Review: FirstBIKE Balance Bike for Kids 1.5 to 5 Years Old


The award-winning balance bike company FirstBIKE has over five different variations to choose from. Designed with German precision, the bike has a very practical approach to the bike learning experience. Read the full article to know whether the bike is worthy of the title ‘The Safest Balance Bike on the Street’.


Pros & Cons


  1. Weatherproof frame
  2. Recessed bolts with no sharp edges
  3. Lightweight
  4. Rear Drum Brakes with a comfortable reach
  5. Rubber Tyres
  6. Saddle shaped seat
  7. A lot of additional addons like SKIset.


  1. Difficult for small kids to hop on the saddle
  2. Frame flexes under heavy load
  3. A bit bland on the visual aspect


The bike is made from glass fiber reinforced nylon composite. The material allows it to hold 77lbs or 35kg of weight which is enough for 2 to 5 years old kids. The Basic FirstBIKE Balance Bike is available in 5 different shades, black, yellow, red, blue, and green. The wheels on the bike are the regular 12″. Coming on to the price, FirstBIKE lies more on the expensive side, costing you around $199. The bike is packed with a lot of goodies! With a weight of just around 8.6lbs or 3.9kg, the bike has drum brakes on the rear wheel. The wheels are made of rubber for good grip and are covered with mudguard. The bike has a horse-saddle seat that can be raised from 14″ to 17.5″. To adjust the height, FirstBIKE has provided an easy rotatable knob instead of a quick-release clamp. They also offer a ‘Lowkit Tool’ at an additional cost to lower the seat height for kids with low inseam length. On the other hand, the handlebar has a fixed height, but it does come with a limiter to help kids while turning. Finally, to put a ribbon on the top, the company offers a lifetime warranty on the frame & the fork, and a 5-year warranty on all other parts.


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Paint Job

The material of the bike is itself colored, and hence it eliminates the possibility of any paint scratch-offs. All the models of the FirstBIKE have color variations except the Basic Model which only has one ‘Blue’ color. The Street Model and the Limited Model both offer five different color shades. The Fat Model has four variations, while the Cross Model comes with just three color selections. The bike’s frame has reflecting stickers on either side as a safety measure that shines when light falls on it. Since the cycle uses nylon composite as its primary material, the paint appears more on the dull side than a traditional paint coat. The traditional paint coat offers an elegant shiny look that makes the bike attractive, which is not possible in the case of FirstBIKE.


Material & Strength

The FirstBIKE balance bike uses ‘Glassfibre Reinforced Nylon Composite’ as its primary material. The material, unlike metal, is very light and sturdy. The bike weighs only 8.6lbs or 3.9kg and is capable of lifting up to 77lbs or 35kg at max. It is chemically inert which makes it safe from damage due to corrosion or chemical spill. Metal bikes have the chance of conducting electricity as the paint starts to wear off. But the non-metallic aspect of this bike keeps your child’s body safe from such hazards.


Safety & Stability

The bike is all about practicality. Everything is held together by recessed bolts, which, unlike regular bolts, are much safer. The cycle is broad in front to help shield the child from any incoming hazard. The bike has a pair of solid grooved tires that provide excellent traction on the road. Mudguards run over both wheels to help kids keep their clothes spot-free. A drum brake is also attached to the rear wheel of the bike to ensure a smooth stop. Having a good grip on the bike is necessary, therefore the FirstBIKE has comfortable handlebar grips. The handlebar even comes with a turn-limiter that restricts full motion and offers a comfortable and safe turning experience. We won’t advise you to take your kid out when the sun is down. But if you do, there are substantial safety reflectors to help your kid stand apart and be safe. The only concern that customers might have is if the child is too heavy for the bike. Upon heavy load, the bike structure starts to flex, and this flexing can be dangerous for the kids.


Wheels & Comfort

Wheels on the FirstBIKE are regular 12″ Schwalbe Big Apple tires. These wheels are well-grooved to provide incredible traction. If you want a bike with excellent traction on difficult surfaces like snow, sand, and gravel, look no further than the FirstBIKE Fat Model. This model comes with extra-wide wheels than the regular ones. Or you can opt for the FirstBIKE Cross Model, meant specially for off-road conditions. All the tires used in these bikes are air-filled rubber tubes for good comfort and to last long. The bike has a special horse-saddle-shaped seat. These seats provide safety at the back and prevent kids from sliding or falling. The seat is comfy with no absorption, which helps if your child is young and uses a diaper. The height of the saddle varies from 14″ to 17.5″ as needed. There is an extra feature that can lower the seat even more for kids with a low inseam. Unlike other bikes, FirstBIKE has a knob to adjust the seat height. The only thing that disrupts this comfort is the absence of a comfortable footrest. During long strides or riding down a hill, keeping your legs off the ground for too long can become strainful.


Extra Features

FirstBIKE offers a Lowkit Tool that helps lower the seat height for kids with short inseam length. The kit costs an extra $9.99 and will drop the seat to about 12″. Another great feature is the ‘SKIset’ @ $39.99 and ‘Mono SKI’ @ $19.99. Investing in this can convert your balance bike into a ski balance bike for snowy winters. A few small addons like a nylon basket for $14.99 or a handlebar bell for $8.99 can be a great addition. To top it all off, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and the fork. Whereas for the remaining parts, the company happily provides a 5-year warranty.



The FirstBIKE Balance Bike is a bit over the moderately priced bike packed with a lot of practical features. The bike promises a safe ride with reflectors and recessed bolts and is weatherproof, unlike any other bike on the market. The cycle can be a great fit for kids who are within 1.5 to 3 years of age.


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