Review: Guardian 16″ Bike Ethos and Airos 4 to 6 Years Old


Founded in 2015 in Austin, Texas, the United States, the Guardian’s mission is mishap trekking. The Guardian’s exclusive firm has their standing for designing a-list bicycles, appropriate for individuals of pretty much every age bunch. What turns out to be our subject of conversation today is the Guardian 16-inch Bike Ethos. Scoring high in looks and execution, Guardian 16-inch bicycles have great time plans to speak to children and well-being developments guardians will cherish. Peruse the survey underneath to find why the SureStop stopping mechanism makes Guardian Bikes so novel.


Pros and Cons


  1. Patented SureStop braking system for faster and more optimized braking, along with no coaster brake.
  2. Comfortable, good posture design for young riders.
  3. Adjustable handlebar design for a more comfortable fit.
  4. Eye-catching and fun design to appeal to the kids.


  1. The upright design may not be a suitable fit for aggressive riders.


Guardian 16″ Bike comes in stunning visual color combinations. From aqua & pink, black & blue to a three-color amalgamation of black, blue & red. This great bike was also featured on the Shark Tank TV show. It has a patented Surestop Braking System. But safety features like mudguards and reflectors are absent on the bike. The Ethos uses steel while the Airos uses Aluminium alloy, which makes the bicycle weigh about 7.9kg or 17.5lbs. The bike has adjustable seat that moves from 18.5″ to 23.5″, but the upright profile might be uncomfortable for a few kids. Overall, the bike is an excellent investment of $279 to $379 for kids 4 to 6 years old.


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Paint Job

The paint job in this piece of art is truly fantastic and available in various combinations. As far as these combos are concerned, ‘aqua/pink’ along with ‘black/ blue’ and ‘matt black/ blue/ red’ are some of the many color combinations. All these combinations are well-groomed and rust-free and give a matt finish to the bike. It’s for kids, and it’s designed for fewer crashes and more smiles to make learning to ride a bike as easy as can be.


Material and Strength

Weighing in at 7.903 kilograms, or 17.5 lbs, the bike is surprisingly heavy for a toddler to manage. Still, once confidence and aesthetics are mastered, this won’t be much of an issue to deal with. Since this bike will be a kid’s perfect partner for a long time, the steel-carved structural frame shall provide durability and sturdiness, keeping your bike miles away from rusting. The hand brake is sensitive, and a safe rear holding brake can help the kid slow down. Pneumatic rubber tires are widening, wear-resistance, and bursting proof.


Safety and Stability

Following in the footsteps of its 20″ and 24″ big brothers, the Guardian 16 inch Bike Ethos was a hit straight out of the gate and offers a smooth and comfortable ride, especially for beginning riders. Built on a lightweight frame with a low center-of-gravity design and complemented with upright handlebars, the Guardian 16″ is easy to balance and easy to maneuver. With a semi-upright body position and no-coaster brake, Guardian’s 16″ bikes are an excellent choice for first-time pedal bike riders and experienced riders looking for a great quality bike for riding around the neighborhood.


Super stable for tackling jumps, curbs, and all-terrain, the is a pure biking goodness in a pint-size package. It’s the perfect single-speed bike for aggressive young riders. It is fine-tuned with great emphasis placed on weight and geometry to ensure proper stability and responsive handling. The Guardian provides a smooth and easy ride, with easy-to-use brakes, a lightweight frame, and low-essential gear.


Wheels and Comfort

Guardian 16″ bikes are designed for beginning riders who often prefer an upright body position. Sitting upright centers a child’s weight over their hips, just like they’re accustomed to when standing and walking. As a result, beginning riders are usually able to master balancing a bike faster when sitting upright. Experienced riders, however, may prefer a bike with lower handlebars that place the rider in a more aggressive position. A more aggressive position allows the rider to shift their body weight during turns and while on hills. The 16″ fully pneumatic air-filled rubber tires provide proper and optimum cushioning, ensuring a sufficient amount of traction both on and off-road.


Guardian’s 16″ bikes do not have a coaster brake (back-pedal brake) as coaster brakes can be confusing for kids new to pedal bikes. Guardian’s 16″ bikes do not have a coaster brake (back-pedal brake). Coaster brakes can be very confusing for kids new to pedal bikes. Unique to Guardian, the SureStop system allows riders to stop faster and has more control. The SureStop will enable kids to feel more in control on their Guardian bike, and as a result, their confidence level increases. Made out of premium ultra-light material, the saddle and seat are relatively lightweight and textured to ensure stability. The lightweight materials on the saddle and the frame make sure that the product looks like a bike and not like a tank.


Since Guardian 16-inch Bike Ethos has a solitary outfitting framework, the learning and coordination will not be that tough for a youngster of indicated age or more. The gain ratio on both 16″ Guardian bicycles is mid-range at 3.55. It makes the bike designed impeccable for cruising around the area.



Guardian’s combination of SureStop brakes, lightweight edges, and upstanding positioning make their 16″ line of bicycles one of our top decisions for 4 to 6-year-olds riding around the area. The Ethos line is a great bicycle offering updated designs, smooth steel tubing, and a lightweight form while additionally giving a first-rate execution to its cost. The bicycle is the best fit for youngsters within an 18″ inseam (for those riding a pedal bicycle, interestingly for the very first time). With every one of the subtleties being referenced over, the Guardian 16-inch Bike Ethos is an unquestionable bike for your 4-6-year-old.


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