Review: Islabikes Rothan 12 Balance Bike for Kids 1.5 to 2 Years Old


Established as one of the first direct-to-costumer bicycle manufacturers and a leading expert in designing balance bikes for the smallest of the toddlers, the Islabikes Ltd. has a glorious past spanning a little over a decade. With an obsession for concentrating on the details that others ignore, Islabikes has built its reputation as revolutionaries in cycling by applying its design philosophy to deliver refined, high-quality bikes to riders who need something different. Amongst the newest of their creations, not to mention another fierté accomplishment is the Islabikes Rothan 12 Balance Bike, which has been described by many happy and satisfied customers as “the best investment you can make for an active toddler.” Words may sound fancy, right? Read the article below to know about the nitty-gritty detail.


Pros and Cons


  1. Lightweight
  2. Pneumatic tires mean improved traction on varying road conditions.
  3. Small grip handlebars and hand brakes allow even petite hands to brake confidently.
  4. Comfortable scooped saddle.
  5. A low step-through frame allows toddlers to get on and off quickly.
  6. Lightweight yet durable aluminum frame.
  7. Incredibly easy to balance.


  1. Fixed height handlebars do not provide enough legitimacy for a rapidly growing toddler.
  2. It Doesn’t have a quick-release lever for seat height adjustments.


Coming with an out-of-the-box color selection of Teal, Pink and, Orange the Islabikes Rothan 12 is an ideal companion for your 1.5 to 2 years old kid. With a range of costs from $199 to $250, the bike offers a weight tolerance of 34lbs or 15.4kg. The bike has an aluminum frame and a 12″ wheelbase, pretty standard among balance bikes.


The weight of the bike is 7.7lbs or 3.5kg and comes with rubber tires. The bike also offers an adjustable seat but lacks a quick-release clamp. Additional features include a rear V brake. Islabikes Rothan 12 gives a five-year warranty on the bike’s frame and fork and a two-year warranty on original parts.


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Paint job

Ergonomically engineered for sheer comfort and long life, the Islabikes Rothan 12 Balance Bike has a lot to offer in terms of the lucrative paint job that they provide. With over three unique and vibrant hues, including tropical teal, orchid pink, and xanthous orange, the Rothan 12 has enough shades to fulfill every child’s resplendence. A pair of black-rimmed wheels and a dozen spokes not only beautifully complement the matt finish paint job but also add to it a class of elegance, giving it a robust and sturdy appeal. The handlebars also have a matt-black finish to strike a perfect balance between vibrance and saturation on the overall visual appeal. The spokes are also painted black for the same reason.


Material and Strength

Not only is the Rothan 12 pretty, but her digits are also equally impressive. Weighing in at only 7.7 lbs or 3.5kg, the Rothan weighs less than most balance bikes yet is fully equipped with air tires, a hand brake, and a padded seat. The Rothan glides along on sealed bearings anchored by rounded bolts to top it all off to prevent the kid from being scratched. Carefully developed over ten years, the Islabikes Rothan’s fine-tunings have indeed made it an actual work of art. The frame is made up of 7005 T6 aluminum, which provides strength and is one-third the weight.


Safety and Stability

As mentioned earlier, the Islabikes Rothan 12 Balance Bike is explicitly designed for the smallest toddlers. Hence, it comes pre-installed with quite a handful of features regarding safety, as it is quite a viable concern for the parents of 18-20 months old.


The low step-through height of the bike’s frame easily allows toddlers to mount the bike, as well as get up after a fall. The turning limiter attached to the handlebar gently corrects the tension so that the kid can adapt to variable change, thereby allowing limited freedom while negotiating a curve and preventing them from being oversteering but isn’t overly restrictive. Protruding yet rounded bolts on the front and back axle prevent a child’s leg from being scratched. The handlebar and grips are narrower than most and more suitable for smaller hands, proving to be an additional feature. The features mentioned above of the Rothan 12 make it perfect learning equipment for strolling and walking and are sure to accustom the kid to biking challenges from an early age. A padded and saddle-shaped seat prevents the kid from sliding off. Yet another feature of the Islabikes Rothan 12 Balance Bike is the threadless headset which creates a surface free of protrusions.


Wheels and Comfort

Pre-fitted with 12″ fully pneumatic air tires, the Rothan 12 rolls with ease, giving it a comfortable ‘bike’ feel, and very well fit a 2-year-old with 30 cm inside legs, enabling them to start shooting at such an early stage. Having lightweight pneumatic tires makes for a smoother, more enjoyable ride.


The Rothan saddle has been ergonomically designed and carefully crafted for the sole purpose of scooting. Made out of carbon fiber, the lightweight yet highly durable saddle has a scooped profile, and the textured top keeps the rider centered as they carefully maneuver and find the balance point. Although not a quick-release, the seat post adjustment is well made, and there are no issues with the seat post slipping or sticking when adjusting the seat for various-sized children. With a minimum seat height of 11″ and a max. of 15″, the Rothan is small enough to fit most 18-month olds, but with an extended seat post, which raises the seat to 18″, the Rothan can grow with a child until they are ready to graduate to a pedal bike.


The matt-finished handlebar is a decorative addition to the entire set and a durable gripping tool to provide a perfect grasp.


The super-thin grips and the effective light-action brakes are within easy reach and provide a safe introduction to the concept of braking. The micro-reach brake lever is relatively easy for tiny hands to use.


Considering the overall in-seam height of the Rothan 12, i.e., 11″, a footrest hasn’t been provided as it would cause hindrance while walking or strolling and defeat the very purpose of learning. However, the absence of a footrest isn’t a downside as the strolling hours won’t be that long for a 2-year-old, and learning without one will be perfectly manageable.


Extra Features

Apart from the above-listed features, quite a few extra features are very well included in the Islabikes Rothan 12 Balance Bike. Established originally to maintain a direct ‘firm to costumer’ contact, the Islabikes Ltd. offer quite expert and friendly customer service, in case of any complication, no matter how rare.


A handful of add-ons to the Rothan 12 include Helmet (50-55cm) in different color variates (£29.99), Tube, Presta 12×1.25 (£6.99), Lock, Hiplok Z Lok Combo (£19.99), Saddle and seat post, 240mm (longer than standard), (£19.99), Lights, front and rear, Lezyne, Femto USB Drive (£29.99) Etc.


The manufacturers provide a five-year warranty on the frame and forks and a two-year warranty on the parts. This is commendable and puts the bike ahead of its competitors.



The paint job is elegant and sophisticated and will keep your bike miles away from rusting. The adjustable saddle heights and handlebar and grips make it a perfect fit for a toddler and allow the bike to grow along with the kid, making it quite sturdy and robust.


With over a dozen spokes, Pneumatic wheels provide overall stability to the Rothan 12 while effectively handling bumps and providing the right amount of traction. With the enlisted features and benefits, the Islabikes Rothan 12 Balance Bike is a perfect fit for any 1.5 – 2 years old.


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