Review: Croco Lightweight Balance Bike for Kids 1.5 to 5 Years Old


The Croco Lightweight Balance Bike is an affordable bike to train your kid how to ride a bike. It improves their coordination and confidence, making the shift to a pedal bike much more comfortable. Created with ultra-light and best quality material, Croco bikes provide satisfaction that lasts for both you and your child. Do words sound fancy? Read the article to know about the nitty-gritty details.


Pros & Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. Good Customer Service
  3. 11 Colour Options
  4. Flat-free Tyres


  1. Uncomfortable for Taller Kids
  2. Compromised Wheel Grip


With just under $75, Croco Balance Bike is a perfect fit for your 18-month to 5 years old child. It is their premium model made from Aluminum. Kids can’t handle heavy bicycles, therefore having an aluminum body is a good thing. It makes the bike weigh about 4.3 pounds or 1.95 kg. The bike comes with adjustable handlebars to account for height variation. There are a total of 11 different colors to choose from.


The manufacturer has made the set-up experience tool-free, i.e. you don’t need any additional tools to build the bike. If you are like me who doesn’t like flat-tire and frequent pumping, well, I have good news for you, the bike comes with flat-free rubber foam tires. They also have good quality paint that will ensure the bike stays a mile away from rusting. If all this was not enough, they also give a pair of handlebar pads and a bell with the bicycle. Lucrative, isn’t it?


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Paint Job

The Croco Balance Bike comes in two different models, the Basic Model and the Premium Model. There are a lot of color options to satisfy every child’s mulishness. The ‘Croco Basic Model’ comes with a colored frame while the rest of the parts are black. There is a glossy finish on the overall bike that makes it shiny as well as attractive. Some color styles for the cycles have a colored rim, and those appear to be more mesmerizing than a simple black rim. The bike has a couple of branding stickers on either side of the frame and fork. There are no safety reflectors that are helpful while riding when the sun’s not up.


The ‘Premium Model’ and the ‘Basic Model’ do not have much of a difference in their paint job. Apart from adding color to the handle grips in some of their color styles, there isn’t any major change. As far as appearance is concerned, the ‘Croco Basic Model’ has a curved frame, whereas the ‘Croco Premium Model’ has a straight frame. The ‘Premium Model’ has a curved portion at the rear wheel that makes for a comfortable footrest.


Material & Strength

Both models use aluminum as their primary material. The quality of material used improves for the Premium, which makes it a much lighter bike. The ‘Croco Basic Model’ weighs 6lbs or 2.72kg, whereas the ‘Croco Premium Model’ weighs 4.3lbs or 2kg. The basic model has protruding round bolts that can hinder the child’s leg while riding. In contrast to the basic model, the premium model uses flat bolts that are much safer.


Safety & Stability

As mentioned, the flat bolts provide more safety than the rounded yet exposed bolts of the basic model. Fewer safety features are justified as the bike cost less than $100. There are no safety reflectors, but they can be cheaply bought and added to the bike. The cycle doesn’t have a rear brake, and usually, it is not a mandate. Both the models come with handlebar grips. The premium model has a soft handlebar pad which is a smart safety addition. In case of a collision, this handlebar pad can protect kids from any scars due to the handlebar.


Wheel & Comfort

The Croco Balance Bike has a regular 12″ wheel. The wheels are flat-free and made from EVA foam and are often referred to as plastic wheels because of their appearance. These wheels are easy to manage as no pumping is required or fear of being punctured, but they always have a chance of being worn out too soon. Due to their plastic nature, foam tires don’t grip smooth surfaces quite well. Such tires tend to slip pretty quickly and affect the bike’s overall stability.


The seat on both models is well padded. The ‘Croco Basic Model’ allows variation from 13″ to 17″ whereas, in the case of ‘Croco Premium Model’, these numbers change from 11.5″ to 18.5″. These adjustments become straightforward using the quick-release clamp at the base of the seat post.


The Basic Model has a bit of a curved handlebar that protrudes outwards. It is a simple handle with no possible adjustment. In contrast to this, the ‘Premium Model’ has a straight handlebar that rises from 20″ to 25″. There is no handlebar limiter on either of the bikes, which is usually installed to prevent 360 rotation.


Hanging your feet while strolling for too long can become uncomfortable. To prevent this, the ‘Croco Premium Model’ has a footrest at the rear end. The footrest has a grip pad to make sure the feet don’t slip.


Extra Features

A handlebar bell comes free of cost with the bike. They also provide bike helmets which are available on their website at an additional price of $29.90. The company is renowned for keeping customers happy. Apart from their excellent customer service, they also offer a 100% guarantee to replace any defective parts after purchase. Though it is a good initiative, it isn’t a warranty as given by a few other companies.



Coming to a conclusion, the paint job is glossy, and the bike has a beautiful overall appearance. The material is light and sturdy, with the only issue being its not so gripping tires. The balance bike provides a comfortable ride for kids 1.5 to 3 years old. We won’t recommend it for kids taller than average or beyond four years old due to the bike’s small frame.


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