Review: Giant Pre Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 5 Years Old


The Pre Balance Bike comes dominating the market with a price tag of $170 and a long list of features. It is one of the bikes that offer footrest pedals and air tires on such a low budget. The iconic shades of blue, black, pink, and yellow give the bike its different aura and class. The lifetime warranty is provided with the bike, which genuinely pleased me as few bikes deliver such value for money in this price range. Although the bike does not come with a bell, reflectors, and other accessories, the quality of the products is out of this world. With loads of customization options, this bike is a fierce competitor to the rest of its counterparts. To know the full specification of the bike, go through the full review, and enjoy yourself!


Pros and Cons


  1. Very light frame
  2. Adjustable seat
  3. Pneumatic rubber tires
  4. Footrest provided with the bike
  5. The bike also comes with a handlebar stem pad
  6. An extended seat post is provided for when your child grows taller.
  7. Lifetime warranty on frame and one year warranty on original parts (as long as the original owner retains the product)


  1. Exposed bolts may pose a problem for the child while riding.
  2. No detailed description of the bike’s weight, seat adjustment range, etc., on the manufacturer’s website.
  3. No steering limiter, reflector, or bell is provided with the bike.


Tagged with a price of $170, the Giant Pre Balance Bike is a balance bike carved out of aluminum alloy. The bike is available in 4 different shades. Though the manufacturer has not provided a majority of details, the bike fits well for 2 to 5 years old. The bike has a regular wheel size of 12″ which is convenient for kids.


The rubber tires have sealed bearings but are attached via exposed axle bolts. The bike comes with a stem protector to cover the handlebar stem. The bike also has an adjustable seat post and a footrest.


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Paint Job

The paint job I’ve seen in this bike is truly one of the most appealing and stylish designs I recently saw. The punchy shades of blue, black, pink, and yellow suit the toddlers’ exciting and adventurous lifestyle and provide them with the confidence to ride this bike. The stickers used in the cycle resonate with the overall theme of the bike. So overall, the design of the cycle is alluring and grabs the attention of both children and adults alike.


Material and Strength

Aluminum is used for building the mainframe of the bike. Due to its lightweight and flexible structure, it does not jeopardize the child’s safety and comfort. The bike’s weight is not disclosed by the manufacturers, although the cycle is advertised to be the most lightweight in its class. The steel rims provide sturdy and firm support to the body while riding. The bolts are exposed, which can pose a problem for the child. Overall, the material used and the quality established by the company deserve praise.


Safety and Stability

The bike does not contain brakes or reflectors, which was a letdown for me. The rubber tires provide a firm grip on various surfaces preventing the risk of slipping. The handlebar has a soft grip with large bumpers on both ends to provide maximum support to little hands. The handlebar has a stem pad that protects the rider from sudden bumps and halting.
Unfortunately, the bike does not come with a safety steering limiter, ensuring that no oversteering occurs while riding the bike.


Wheel and Comfort

The bike comes with a 12″ wheelbase which provides a better experience to the rider than its 10″ counterparts. The Rugged thread, pneumatic rubber tires are ready to take on any surface they roll, whether paved or off-road.


The seat is adjustable, but the company does not provide a precise range of the adjustment. Its padded quality offers lasting comfort to the rider and beautifully passes the test of time.


The handlebar has an excellent soft grip that feels good and provides an enhanced riding experience. As discussed earlier, it also has bumpers on both ends for safety purposes. Its straight design provides clearance and exposure to the rider that boost the confidence level. The steering limiter is not present on the bike, which was a letdown for me.


The bike comes with footrest pedals, and it is something that I want to have included in other bikes of the same range. The footrest supports the young toddler’s feet while going downhill, encouraging them to ride the bike more often. Overall, when it comes to defining comfort, the bike does this job beautifully.


Extra Features

The manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on the frame and one year warranty on original parts, which left a positive appeal in my mind. The manufacturers offer a plethora of customization options for the bike, including various reflectors, tires, rims, handlebars, brakes, and seat components. Overall, the company does not lag anywhere in providing accessories to suit your young rider’s interests.



The PRE Balance Bike delivers an excellent performance in every area. The paint job is punchy, offering the best glimpse of the enthusiasm and joy of the toddler. The stickers used resonate well with the paint job. Pneumatic rubber tires used in the bike provide a firm grip and comfort regardless of the track. The padded seat and handlebar with a soft grip have an excellent in-hand feel. The variety of customization options the company provides is really out of this world. Overall, I would love to recommend this bike to anyone looking for the best-in-class mid-range bike for their 3 to 4 years old.


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