Review: FOUJOY Sporty Kids Bike for 2 to 9 Years Old


Riding a bike is one of the best parts of growing up, and FOUJOY offers a complete lineup of kids’ bikes to start making memories.


From the first wobbly strides on the balance bike to the first time hitting real singletrack, FOUJOY’s all-new kid’s bikes are designed to create amazing first rides – and second, third, and many more rides as well. The FOUJOY’s goal is to bring joy to the young generations and hope they grow with love and care. They produce bikes fit for boys & girls 2-9 years old, and are one of the leading bike manufacturing companies in the world.


Pros and Cons


  1. 85% assembled body.
  2. Full Cover Chain Guard.
  3. Training wheels.
  4. Bottle Holder
  5. Front Brakes (18″ and 20″)


  1. No mudguard
  2. Compromised Quality


This is one of the few bikes on the market that comes with an inbuilt water bottle holder. The rest of the features are pretty common across the industry, like chainguard, reflectors, training wheels (12″ to 16″), front brakes (18″ and 20″), and kickstand (18″ and 20″). Although the 12″ to 16″ size variants don’t come with a front brake, they have coster brakes. Coster brakes use backpedaling to engage the brakes; it is often convenient for kids of young age. The prices start from $85 and go all the way up to $139 for the 20″ bike. These are reasonable prices which are not too heavy on the pockets.


The cycles are made using steel, which does affect the weight of the frame, making it a bit bulkier. The color options are decent- green, blue with a splash of white, and black with a splash of red. Overall, with all the variants one can choose from, kids 2 to 9 years will make a good fit.


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Paint Job

The bike is available in three different shades. One of them is a solid green color while the other two are a combination of two colors- blue & white, and black & red. Although the frame itself is not so sporty, the decal on the bike does give a sporty vibe. The paint is glossy and pairs well with the seat and wheels. Fabricated out of stainless steel, the bike will stay miles away from rusting and will be a long-lasting addition to your family.


Material and Strength

This kid’s bicycle is made of premium high-grade steel and isn’t handily twisted. Introduced with 2.125-inch standard inflatable elastic tires appropriate for various grounds, these won’t handily pierce and can endure the knocks of learning. The bicycle comes 85% pre-installed. The statures of the seat and handlebar are customizable to fit kids of various age groups in a manner that would be an incredible present for kids in the upcoming celebrations.


Safety and Stability

Front and back reflectors are present on the ride for the night safely. Training wheels help children keep balance when learning to ride by providing the bike with a triangular shape, making it stable to tackle bumps and curves. A full chainguard keeps children’s feet away from getting scratched.


For a 12″-16″ bicycle, the bicycle has no hand brake, and just foot brakes are accessible for better control, as numerous small kids need more ability to control the hand brake. For an 18″-20″ bicycle, both hand brake and foot brake are accessible. The bike is introduced with training wheels for a 12-16 inch, training wheels for an 18″ bicycle and kickstand just for the 20″ bicycle, and a water bottle holder for kids when they get thirsty.


Wheels and Comfort

Installed with a 2.125″ standard inflatable rubber tire mostly suitable for solid flat surfaces, it will not get easily pierced and will survive the learning bumps.


The heights of the saddle and handlebar are adjustable to fit children with different inseams. The grips on the handlebar could have been a bit more girthy with thicker ends. This would have helped kids stick their hands onto the handlebar more firmly.



A piece of decent machinery in a pint-size package, the FOUJOY Sporty Kids Bike has an attractive paint job, with the steel frame providing it with a robust and sturdy structure. The bike will stay miles away from rusting and won’t be a concern.

The FOUJOY bike comes with fully pneumatic tires. Ergonomically designed to ensure optimum performance and stability. Considering all the size variations at one’s disposal, kids anywhere from 2 to 9 years old can get their hands on it.


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