Review: Dimond Miner Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


Give your kids a leg up and watch them soar to the top! Children as young as toddlers will benefit from balance bikes, which effectively teach stability and body control. The Diamond Miner is the ideal bike for learning these skills, which will make the transition to pedal bikes fast and smooth. The whole bike weighs just 6 pounds thanks to its carbon fiber construction, making it easy to handle even for young riders. Your little racer will enjoy the premium ride quality not found on other balance bikes, with sealed cartridge bearings and an embedded headset. On a Diamond, two-wheeled dreams begin from the driveway to the park. Read the full article to know each detail of the bike.


Pros & Cons


  1. Lightweight Carbon fiber Frame
  2. Adjustable seat and handlebar height
  3. Smooth-rolling hubs made of milled aluminum with sealed bearings
  4. Kenda air tires
  5. Comfortable Padded seat
  6. Low frame height
  7. No tools are needed for height adjustment


  1. No handbrake
  2. No color options available
  3. Too fast for timid riders
  4. No footrest
  5. Very Expensive


Want something luxurious for your child? Look no further than this $329 beast. Available in only one black shade and made out of carbon fiber, this bike is sure to get noticed. With a wheelbase of 12″, the cycle can support a maximum load of 60lbs or 27kg. Hence, the bike feels suitable for kids 1.5 to 4 years old.


Unlike other bikes, Dimond Miner has a sealed cartridge bearing that offers a smooth ride when gliding. The bike also has rubber tires that provide good traction on the road. Even with rubber tires, this carbon-fiber-based bike weighs only 6.1lbs or 2.7kg. Provided with a quick-release lever the bike’s handlebar can be slid from 20″ to 22″ whereas, the seat can be raised from 11.8″ to 15.8″. The bike has a threadless headset which is rarely seen on a balance bike; this feature is lighter, sturdier, and easy to adjust.


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Paint Job

The Diamond Miner Balance Bike is available in only Black color, but upon purchase, your bike can be customized with colored grips and a coordinating seat post clamp. The all-black color of the bike makes it look remarkably attractive and stylish. It has cool branding stickers on either side of the frame that give it a modern appearance.


Material & Strength

The Diamond Miner Balance Bike has a simply gorgeous carbon frame. It grabs the most attention as compared to other bikes because of the smooth, matt, and almost futuristic look of the Miner. This carbon frame makes the bike lightweight, which is much easier for the kids to handle and have an uninterrupted ride. Also, this frame makes the bike strong and durable, which is a plus point for the parents. The bike weighs just 6.1 lbs or 2.7kg!


Safety & Stability

The Diamond Miner Balance Bike tries to maintain all the safety measures for the kids. A threadless headset is included with the Miner to allow for precise handling. The headset often comes with a rubber cover that is easily removed to protect kids from any possible bumps during a fall. The handlebar also has handgrips with a bumper to keep the kids’ hands safe. The bike lacks a handbrake. The kid has to use their legs to stop the bike which results in the wearing out of their shoes. Being such an expensive bike and lacking a handbrake is a bummer. Also, the Miner is too fast for our timid riders.

However, the speed and performance of the Miner would make it an amazing candidate for the pump track and balance bike races.


Wheel & Comfort

The Miner’s hubs are without a doubt the best we’ve seen on a balance bike. The hubs are precision made with sealed bearings for smooth-rolling tires that spin longer compared to stamped aluminum ones. The bike will not only be more flexible with smooth sailing wheels, but your child will also be able to glide for longer distances and with less effort than on most balance bikes.


The Diamond Miner Balance Bike has a padded saddle that is very comfortable for the kids. The seat post ranges from 13” to 17” providing an ample amount of range for the bike to grow with the kids. The seat height can be adjusted with the help of a quick-release seat post collar and bypasses any tooling requirement.


The bike has a straight handlebar with handgrips for the kids’ safety. It is adjustable so one can maintain proper posture while riding.


The bike lacks a footrest that allows the kids to rest their feet while riding and learning to balance more accurately.



The Diamond Miner Balance Bike is a top-notch bike for adventure seekers tackling their local balance bike races. It has a carbon frame that makes the bike lightweight, sturdy and durable. It has an adjustable padded seat and handlebar height. The bike should have a footrest and a handbrake given, its high price tag. This wondrous black bike is fit for kids of 1.5-4 years of age.


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