Review: CYCMOTO Hawk Boys Bike for 3 to 6 Years Old


The CYCMOTO Hawk Boys Bike can be a formidable competitor in the bike market due to its more budget-oriented approach and various accessories provided with the bike. With a price tag of $119, it steps up from its opponents in terms of pricing. The training wheels, along with a bell and a quick-release seat clamp with an entirely rear enclosing chain guard, provide an enhanced experience and security for a kid of age 3-6 years. While the bike has its issues, they are not a dealbreaker for any consumer due to its appreciable features and build quality. The cycle has a good overall design, and if some minor concerns can be ignored, it might be perfectly suitable for your kid.


Pros and Cons


  1. It comes with a front caliper brake and a coaster brake, enhancing the safety of the rider.
  2. The 2.15″ wear-resistant tires perform better on paved and off-road surfaces alike, delivering a comfortable and fast ride.
  3. Training wheels, essential assembly tools, and a bell are included with the bike.
  4. It has a steel frame that survives the bumps and jerks on the ride.
  5. Quick-release seat clamp provided with the bike
  6. Adjustable seat with the adjustment range of 3.07 inches/ 78 mm.
  7. Large 14″ and 16″ tires provide a better riding experience for riders of suitable age.


  1. Exposed bolts may pose a problem for the kid
  2. V pull brakes could have more efficient instead of caliper brake
  3. No reflectors and kickstand provided with the bike
  4. No mention of the warranty period on the seller’s website
  5. Customers do complain of the defects that start to show after one week or month of purchasing


The CYCMOTO Hawk Boys Bike has three color options, blue, green, and yellow. It is made out of steel and comes with features like dual brakes, assembly tools, a bell, and a quick-release clamp. The bike is available in two sizes 14″ and 16″. Both of these variants can be bought within the price range of $119 to $136. The wheel is broad, and the bike even comes with training wheels for young riders. This makes the bike a comfortable fit for kids 3 to 6 years old. If needed the seat post of the bike can also be raised from 20.47″ to 23.54″. The bike also has a few disadvantages, such as a lack of reflectors and no mention of a warranty.


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Paint Job

The paint job I’ve seen on this bike is one of the most appealing and stylish designs I have recently seen. The punchy shades of blue, green, and yellow suit the toddlers’ exciting and adventurous lifestyle and provide them the confidence to ride this bike. The stickers used in the cycle resonate with the overall theme of the bike. The decorated chainguard with a shining hawk sticker increases the beauty of the bike. So overall, the design of the cycle is alluring and grabs the attention of both children and adults alike.


Material and Strength

Steel is used for building the frame of the bike. Its shock-absorbing and flexible structure do not jeopardize the child’s safety and comfort. The details about the bike’s weight were not available on the seller’s site, so it isn’t possible to comment upon that. For paved and off-road surfaces, the pneumatic rubber tires provide a solid grip. The padded, high-quality seat promises to stand the test of time. The alloy rims and handlebars provide sturdy and firm support to the body while riding. The bolts are exposed, which can pose a problem for the child. Overall, the material used and the quality established by the company deserve praise.


Safety and Stability

The bike contains a front caliper and coaster brake, which controls its pace while going downhill. Using V-pull brakes could have been more reasonable considering that they perform better in wet conditions and do not go out of alignment like caliper brakes. The reflectors, kickstand, and mudguard are not provided with the bike, but it seems understandable considering the low price tag of the bike. The rubber tires provide a firm grip on various surfaces preventing the risk of slipping. The handlebar has a soft grip and large bumpers on both ends to provide maximum support to little hands.


Wheels and Comforts

The bike comes with 14″ and 16″ wheel sizes that provide better clearance from most of its counterparts while at the same time fitting just fine for the age of your child. The tires are 2.15″ wide and provide easy and comfortable rides on paved and off-road surfaces alike. The bike contains a chain guard that covers the whole area which could be hazardous while riding. It also has stylish stickers, so it does not look odd on the bike.


The padded saddle promises comfortable rides and has an adjustable height of 20.47″ to 23.54″. It also comes with a quick-release seat clamp, so tools are not required to adjust the seat height. The seat has a seat handle at its back, making it easier for the parents to hold or relocate the bike.


Low Rise V-Bars handlebar with a threaded headset is used in the bike. It has a soft grip that your young cyclist can easily hold. The alloy used for the headset feels sturdy and firm while riding.


According to some customers, the pedals do not fit appropriately in the crank and fall off in some cases. The manufacturers should look into these cases.


Extra Features

The manufacturers provide a bell, a quick-release seat post, and training wheels with the bike. As for the warranty, I couldn’t find its exact duration or availability on this product, as expected from the cycle of this price range. I was a bit disappointed in the customization segment as there was no information on accessories or customization options for this bike. I firmly believe that the company needs to improve in this area.



As I conclude this article, I want to make sure that even though this bike has some cuts that can be improved, this bike is a solid competitor in the market as it offers so much in the budget segment of $119-136. The paint job is good enough, and the stickers are used to resonate with the overall theme of the bike. The steel alloy is an excellent choice for the mainframe of the cycle as it absorbs most of the vibrations while riding. The bell, training wheels, and quick-release seat clamp significantly increase the overall appeal of the bike. I would surely recommend it to a parent looking for a more budget-friendly product for their child in the age group of 3-6 years.


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