Review: Go Glider 16 Balance Bike for Kids 5 to 10 Years Old


The Go Glider Balance Bike is one of the best companions for older kids to teach them balance and coordination. The bike has an innovative architecture that can switch the balance bike to a pedal bike. This makes the bike a good bargain as one can reap the benefit of two products through one. But is this bargain worth the price or, is it a rip-off? Read to find out.


Pros & Cons


  1. Turning limiter available
  2. Rubber Tyres
  3. Removable Footrest
  4. Rear drum-brakes
  5. Adjustable handlebars and seat post
  6. Kickstand
  7. Sealed bearings


  1. Clunky, quality doesn’t match the price
  2. High handlebars and seat placement is uncomfortable for the kids
  3. Hard to lean forward to run and gain speed


Made with steel, the Go Glider 16 can sustain up to 150lbs or 68.04kg. As evident, this bike is meant for kids 5 to 10 years old and has a 16″ wheelbase. The bike comes in 5 different shades (green, red, blue, orange, and pink) and can be brought home at $131.56.


The bike has sealed bearings and rubber tires that provide smooth and comfortable gliding. The rear tire is attached to a drum brake which makes controlling the cycle very easy. Control is further improved by a turn limiter on the handlebar that enables kids to make confident turns. The bike weighs around 11lbs or 5kg and has an adjustable handlebar and seat post. The range of adjustment for the handlebar is 27″ to 35″ whereas it is 16″ to 25″ in the case of the seat post. They have also provided a removable footpeg to rest your foot while gliding and a kickstand to keep your bike upright.


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Paint Job

The Go Glider Balance Bike is available in 5 bright colors i.e; Green, Red, Blue, Pink, and Orange. These unique and eye-catching colors are enough to fulfill any child’s desires. The bike follows a similar pattern, just like other balance bikes. It has a colored frame with branding stickers on either side to compensate for the blank space. Other parts such as the saddle, the handlebar, and the footrest are painted black. Overall, the bike has a decent appearance.


Material & Strength

The bike is made up of a durable steel alloy frame. The bike is light in weight which makes it easier for the kids to learn to balance. The kids can comfortably carry the bike and have a joyful ride. The bike weighs 10lbs or 4.5kg.


Safety & Stability

The Go Glider 16 Balance Bike tries to ensure the safety of the kids such that parents can rely on the bike as protection becomes a significant parameter in bike selection for older kids or for kids with any disability. It has a rear handbrake that is easy to use with a reach adjuster. The brakes are beneficial for the kids as they keep their shoes safe from being worn out. The bike has a turning limiter which restricts the handles from going 360 and avoids any mishap. It also has a footrest that is removable to make learning and gliding a breeze. The bike has handgrips to keep the hands safe. Overall, the quality of the bike is not much appreciable and, the taller handlebars decrease the comfort for the kids. It is hard for the kids to lean forward and gain speed while riding the bike.


Wheel & Comfort

The bike has composite Mag Wheels and rubber tires that are perfect to handle any type of terrain. The rubber tires provide more traction and cushioning as compared to foam tires. These air tires eliminate bumps and jolts felt by the kids significantly while riding. It makes the ride extremely comfortable, smooth, and fluid. It comes with sealed bearings, so sand and dirt stay away from the bearings and keeps the wheel running smoothly as butter.


The seat is lightly padded, which is an acceptable level of comfort for the kids. The seat height can be adjusted and ranges from 16” at its lowest to 25” at its highest. This height gap makes it convenient for growing kids.


The bike has a BMX-styled handlebar which is equipped with handgrips and a turning limiter to keep the kids safe. The handlebar can be tilted forward or backward and, the height is also adjustable from 27” – 35”. It helps the kids to develop a good posture while riding the bike.


The bike has a footrest that allows the kids to rest their feet while riding. The footrest is detachable, which helps the kids to switch from a pedal-less bike to a pedal bike with the help of a pedal kit from Go Glider.


Extra Features

The Go Glider Balance Bike comes along with a helmet at $20 both for boys and girls. It also comes with a bell at $7.99, and the parents can also get an additional seat for $15.00.



The Go Glider Balance Bike is best suited for the less adventurous kids who prefer a more upright riding position. Parents love the value of 2 bikes in 1. Kids can start as a balance bike and then transition it into a pedal bike with a kit. With a kickstand, hand brake, and footpeg it is outfitted with everything a cyclist in training will need to hit the ground running. The bike is available in many bright colors with an adjustable seat and handlebar height. It has a durable steel frame with a rear handbrake, turning limiter, and sealed bearings for the safety of the kids. The bike is best suited for older kids 5-10 years old.


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