Review: Guardian 20 Inch Bike-Ethos and Airos for 5 to 8 Years Old


As our 2nd article about models birthed from the same brand, the Guardian needs no introduction. A leader in the biking market right from its development in 2015. Using the best quality products combined with the best quality efforts, they’ve consistently delivered the best quality results. Our today’s description topics are no exceptions nonetheless, and as we progress on to the nitty-gritty details, you will know why. Intrigued? Read on to learn more!


Pros and Cons


  1. Patented SureStop slowing mechanism for quicker, more controlled, and optimized braking power.
  2. Low center-of-gravity plan for better equilibrium and mobility.
  3. Great quality and value for money.
  4. Fun, kid-endorsed, and lucrative looking.


  1. Brake lever can be hard to engage for young riders with smaller hands.


Similar to the Guardian 16″ we have the Guardian 20″ Ethos and Airos. The bike has a similar segmented striped design, which is available in 5 different combinations. The two new combinations are the Black, Blue & Green and the Purple & Aqua. If we talk about the cost of the bike, the Ethos version will cost $359, whereas the Airos will cost $459. The following are the notable difference between the two. First, the material used in Ethos is steel, while it is an alloy of aluminum for Airos. Thus, the Airos has a lighter body and is suitable for beginners when compared to the heavier body of Ethos, which is preferable for experienced riders. Both the bikes are equipped with a Surestop Brake System and have a bike stand as well as a quick-release clamp for the seat. The seat can be adjusted from 22.5″ to 28.5″. The bikes have no chainguard or mudguard and come with only a single safety reflector at the handlebar. In all, it is an excellent bike for 5 to 8 years old.


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Paint Job

The paint job in this masterpiece is genuinely awesome and available in various combinations. As far as these combos are concerned, ‘purple & aqua’ along with ‘black, blue & green’ are some of the many color combinations. All these combinations are well-groomed and rust-free and give a matt finish to the bike. It’s for kids, and it’s designed for fewer crashes and more smiles to make learning to ride a bike as easy as can be. Both the Ethos and Airos are also available in their primary shades. The beautiful color combination on these two models is a notch above magnificent and way beyond terrific.


Material and Strength

Available in two different sizes, in geared and non-geared models, with the traditional boy and girl colors as well as two different price points, there is sure to be a Guardian bike that fits your neighborhood biking needs. The weight of this bike varies from model to model and lies somewhere between 18.7 lbs and 22.9 lbs.


Compared to similarly priced bikes, Guardian Bikes are several pounds lighter, with the Airos line weighing less than the Ethos line.


The frame design of the Airos vs. the Ethos also plays a role in weight differences between the two lines. The Airos line is made out of aluminum, while the Ethos is steel. To help keep the weight down on the Ethos, a narrower tubing was used. In addition to Guardian Bikes’ superior braking system, they’re built with quality components that will last for years to come. Both lines of bikes come with a kickstand. At the same time, the Airos also comes with an upgraded threadless headset (for increased responsiveness on tricky terrain), Shimano shifters (more details below), and a seat with thicker padding.


Safety and Stability

In addition to gearing differences, the geometry of the Guardian’s Airos and Ethos lines are different on the 20″ Large size only. The handlebars on the Airos 20″ Large are set lower on the bike than the Ethos 20″ Large, which creates a more aggressive geometry (the child is positioned more leaned forward on the bike) than on the Ethos 20″ Large. While the difference is slight, it is enough that we would recommend the Ethos line over the Airos line for more timid riders. The SureStop system uses high-quality brake calipers like those found on many other higher-end bikes. The only difference between the SureStop system and a regular dual-hand brake system is that the brake pad on the rear brake engages the front brake. If the SureStop system were to fail (which we have never seen in our years of testing), the rear brake on the bike would still work, just not the front brake.


Super stable for tackling jumps, curbs, and all-terrain, the is a pure biking goodness in a pint-size package. It’s the perfect multiple-speed bike for aggressive young riders. With great emphasis on weight and geometry, the Guardian 20 Inch Bike-Ethos and Airos is fine-tuned to ensure proper stability and responsive handling. With easy-to-use brakes, a lightweight frame, and technically advanced gear, the Guardian 20 Inch Bike-Ethos and Airos provide a smooth and easy ride.


Wheel and Comfort

Available in the exact sizes and with the same basic features, the Airos and Ethos line of bikes are essentially like different models of the same car. The Airos is the premium line with an upgraded frame, seat, and shifter. The Ethos line features the same SureStop braking system but with slightly lower-end components.


Premium “Airos” Line: Designed for those who want the best. It is also ideal for those kids who ride more aggressively or around hills and need to shift their bike versus shifting mostly as a novelty. With an aluminum vs. steel frame, the Airos frames are also more lightweight than the Ethos frames. “Ethos” Line: Priced at about $100 less than the Airos, the Ethos has a slightly heavier steel frame and more basic graphics.


Dual-hand brakes work great for advanced riders and are essential for technical youth riders (such as mountain bikers) but can confuse the average child rider. If they accidentally brake with just the front brake, the front tire can lock up and causes the rear tire to lift off the ground and potentially throw the child off the bike.


As it is well evident from the names, both the models come with fully pneumatic air-filled rubber tires and doubly riveted bolts to ensure that the kid can ride without getting scratched. The advantage of pneumatic air-filled tires is very well known to us all and needs no light to be shed upon.



Protected, lightweight, and enjoyable to ride, the Guardian’s line of bicycles is just astonishing. Regardless of whether cruising the area or appreciating more distant family bicycle rides, your youngster will be in safe hands with a Guardian. The Airos line is ideal for lighter kids who might profit more from a lighter-weight bicycle, just as for more established children who need to have the option to move fast. The Ethos line is an assuring decision for a young rider who adheres principally to the area. The details mentioned above and features are well enough to know that the Guardian 20 Inch Bike-Ethos and Airos are essential learning tools and, therefore, a must-have for your kid.


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