Review: Duzy Customs Skyquest Bike for 2 to 4 Years Old


The Duzy Customs Skyquest bike comes into the market at $150 for the 12″ variant and displays its impressive range of features. Whether it be the paint job, the brakes, or the performance, the bikes deliver a solid performance on all grounds. The company does not provide a suitable age group for the bike’s variants though the comfortable age group seems more between 2-4 years. Though there is always a scope for improvement, the bike has many features that will make you consider it for your young rider.


Pros and Cons


  1. Thick 2. 4″ Tires provide a firm grip on all kinds of surfaces
  2. Alloy Training Wheels support the rider in balancing the bike
  3. Padded Comfort Saddle, featuring Parent Handle to help the rider
  4. Rear Coaster Brake and Caliper Brakes
  5. No Exposure Chainguard
  6. Four Bolt Stem with Embroidered Duzy Logo
  7. Adjustable, Tool Free Saddle
  8. Lifetime warranty on frame and 2-year warranty on parts


  1. No bell, mudguard, or reflectors were provided with the bike
  2. Exposed bolts may pose a problem for kids


Available in 5 different shades, from red, blue, and orange, to green and pink, the Duzy Customs Skyquest has a perfect appeal among kids. The bike can be bought in three variants 12″, 14″, and 18″ suitable for 2 to 4 years old. The 12″ variant costs $150 and comes with features like training wheels, dual brakes, and even a handle for parent’s support. On the contrary, the bike lacks a bell, mudguard, and reflectors. When it comes to warranty, the company offers a lifetime warranty on the mainframe while a 2 year one on other parts.


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Paint Job

The bike comes in attractive shades of red, blue, orange, pink, and green. The glossy paint job truly suits the mood and style of this bike. The stickers used and the logos carved on the bike resonate with the overall paint job and provide a positive appeal to the eyes of both kids and adults alike. So overall, the design of the cycle is alluring and grabs the attention of both children and adults alike.


Material and Strength

No info is available on the material that is used in the mainframe of the bike. Likewise, nothing is provided on the weight of the bike as well. Therefore it is not possible to comment on these areas.


The seat is padded and curved, providing maximum comfort to the little bottoms. The 2.5″ rubber tires promise a smooth and buttery ride both on paved and off-road surfaces. The handlebar comprises a handset, which delivers effortless steering. Exposed bolts that come in use to support the frame may pose a problem for the kid.


Safety and Stability

The bike contains a coaster and a caliper brake on both the tires that control its pace while going downhill. The reflectors, mudguard, and bell are not provided with the bike. The rubber tires provide a firm grip on various surfaces preventing the risk of slipping. The handlebar has a soft grip that provides maximum support to little hands. It also has a headset that protects it from dislocation. The training wheels offer a stable ride that stays true if any small obstacle comes in the way.


Wheel and Comfort

The bike comes with 12″-18″, 2.5″ wide tires, which provide a better experience to the rider of the fitting age. The pneumatic rubber tires are ready to take on any surface they roll, whether paved or off-road.


The training wheels are made up of suitable quality plastic and promise to pass the test of time with the bike. The seat is adjustable, but the exact range of the adjustment is not provided on the seller’s site. The company claims that the seat has a toolless adjustment, meaning it has a quick-release seat clamp. Its padded quality offers lasting comfort to the rider and beautifully passes the test of time. The handlebar has a soft grip that feels good and provides an enhanced riding experience. It is non-adjustable, so it was a letdown for me. The pedals seem of good quality, but nothing could be said for sure.


Extra Features

The bike does not come with any accessories except the training wheels. This is a considerable diminution considering the cutthroat competition in the bike market. The manufacturers provide a Lifetime warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on parts. This is more than most of its competitors. As for the customization options, no information is available on the seller’s site or anywhere else. I strongly feel that the company should provide some info about the aforementioned as it creates a void in a potential customer’s mind.



As I conclude this article, I want to say that It is not possible to elaborate on the features or qualities without being thoroughly informed about the product. This is where the company fails to cope in this era of tough competition. The paint job in the bike is suitable and plausible, bringing out the best in the cycle. The seat is padded and adjustable without the help of tools. The product stands out from its counterparts with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a two-year warranty on parts. Overall, the bike is good, but it could be better if the company adds some accessories and information about the cycle’s materials.


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