikes with bulky designs, this here is nothing short of an engineering marvel in a pint-size package. This bike has been molded from the best quality materials, with proper ergonomics, thus can satisfy every definition of a masterpiece. A must-have for every 3 to 7 years old off-road junkie!


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