Review: CYCMOTO Unicorn Kids Bike for 2 to 4 Years Old


CYCMOTO Unicorn Kids Bike is a pedal bike designed keeping in mind the needs of little kids. It helps the kids to learn balance and coordination at a young age. Keep on reading the detailed review of this bike to find out more about it.


Pros and Cons


  1. Steel frame
  2. Handlebars with good grip
  3. Good quality handbrakes
  4. Wide rubber air tires
  5. Rounded unexposed bolts
  6. Easy assembling
  7. Wide pedals
  8. Presence of training wheels and a bike stand
  9. Arrives with reflectors


  1. Heavyweight
  2. No mudguard
  3. No add-ons can be purchased
  4. Poor customer care support


The CYCMOTO Unicorn Kids Bike is a preferred option for girls due to its feminine color options like light blue, light pink, and light purple. The bike also has a convenient step-through frame for an easy in and out. The body is built out of steel and therefore is a bit overweight. The weight of the bicycle is 23lbs or 10.33kg, which is favorable for kids 2 to 4 years old. The company offers a range of size options, from 12″, 14″ to 16″ and 18″. All the variants come equipped with adequate and necessary features. Safety elements like reflectors, chainguard and front brakes are present. The seat of the cycle is adjustable via easy use of a quick-release clamp.


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Paint Job

CYCMOTO Unicorn Kids Bike looks attractive and adorable. It comes in three color options, i.e., pink, blue, and purple. All these colors are according to the kids’ choice, but the kid will get disappointed if your kid wants any other color. The basket present in this bike makes it very cute. Some kids may like it but maybe detested by others. So if your kid is not a big fan of the basket, it can be removed too. The bike has beautiful stickers which look attractive. The frame is colored, while the handles have a “steel” look. The white rim and metallic spokes complement the bike’s overall look and instantly grab the attention of its viewers.


Material and Strength

CYCMOTO Unicorn Kids Bike Bike uses steel for the manufacturing of its frame. Steel makes the bike lightweight, durable and rust-resistant. It also gives a great visual appeal to the bike. The metallic rim and spokes of the bike make this bike both long-lasting and light in weight. It saves the wheels from frequent wear and tears. The bike weighs 23 lbs or 10.33 kgs, which is a bit heavy for small kids. They will need their parents’ support to transport it.


Safety and Stability

The bike has pretty good safety features too. The cycle does not have exposed bolts, which makes the kids safe from minor injuries and scratches. The bike comes with reflectors on pedals which increases the safety of the kids. The bike comes with a single brake, making kids safe from collisions. The coaster and caliper handbrakes make it very easy for the kids to stop the cycle instantly in accidents. CYCMOTO Unicorn Kids Bike comes with training wheels, so your kid will gain more confidence in riding this bike. Handlebars provide an excellent grip to the kids, making their rides safe and comfortable. The bike comes with a chainguard, which reduces the risk of scratches and minor injuries to the kids. It lacks mudguards, so kids will ruin their clothes if they ride in the mud. Finally, the bike comes with a detachable stand. So it can be attached or detached whenever needed. Kids will not have to search for walls or bike stands to park their bikes.


Wheel and Comfort

CYCMOTO Unicorn Kids Bike comes in three wheels options,i.e., 12 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches. The larger the wheels, the lesser the chances of bumpy rides. These wheels make the ride fun and comfortable. The 2.5-inches air-filled rubber tires provide a good grip on slippery surfaces. They make it easy to ride these bikes on any terrain.


This bike comes with an adjustable seat. It is to provide extra room for the growth of the kids. The padded seat comes with a quick-release system, so parents won’t need tools to adjust the seat height. The overall geometry of the bike maintains the correct posture of the kids. A proper posture is necessary to learn balance and coordination quickly. The bike comes with an actual threadless headset, which provides a rotatable interface between the fork and head tube of the bicycle frame.


The bike is designed to keep girl kids in mind. The step-through design frame is ideal for little girls to get on or off. The handlebars are bent in shape, and they are adjustable. The cranks and pedals are positioned forward for easier starting. The pedals provide enough room for the kids’ legs. It makes it easier for the kids to ride the bike.


Extra Features

Unfortunately, the company does not have a website. So if you want to purchase any add-ons, you will have to buy from somewhere else. It also makes it hard to find the spare parts for the bike. The bike comes with a basket so kids can put their stuff in it. CYCMOTO Unicorn Kids Bike comes with an 85% assembled body and the essential assembly tools. An only air pump is needed. It is easy to assemble this bike, and even a novice can build this bike in less than fifteen minutes, which is impressive. In addition, you get protective gear free with this bike. Since the company does not have a website, it isn’t easy to contact the customer care support of the company.



Concluding, the bike comes in three color options which may disappoint your kid. However, the overall cycle looks very sleek and classic, attracting the viewers’ attention in its first look. The paint job is durable and does not easily chip off. Steel makes the bike resistant to dents and scratches. It also protects the bike from rust. The presence of handbrake and reflectors increase the safety of the kids. Comfortable seats, quick seat adjustments, and minimum assembling make this bike a good choice for the kids. However, the lack of a website creates problems for the customers as they cannot buy add-ons or contact customer care support if they need it.


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