Review: Huffy 12″ Rock It Bike for 3 to 4 Years Old


Settled in Miamisburg, Ohio, Huffy is the perceived world forerunner in child and grown-up bicycles and is one of the earliest established bike manufacturing brands across the globe. Since the organization began in 1892, they’ve sold more than 225 million bikes in 50 nations. The given history alone signifies the importance of the Huffy’s in American culture and is a brand with a worldwide reputation. They’ve significantly grown and nurtured themselves in the past century and hope to continue doing so for the ones to come. A hassle-free, 4-step assembly with NO tools required to build this bike means it’s ready to ride in just minutes; the Huffy 12 Inch Rock It Bike happens to be our topic of discussion today. Without further ado, let’s go into discussion!


Pros and Cons


  1. Affordable.
  2. Effortless assembly.
  3. Fun graphics and cool colors, make it eye-catchy.
  4. Durable steel frame decorated with great graphics and fun colors.
  5. Easy to use coaster brakes.
  6. The decorated padded seat is comfortable to ride.
  7. Wide training wheels provide stability.


  1. A short wheelbase limits the bike’s stability.
  2. Tall handlebars inhibit maneuverability.


The bike has a high center of gravity which makes it less convenient for timid kids. The Huffy 12″ Rock It Bike has a 12″ wheel with a steel frame on top of it. The whole package weighs 14.2lbs or 6.9kg, which is fine and makes it a comfortable fit for 3 to 4 years old. The bike comes with essential features like training wheels, a chainguard, a handlebar pad, and an adjustable seat. These features are sufficient for a young kid, though a front brake would have made it safer. Currently, on the market, one can buy this bike in two different shades- Black and Red at a budget price of $59.


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Paint Job

The majestic-looking steel frame is perfectly hugged by the stunning combination of black and red. A blackened handlebar, along with black painted rims with black spokes and wheels, adds unmatched beauty to the bike, making it more than just loveable for your 2 to 3 year old. The combinations are well-groomed and rust-free and give a matt finish to the cycle. It’s for kids, and it’s designed for fewer crashes and more smiles to make learning to ride a bike as easy as can be.


Material and Strength

The issue lies in the fact that building a productive little bike is tiring and costly. Accordingly, all-around planned 12″ and 14″ bicycles that are sufficiently light and appropriately intended to fit a preschooler are pretty much as expensive as some grown-up bicycles! If the bike is even slightly heavier than desired, it will fail to serve the very purpose of a pedal bike. The bike’s weight isn’t much and weighs in at 14.2 pounds or 6.9 kilograms. To our advantage, this bike, despite being relatively small looks more like a bike and less like a toy. The durability of the Huffy is unparalleled and has been tried and tested repeatedly to derive this result.


Safety and Stability

A compressed handlebar and a narrower wheelbase provide a high center of gravity to the bike, making it prone to tip-off over an uneven surface; therefore, a familiar neighborhood would be a safe place, to begin with. The high center of gravity will provide learning and help the kids master perfect control on all sorts of surfaces. The 12″ boys bike has easy-to-use coaster brakes to allow for smooth stopping. The wide training wheels give added stability without reducing control. It is designed with ideally sized pedals with non-slide features for easy locomotion and better control. The 12″ Huffy boys’ bike has sidewalk tires with black rims that give the ride added stability for an active bike learning process. The handlebar features a decorated pad for a great look as he rides up and down the sidewalk. The illustrated and padded seat keeps him comfortable during every ride.


Wheel and Comfort

The 12″ fully pneumatic air-filled rubber tires provide smooth and easy traction on the road and offer enhanced gripping due to their textured layout. Training wheels attached to the tires give it a triangular shape and, therefore, offer more stability.


The training wheels are a safety factor and, therefore, an essential addition to the bike. The above-stated triangular shape maintains perfect gripping on the ground and stabilizes the bike, thus providing much-needed notches of confidence and fun.


The seat is well-padded and textured to give a smooth and comfortable ride. An ergonomically designed saddle helps the kid efficiently allocate his center of mass, thus focusing more on doing and less worrying.

The handlebar is well adjustable and legitimate enough to provide good grip and essential growth to the kid making the bike more than just a toy. Enhanced grip tapes on the handlebar with sleeves very well serve the function.


Extra Features

A handful of additional goodies and add-ons are available as well with the Huffy 12″ Rock It Bike at very reasonable prices. Below listed are some of the notable mentions-

  1. Huffy Cruiser Beverage Holder, (Black)- $10.00.
  2. Huffy Bike Basket, (Brown)- $17.99.
  3. Disney-Pixar Cars Grips and Pedals Set, (multi-colored)- $8.99.
  4. Huffy Bicycle Bell, (Black and White)- $15.99.
  5. Huffy Cruiser Bell Assortment, ( Various Colour choices)- $21.99.

Along with these features and details, an additional advantage that comes with the Huffy is its warranty. Under the listed set of conditions available on their official website, the warranty period is quite handsome and will keep your bike safe and sound for years. The limited warranty is available only to the original customers and shall not be liable for transfer. The warranty, however, does not cover wear and tear, damage to normal maintenance items, or any damage caused due to improper handling of the bike.



A piece of well-orchestrated machinery in a pint-size package, the Huffy 12″ Rock It Bike has a marvelous paint job, with the notably lightweight steel frame providing it with a robust and sturdy structure. The bike will stay miles away from rusting and won’t be a concern.


Fully pneumatic air-filled tires are tough to find in a 12″ balance bike but lucky for the customers, the Huffy 12″ Rock It Bike comes with the very same. Ergonomically designed to ensure optimum performance and stability, not to mention equal comfort, the Huffy 12 Inch Rock It Bike will be a perfect fit for your 3-4-year-old.


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