Review: Diamondback Insight 20 Bike for 8 to 10 Years Old


The Diamondback Insight 20″ Bike can be your ideal choice if you are looking for more performance and features at a budget-friendly price tag. The 7-speed Shimano gear system with thin tires makes it a perfect road bike for anyone between 8-10 years of age. The paint job is highly commendable, and the aluminum frame fits perfectly with the steel forks that provide a more comfortable and smooth ride. While the bike has its issues, I would undoubtedly say that this is one of the best bikes I have seen in the $200 range. The bike is currently priced at $260, which can be considered acceptable, given the number of features this bike provides. Go through the entire article to see if this bike meets our expectations or not.


Pros and cons


  1. Seven-speed Shimano gear system at an affordable price of $260
  2. Durable aluminum framework and shock-absorbing steel forks
  3. Appreciable 20″ tires provide more clearance
  4. Replaceable derailleur hanger
  5. V-pull handbrakes in both the wheels
  6. Best for road cycling
  7. Lifetime warranty on the frame and any manufacturing defect


  1. Assembly could be a problem for you if you are unfamiliar with bikes
  2. No kickstand, bell, or reflectors
  3. Not suitable for kids with petite personality
  4. No quick adjustment seat clamp
  5. No fork suspension provided
  6. No disk brakes present


The Diamondback Insight 20 is an aluminum-made bike especially for 8 to 10 years old. With a lightweight of 23.75lbs or 10.77 kg, the bike can be bought in either silver or green. The bike comes with dual brakes but lacks other safety features. It has no bell, reflector, quick-release clamp, or mudguard. The seat post of the bike can be adjusted from 25.1″ to 30.9″. The whole package is available for $260 with a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defect.


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Paint Job

The cycle comes in the color options of silver and green. The glossy finish of the bike is inbuilt with a positive appeal both for adults and kids alike. Though the company could have provided more color options in the cycle, I believe that the existing ones are enough in defining the class and quality of the bike. The stickers and the branding is placed beautifully, which amplifies the overall visual look of the cycle.


Material and Strength

Considering the bike’s low price tag, this is one of the bikes where you can full value for money products used in it. The high-quality aluminum frame ensures rigidity and firmness while riding the bike and the steel forks tend to absorb most of the vibrations, delivering a comfortable ride. While the bike weighs a little heavy, weighing 23.75 lbs/ 10.77 kgs, the riders don’t struggle while riding it due to the high-quality 7-speed Shimano gear system. The seat is padded and highly durable, maintaining the posture of the rider. The V-pull brakes do not go out of alignment as caliper brakes do. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the quality of the materials used in the bike.


Safety and Stability

The Diamondback Insight 20 Bike performs well then its counterparts when it comes to the bike’s safety. The V-pull brakes on both the front and the rear wheel deliver robust braking performance and rarely go out of alignment. Unfortunately, the bolts are exposed, which may create problems for the kids. The bike is not provided with a bell, mudguard, or kickstand, which may displease some buyers. The 1.38″ wide tires perform well on paved surfaces and complete the motive for which they are designed. I would deem the overall safety features of the bike satisfactory with some scope for improvement.


Wheel and Comfort

The large 20″ wheels of the bike provide enough clearance for the riders and better control the cycle. The tires have an average grip over the surface and are suitable for riding on pavements and roads. Needless to say, the bike would be prone to slipping in the muddy areas and off-road tracks. While analyzing the bike’s gear system, we see an appreciable performance of the Shimano 7-speed gear system that grip shifters can control, delivering a robust performance while going uphill or downhill. The chain guard is present in the bike, but it only covers the front crankset while leaving the rear part open. The seat is very comfortable and is meant to last longer than average saddles. Its padded style offers more confidence and maintains the rider’s upright position while supporting their body. The seat is adjustable, its height ranging between 25.1″ – 30.9″.


The bike comes with a straight handlebar that maintains a child-friendly position. While it is unadjustable, the comfortable grips and the low design keep the rider cheerful while supporting the body in case of jerks. The pedals are of average quality, and considering the bike’s price, they can be regarded as satisfactory.


Extra Features

As I said earlier, the bike lags accessories like a bell, reflectors, and a kickstand. But it is understandable considering the low price of the bike. I was pleased to know that the company offers a lifetime warranty for the frame and any manufacturing defect. It also provides five years warranty on the branded fork. As for the customization options, the company offers a plethora of alternatives to choose from. Various t-shorts, socks, hats, starter kits, bags, and much more are available at reasonable prices in the company’s store.



As I write this conclusion, I believe that Diamondback Insight 20″ Bike is worth considering if you are looking for a more value-for-money product to buy. The paint job is well suited for a child between 8-10 years of age. The brakes work precisely and don’t go out of alignment, unlike the caliper brake. Due to the lifetime warranty provided with the product, you can be free from handling any inconsistency caused due to manufacturing defects. The variety of customization options increases the overall appeal of the cycle. So, overall this bike is a complete package with lots of features and customization options that you may choose if your ward is in the age group of 8-10 years.


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