Review: GOMO Balance Bike For Age 1.5 to 5 Years


The GOMO (Get Out More Often) Balance Bike is one of the hottest bikes available for toddlers. It is fun to ride, easily adjustable, and long-lasting. The bike is strong and light, enabling the kids to enjoy the ride and develop coordination and balance. The affordability and durability attract the parents. The bike is available in many different colors to satisfy every child’s mulishness.


Pros & Cons


  1. Affordable price
  2. Adjustable seat height and handlebars
  3. Easy to use and tool-free adjustments
  4. Light-weight
  5. Long durability
  6. Good Customer Service
  7. Extended wheelbase for easy maneuver


  1. Foam tires provide less traction
  2. Tires provide less cushioning
  3. Less stability due to plastic rims


The GOMO Balance Bike comes with a lot of color choices – Black, Blue, Blue & Black, Gold, Light Blue, Pink, and Red & Grey. The body of the bike is made out of steel and will cost you $69.99 only. The 12″ wheelbase can support up to 60lbs or 27.22kg of weight. Kids with such weight are usually between 1.5 to 5 years.


The bike itself weighs around 6.4lbs or 3kg. The seat can be adjusted from 12″ to 17.5″. Though the handle length is fixed, it does have a limiter to help in steering. The whole package comes with a warranty of 2 years.


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Paint Job

The GOMO Balance Bike is available in many different colors to satisfy each child’s desire. The color combination is very appealing and attracts both kids and parents. The different colors of the frame and footrest make it look awesome. The colored rims give a mesmerizing look to the bike. The handles of the bike are also of different colors that make the cycle look more stylish. It has branding stickers on either side of the frame that makes it look fabulous. The GOMO Balance Bike is available in Black, Blue, Blue/Black, Green, Gold, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, and Red/Grey colors. The color is bright and clean throughout the bike.


Material & Strength

The GOMO Balance Bike is made up of steel frames. It is light and sturdy at the same time. The lightweight bike makes it easier for the kids to have a joyful ride. It has a weight of 8.5lbs or 3.5kg that can withstand a load of 60lbs/27.22kg.

A few customers found the plastic clamps on the bike to be fragile. The bike handlebar also has some issues of not being tight enough. Apart from these two issues, the bike is perfectly fine.


Safety & Stability

The grips on the GOMO Balance Bike are loved by all. The grips play a very vital role in the safety of the toddlers. The grips protect the kid’s hands during falls or when coming into contact with a wall, tree, etc., and make the ride very safe and enjoyable. The GOMO Balance bike also has a turning limiter which prevents kids from turning very sharply and mastering the skill of steering. The bike has no brakes and has exposed bolts which may hinder the kid’s ride. Usually, a bike with flat bolts is preferred as they provide more safety. The seat has a firm attachment and does not wiggle, which gives the kid good support while riding.


Wheel & Comfort

The GOMO bike has plastic rims and smooth-rolling EVA foam tires. The foam tires do not provide as much traction as air tires but do just fine on the pavements. Though it produces less traction and less cushioning, the foam tires do not get flat. The plastic rims reduce the weight of the bike and make it very easy for the kids to manage. The bike has a padded seat that enables the kids to sit firmly and comfortably and enjoy the ride. The padded seat lets kid hit their first tiny “all-terrain bumps” without jarring. The GOMO has a 12” to 17” seat height range with a 5” room of height adjustment. No tools are required to adjust the seat height. GOMO’s clamps are much broader and easily allow three fingers underneath to release or compress the lever more easily. The handlebar of the GOMO Balance Bike is straight and has a turning limiter that ensures the safety of the toddler. The bike has a high handlebar. The combination of the longer wheelbase and a higher handlebar creates a more natural, forward-leaning position for the rider. This helps them learn to balance the bike sooner with more confidence. The handlebar height is adjustable and can be raised an additional 3” as the child grows taller to maintain the forward-leaning position. The length of the handlebar post can be adjusted by releasing or compressing the lever. The GOMO Balance Bike has a footrest that is tucked beneath the seat. The footrest is not too expanded and does not hinder the legs of the child while striding. The footrest also enables kids to save their shoes from getting worn out.


Extra Features

The GOMO Balance Bike has a safe ABS plastic finish for fewer scrapes on the bike. It also comes with a complete 2-year manufacturing warranty.



The GOMO Balance Bike is one of the affordable balance bikes for toddlers available in a variety of colors. It is lightweight, sturdy, durable, and has an adjustable seat and handlebar post. The wheels have enough grip to get the work done, and the safety features are good at the price offered. It appears to be the best fit for kids 2 to 4 years old.


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