Review: Guardian 24 Inch Bike-Ethos and Airos for 8 to 12 Years Old


With a price tag of $379 and $479, Guardian 24 Inch Bike-Ethos and Airos promise a wide range of features that help your kids learn balance and coordination. These bikes capture the attention of every viewer, but are the looks sufficient to fulfill the demands of your kids? Find every detail of these bikes in this review.


Pros and Cons


  1. Kids specific geometry
  2. Good traction offered by tires
  3. Unexposed bolts
  4. Low step-over height
  5. Lightweight
  6. Comes with reflectors
  7. SureStop ultra-fast handbrakes
  8. Double-walled rims
  9. Arrives with a stand
  10. Great customer care support


  1. It does not come with a mudguard
  2. It does not come with a chain-guard
  3. Handbrakes are not suitable for technical riders


Another variant of the Guardian Ethos and Airos comes in 24″ wheel size. Most of the features in this variant are similar to the previous two. The bike has very appealing visuals. The segmented striped pattern looks cool and is available in two combinations- blue, black with green, and purple with aqua. The bike is also available in a bland color combination if one desires. The Ethos is made out of steel and is heavier compared to aluminum alloy-based Airos. To put it in numbers, the Ethos has a weight of 25.5lbs or 11.57kg, whereas the Airos has a weight of 23lbs or 10.43kg. Both the models are equipped with state of an art Surestop Braking system and other salient features like a handlebar reflector, stand, and 7-speed gear. Contrary, the bike lack mudguards, and a chainguard. The seat is adjustable from 25″ to 33″ with the inbuild quick-release clamp. Suitable for the 8 to 12 years old, the Ethos will cost $359 whereas the Airos will cost $479.


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Paint Job

Guardian 24″ Bike-Ethos and Airos come in a mixture of three color options; Black blue-green, Black red, and light blue. All three color options look extraordinary. Very few bikes provide a palette of colors in a single cycle, and Guardian Bike is one of them. To give these bikes a tremendous visual appeal, even rims are colored as same as their frame. While the black, blue-green, and black red has black components, the light blue variant has silver-colored components. The elements complement the overall look of the bike. Both bikes use water-transfer decals with a clear coat finish, giving the whole cycle a polished shine. The paint is durable and does not easily chip off.


Material and Strength

While Airos uses aluminum alloy as its primary material, Ethos uses steel to manufacture the bike’s frame. Both steel and aluminum are very light and durable. They make cycles safe from dents. While Airos weighs 23 lbs or 10.43 kgs, Ethos weighs 25.5 lbs or 11.57 kgs. Compared to the other bikes in this price range, both the cycles are very lightweight and make it very easy for the children to transport and balance them.


Safety and Stability

Both bikes do not have unexposed bolts, which makes these bikes kids safe. It makes the kids less prone to minor scratches and injuries. Both bikes provide four reflector lights, making it easy for the kids to ride at night too. These bikes arrive with SureStop. There is only one brake lever, so your kids don’t get confused when things happen fast. It saves kids from collisions and accidents. However, the front brake does not engage until the rear brake does. As a result, the SureStop system is not ideal for more technical riders. These bikes arrive with double-walled rims, so the cycle stops just by the slight touch of the brake. Handlebars are bent in shape and provide a good grip. Most of the time, children have to search for a place to park their bikes, but Guardian 24 Inch Bike-Ethos and Airos come with a stand to eliminate this problem. However, the bikes do not come with a mudguard and chainguard. Due to the lack of a mudguard, kids may ruin their pants while riding in the mud. The lack of a chainguard makes the kids’ clothes vulnerable to getting stuck in the chain.


Wheel and Comfort

Both bikes have 24″ wheels. The larger the wheels, the lesser the chances of bumpy rides. These wheels make the ride fun and comfortable. The air-filled rubber tires provide a good grip on slippery surfaces. They make it easy to ride these bikes on any terrain. Both cycles arrive with a 7-speed easy-to-twist gear shifter which makes these bikes ready for any adventure. These bikes do not come with training wheels. The bikes have padded seats, which provide comfort to the riders. The seat post can be adjusted 8″ (from 25″ to 33″). This seat adjustment is way more than other bikes in this price range. Higher seat adjustment ensures the kids’ growth, and they won’t have to hustle themselves up to learn to ride. Seat height can be adjusted without the use of any tool. The foot pedals are broad and provide enough room for the kid’s feet.


Extra Features

The company provides a wide range of add-ons on its website, where parents can purchase bells, helmets, and other spare parts. The bike comes with minimal assembling. Just 5 minutes of work, and you are ready to go. These bikes have kids’ specific geometry that makes it very easy for them to learn balance and coordination. It also maintains the correct posture of the kids, which is necessary for the learning stage. The bike has a low step-over height, making it easy for the kids to get on and get off in a hurry. The company also provides the feature of 100 days test ride. The company provides excellent customer care support to its customers. Parents can get in customer care executives of the company if they face any issues with this bike.



Concluding, the bike does not fail to grab the attention of viewers with its eye-popping colors. The fusion of various colors makes these bikes irresistible to the eyes. Both steel and aluminum are excellent materials for these bikes. They not only make these bikes very lightweight but resilient too. The unexposed bolts, presence of SureStop handbrakes, and reflectors make these bikes kids-friendly and safe. Larger wheels and padded seats add comfort and fun to the ride. Kids-specific geometry, good customer care support, and minimal assembling are some of the other salient features of these bikes. Due to its lightweight and extra traction on surfaces, Airos is more expensive than Ethos. Both the bikes are suitable for kids with a height range of 49 inches to 61 inches. All the outstanding features make this bike an excellent option for your kids.


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