Review: Diamondback Lux 3 Bike for 12 to 14 Years Old


A symbol of the young spirit and enthusiasm, The Diamondback Lux 3 Bike comes into the market flaunting its qualities and features. Made especially for energetic female riders, the bike truly represents a combination of free spirit and sentiment of empowerment. This off-road cycle has remarkable features, such as the presence of a 12-speed gearbox and 120mm adjustable and lockable suspension to attract a whole generation of riders. Although the bike comes at a high price of $1400, the features and qualities written below will make you consider it as your final choice.


Pros and Cons


  1. The women-specific design provides more standover clearance
  2. Massive 27.5″ wheelbase
  3. Hydraulic disk brakes are used on both the wheels
  4. Incredible 12-speed gear system
  5. Lifetime warranty on the frame
  6. The toolkit is provided with the bike as an extra
  7. 120 mm travel suspension fork


  1. No bell, reflectors, or kickstand is included with the bike.
  2. A little on the costlier side of the price range
  3. Not suitable for kids with petite personality
  4. Has a considerable weight of 41.55 lbs/18.84 kgs
  5. No quick adjustment seat clamp


With a single paint option of Greyish Black, the Diamondback Lux 3 is a beautifully crafted bike priced at $1400. The bike is designed in such a way that makes it comfortable for girls to ride. Broad wheels of 27.5″ make it grip well on any type of path. The seat is ergonomic and can be lifted an additional 1.21″. On the downside, the bike is a bit heavy, 41.55lbs or 18.84kgs for kids between the age of 12 to 14 years. The bike also lacks necessary safety features like reflectors and a bell. But it does offer dual hydraulic brakes and front suspension to compensate for safety and comfort.


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Paint job

The Diamondback Lux 3 Bike comes in the only shade of greyish black, providing limited customer options. But while I argue about the limited color options, I must say that the bike’s matte finishing with stylish stickers is remarkable. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the quality and the finishing of the paint job and find it appealing to the eyes.


Material and Strength

The mainframe of the bike is made up of aluminum, which is very durable and fits right in the scenery of mountainous terrains. Although the bike is quite heavy due to this, weighing 41.55 lbs/18.84 kgs. The 120 mm travel handlebar fork delivers a stunning performance when it comes to the bike’s design and comfort. With silicon grips and steel spokes, the bike promises a comfortable and sturdy ride, all along the off-road terrain. The suspension has an external rebound adjust, which basically alters how fast the shocks rebound with each hit. It also has lockout features that can help riders while climbing upwards. The saddle is specially designed for young female riders and ensures an upright position while riding.


Safety and Stability

The range of safety features provided by the company for this bike is quite impressive. The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes deliver a robust performance and are well suited for hilly regions. The 2.35″ wide tires provide a stable and firm grip on the muddy and dirty grounds where most bikes are prone to slipping. The sleek design of the cycle offers more stability and clearance to the female rider, boosting her confidence. Although the broader the tires are, the more exhaustive it becomes to peddle. But this problem is solved in this bike by SRAM SX, 12 Speed gear system. The cuts I noticed in the cycle were the absence of a kickstand, mudguards, a reflector, and a bell. These accessories could have been provided by the company with the bike, given its high price. Overall, I am satisfied with the safety features of the bike.


Wheel and Comfort

The massive 27.5″ wheelbase in the bike provides more clearance and freedom to the rider while taking aggressive turns or riding on aggressive terrains. As stated earlier, the rubber tires are wide enough to handle the slippery mountainous landscapes but are easy to manage and control due to the 12-speed gearbox provided with the bike.


Talking about the gear system, the company provides a 12-speed gear system with the bike that performs extraordinarily on the ground. The gears are easy to change by the SRAM SX Eagle 12 Speed X-Actuation Trigger that works just by a thumb’s push.


The 120mm travel fork, as discussed earlier, comes with a rebound adjust and a lockout feature that makes it stand apart from its counterparts.


The rider can adjust the saddle in about 30.9mm of range. Its design helps the rider maintain an upright position and allows them to ride comfortably on the most unforgiving roads.


The bike has a straight handlebar being 740mm wide with a 15mm rise. It perfectly fits a child between 12-13 years of age and provides full support to the rider.


The pedals are made up of DB4L Alloy Platform, providing enough grasp to the foot without the fear of slipping.

Overall, it won my heart in the category of comfort.


Extra features

As I said earlier, the bike lags accessories like a bell, reflectors, and a kickstand. The company should have provided these accessories with the cycle considering its price tag of $1400. The bike comes with a toolkit to adjust the seat and handlebar’s height. I was pleased to know that the company offers a lifetime warranty for the frame and any manufacturing defect. It also provides five years warranty on the branded fork. As for the customization options, the company offers a plethora of alternatives to choose from. Various t-shorts, socks, hats, starter kits, bags, and much more are available at reasonable prices in the company’s store.



In the conclusion of this analysis, I want to say that it is one of the finest products present in today’s market. The finishing and the paint job are truly commendable. The 120mm suspension truly brings you the joy and comfort of riding. The aluminum frame is strong enough to handle the rough terrains, with wide rubber tires beautifully performing in each gripping test. Overall, I would genuinely recommend this bike to any girl between 12-14 years of age who is a cycling enthusiast to enhance and flaunt her skills.


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