Review: Early Rider Belter Urban Bike 16 for 4 to 6 Years Old


Early Rider Belter Urban 16 Bike is a pedal bike that aids your kids in learning balance and coordination at a young age. With a pricey price tag of $400, this bike promises a bundle of features. Are these features worth your penny? To know whether you are investing your money in the right place or not, keep reading this article to find out more about this bike.


Pros and Cons


  1. Looks classy and elegant
  2. Durable construction
  3. 16 inches wheels
  4. Real and front handbrakes
  5. Presence of reflectors
  6. Two mounting positions for pedals
  7. Requires minimal assembling
  8. Presence of a belt drive instead of a chain
  9. Presence of sliding drop out
  10. Good customer care support


  1. Little heavyweight for kids
  2. Lack of a mudguard
  3. Lack of a stand
  4. Lack of a chainguard
  5. Pedals are prone to scratching


The very stylish Early Rider Urban 16 Bike comes in a silver shade with a black or brown leather seat. This $400 beast has dual brakes and, unlike other bikes, Urban 16 comes with a belt drive. Safety elements like reflectors are also present on the bike. The bike is suitable for kids 4 to 6, as the seat post can be adjusted from 19″ to 22″. But, it is a bit on the heavier side with an aluminum body of 13lbs or 5.9kg weight. The 16″ wheel is studded with safety reflectors but lacks a safety chain guard. The Early Rider also assists with good customer service to make sure the bike is worth the price.


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Paint Job

Early Rider Belter Urban Bike is, no doubt, the most beautiful bike in this price range. The brushed aluminum frame steals the viewers’ attention at first look. The frame is shiny and looks very classy. This bike does not have any color options, but its single bike variant is enough to defeat any bike in appearance. The bike comes with a choice of either a brown or a black seat. The components’ colors are a cherry on the cake of the looks of this bike. They all complement the bike, making it irresistible to take your eyes from it.


Material and Strength

Aforementioned, the bike uses aluminum as the primary material for its frame. Aluminum is the material that makes the bike both lightweight and durable. The cycle also uses aluminum for the seat post, rims, axles, etc., making the overall bike very tough and resilient. It has a faux leather seat, which not only imparts a great look to the bike but is very durable too. The bike weighs 13 lbs or 5.9 kg. This weight is a little more for the riders of this bike. Kids can find it difficult to transport and handle this bike because of its weight.


Safety and Stability

The bike not only boasts its looks but its safety features too. The cycle does not have exposed bolts, which makes the kids safe from minor injuries and scratches. The bike comes with reflectors that are present on the pedals and back of the bike. It makes the kids safe while riding in the night. It also has short-reach front and rear V-pull brakes, which save kids from collisions and accidents. Handlebars are bent in shape and provide an excellent grip to the kids. It keeps them in their place and makes the ride enjoyable. But sometimes, handlebar grips can come off while riding, so parents must ensure pulling on the grips before every ride. The bike does not come with a stand, so kids will have to lay their bike or rest it on something if they want to park it. The bike does not come with a mudguard, so kids will ruin their pants while riding on a muddy surface. The cycle also lacks a chainguard, making the clothes and other elements vulnerable to getting stuck. The pedals are appropriately sized but are prone to scratching legs.


Wheel and Comfort

The bike comes with 16-inch wheels. Larger wheels ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The rubber air-filled Vee Speedsters tires are wide and provide good traction on every surface. The bike does not slip on slippery surfaces making the kids safe on any kind of terrain. Parents can opt for standard 1.5″ tires to reduce the weight to 12.12 lbs or 5.5 kgs at no extra cost, but the Vee Speedsters provide stability, grip, and comfort to help the child enjoy their cycling and progress at a faster rate. The 4-bearing cassette hub reduces the distortion while riding in hilly areas. The bike does not arrive with training wheels. Early Rider Belter has three inches for growth on the seat post (19″ to 22″ seat heights) and two mounting positions for the pedals on the crank arm. It gives kids adequate space to learn balance and coordination.


Extra Features

The company provides a wide range of add-ons on its website. One can purchase gloves, helmets, grips, saddles, etc. The bike comes with minimal assembling, with both wheels attached. Parents will have to remove the bars and all packaging and attach them to the stem. The belt drive is the best feature of this bike. With grease-free maintenance, the belt essentially prevents any snags on clothing and, unlike a chain, will not stretch or easily slip off the gears. The laid-back geometry makes it very easy for the kids to learn to ride. A sliding dropout allows effortless wheel removal and refit without the hassle of realigning. The feature is available on most expensive bikes, but the Early Rider Belter Urban bike makes it accessible to kids at a lower price. The company has good customer care support. If you face any issue with the bike, you can either call on their toll-free number or write to them via their e-mail.



Concluding, this bike is no doubt the most pretty in its price range. At no point will you feel to have another color option. Silver color can single-handedly grab the attention of every viewer. The bike looks classy and elegant. The aluminum frame and components make this bike very durable and robust. The materials used in this bike are of good quality and do not wear off quickly. Larger wheels, unexposed bolts, good quality handbrakes, and the presence of a sliding dropout are some of the salient features of this bike. The lack of a mudguard, chainguard, and stand may concern you, but overall this bike is a great option to opt for. This bike is suitable for kids aged 3.5 years to 6 years. Older kids will have to go for bigger bikes.


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