Review: Eastern Pusher Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


The Eastern Pusher Balance Bike falls under the mid-range category of the balance bike. It helps kids to learn balance and coordination to get an easy switch on the pedal bike. It has an acceptable level of safety features to keep kids safe and make the ride pleasant and comfortable. So, what are the specs, one may ask? Read to find out.


Pros & Cons


  1. Extremely lightweight
  2. Rounded bolts to prevent scratches
  3. Sealed bearings for smooth tire rotation
  4. Adjustable seat and handlebar height
  5. EVA Tyres
  6. Multi colors available


  1. No handbrake
  2. Footrest absent
  3. Minimal padding on the seat
  4. The handlebar and seat are not firm
  5. Turning limiter unavailable


Tagged with a price of $129, the Eastern Pusher is a balance bike carved out of aluminum alloy. The bike is available in 6 different shades. Moving on to the load capacity of the bike; it is 75lbs or 34kg. The capacity is well above the age range for the bike, which is 1.5 to 4 years. The bike has a regular wheel size of 12″ which is convenient for kids.


The bike itself weighs about 4.6lbs or 2kg with a pair of lightweight EVA Foam tires. The tires have sealed bearings and are attached via button head axle bolts. Both the seat and handlebar are adjustable, with the seat post sliding from 13″ to 18″ and the handlebar from 19.5″ to 22″. To make the adjustment easier, Eastern Pusher is equipped with quick-release clamps.


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Paint Job

The Eastern Pusher Balance Bike is available in many gorgeous shades. The bike is available in Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, Pink, and a combination of Black & Purple. It has a colored frame with all other parts being black. There is nothing special to the design or the paint of the bike. Like most bikes, it has black wheels, a seat, and a handlebar, with branding stickers to fill the empty space on the frame.


Material & Strength

The Eastern Pusher Balance Bike is made up of an aluminum frame. This aluminum frame of the bike makes it sturdy and durable. The extremely lightweight balance bike weighs just 4.6lbs or, 2kg which is very convenient for the kids to use. It also builds up confidence in the kids apart from giving them the astounding experience of learning to balance a bike.


Safety & Stability

The Eastern Pusher Balance Bike is too lightweight, the frame has a low-step through for easy in-and-outs, and positions the rider in a pleasant, slightly forward position. It has buttoned bolts to keep the legs safe from being scratched. It has raised ends on the handgrips to protect hands from slipping off.


Coming to the disappointing part of the bike. The bike lacks a brake and a footrest which may lead to the wearing out of the shoes. There is also the absence of a turning limiter that can lead to the accidental 360 rotation of the handlebar. A mid-range bike is expected to have at least one of these lacking features on board.


Wheel & Comfort

The Pusher accompanies wide, foam, puncture-proof tires. With a lot of contact for wheels on paved surfaces, the Pusher’s foam tires perform incredibly, yet like all foam tires, we wouldn’t suggest them for off-road riding. Even though increasing the width of the wheel increases the traction, it is still runty compared to a rubber tire. The bike has sealed bearings for smooth rolling and keeping the dirt away from entering the wheels.


The seat post of the bike is adjustable and can be adjusted without the use of any tools. It has quick-release levers for adjustment but, it often comes out of alignment. It can be adjusted from 10.75”-17”. The 6” seat height range allows the bike to grow along with the kids. When the seat is at its lowest position, it is difficult for the bike to roll and is not suitable for riders with a short inseam.


The handlebar of the bike is also adjustable using a quick-release lever.


The bike lacks a footrest. The footrest allows a kid to rest their feet while riding and help them balance their body. A footrest is generally not an essential requirement for a balance bike. But, since Eastern Pusher belongs to a mid-range section, one must expect it to have some sort of foot support.



The drive on the Eastern Pusher Balance Bike can be a wonderful experience for the kids. The bike has solid welding and a sturdy structure on top of being a very lightweight body. For the price one pays, it has the potential to offer more features to its consumers. Eastern Pusher is a good bike on the market but not a great one. It is fit for kids of 3 to 4 years of age.


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