Review: Haro Prewheelz 12 EVA Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 3 Years Old


Time for your kid to start the journey of a lifetime. A Haro Prewheelz 12 EVA Balance Bike is a durable, affordable, and stylish way to start your child learning a bike. All from a trusted brand that’s been around for nearly 40 years, Prewheelz comes complete with all the features. Scuff-free and lightweight EVA tires won’t damage floors and are tough enough for outdoors. Read the full article to know more about the bike.


Pros & Cons


  1. Adjustable seat height
  2. Foam tires – puncture-proof
  3. Adjustable handlebar
  4. Real headset with bearings
  5. Quick Release Clamps
  6. Limited lifetime warranty on the front fork and frame


  1. No brakes available
  2. Exposed bolts
  3. Footrest hinders small riders’ stride
  4. Rough grip tape on footrest scratches legs
  5. Little bulkier in weight


The Haro Prewheelz 12 EVA has a wheel size of 12″ and a frame of aluminum. The body can support weight up to 34lbs or 15.4kg, which means kids 2 to 3 years old can easily ride this bike. There are several color options to choose from; like black, red, blue, pink, and bad-apple green.


The bike itself weighs around 4lbs or 1.81kg and comes with an adjustable handlebar and seat post. From 11″ to 17″ the seat can rest at any comfortable height. The bike also has a footrest for leg comfort but doesn’t have a brake. The wheels are made of EVA Foam tires that contribute to the bike’s lightweight. To wrap things up, Haro also offers a limited lifetime warranty on the front fork & frame.


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Paint Job

The bike offers a comfortable amount of options in colors one can have. The bike is available in Black, Red, Pink, Blue, and Bad Apple Green. The bike looks magnificent. The frame has a glossy paint coat, with the rest of the parts colored in black. It has black wheels and rims that add contrast to the frame color. The only exception is the pink-colored bike, which has a white-colored seat, wheels, and handgrips. The bike has got branding on both sides of the frame.


Material & Strength

The Haro Prewheelz 12 EVA Balance Bike is made up of an aluminum frame that makes the bike strong, durable, and crankless. This strong bike builds up confidence in the kids which helps them in balancing. But the bike is a bit heavier in weight which is not comfortable for smaller and younger kids as it is difficult for them to handle the bike. Taller and stronger kids can easily handle the bike and have a joyful ride. The bike weighs 7.68lbs or 3.48kg.


Safety & Stability

The Haro Prewheelz 12 EVA Balance Bike has standard safety measures in the bike to keep the kids safe. It has hand grips on the handlebars to keep the kids’ hands safe when they fall and prevent their hands from getting slid off from the handle. It has exposed bolts that may scratch the ankles and give kids an unpleasant experience of riding. The bike also has a protruding footrest that is not safe for the kids as it hit the legs while riding. The rough grip tape on the footrest helps kids support their feet while riding the bike, but it does end up sometimes scratching their legs. The bike lacks both a turning limiter and brakes.


Wheel & Comfort

The bike has high-impact 12-inch mag wheels and scuffs resistance tubeless tires. The puncture-proof inflate tires are fine for all terrains. Though the foam tires do not provide much cushioning and grip. When compared to air tires, these tires are just fine for paved surfaces.


The bike has an oversized padded seat that is comfortable for the kids. The kids can sit on the bike for an extended period and have a pain-free butt. The seat height of the bike is also adjustable and can be adjusted from 11” at its lowest to 17” at its highest.


The bike has a straight handlebar with handgrips for the safety of the kid. It has an adjustable handlebar to ensure the correct posture of the kids on the bike. Improper posture due to uneven seat and handlebar height can easily hamper the learning experience. Therefore, it is always advised to buy cycles according to the child’s inseam length.


The bike has a footrest that allows the kids to rest their feet while riding but, the footrest is uncomfortably peeking out. The protruded footrest may hit kids’ legs and give them an unpleasant ride. The rough grip tape on the footrest is also an issue.


Extra features

There is a limited lifetime warranty on the front fork and frame of the bike. Along with the bike, Haro also has Prewheelz merch of jerseys and tees on their website for $18.99 and $14.99.



The Haro Prewheelz 12 EVA Balance Bike is an affordable balance bike with an adjustable seat and handlebar height. It is a great bike that is strong and durable. It has an aluminum crank-less frame design with footrests that is wide and not comfortable for smaller riders. It has scuff-resistance tubeless tires that make the ride safe and comfortable. It has an oversized padded seat but, the absence of brakes and turning limiters may be a problem for the kids. The bike is fit for kids from 3 to 5 years of age.


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