Review: Joey 2.5 Ergonomic Kids Bike for 2 to 5 Years Old


The Joey 2.5 Ergonomic Kids Bike can be a formidable competitor in the bike market due to its more budget-oriented approach and various accessories provided with the bike. The push handle and training wheels, along with a bell and a stem pad, provide an enhanced experience and security for a kid of age 2-5 years. While the bike has its issues, they are not a dealbreaker for any consumer due to its appreciable features and build quality. The cycle has an excellent overall design, and if some minor concerns can be ignored, it might be perfectly suitable for your kid.


Pros and Cons


  1. Kids friendly design with a push handle and training wheels included
  2. Longer wheelbase for increased comfort and stability
  3. 14″ tires suited for kids between 2-5 years of age
  4. Adjustable seat and handlebar height
  5. Rubber tires instead of foam EVA based tires for more grip
  6. It comes with a quick-release seat post, a bell, and a pad for the stem.


  1. Only 1.75″ of seat height adjustment
  2. Caliper brakes are used that can quickly go out of alignment
  3. The push handle limits the seat adjustment


Joey 2.5 is a 14″ kids pedal bike that comes at a price of $239. The bike has a lot of color options, ranging from white, red, and orange to lavender, Fuschia, and blue. The strength of the frame is reliable, thanks to its sturdy steel material. The bike is light, weighing just 14.8lbs/6.71kg which makes it perfect for kids 2 to 5 years old. There are a few safety elements like a bell, handlebar pad, and dual brakes on the cycle. The company also provides a pair of training wheels in case you need them. The seat post slides from 16.5″ to 18.25″ while the handlebar can extend a mere 1″. To make the adjustment more simple the post is accompanied by a quick-release lever. The only set of drawbacks that can be found on the bike is the limited seat height, exposed bolts, and safety reflectors. The company covers the damage on the bike through its limited period warranty.


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Paint Job

The bike is beautifully painted in the shades of White, Red, Orange, Lavender, Fuschia, and Blue. Each stroke of the paint can be deemed perfect in itself. While showcasing the young spirit in the form of punchy stickers used, the bike does not compromise the class and quality of the paint job, which is reflected in the final work. The chainguard and the stem pad truly match the overall vibe of the cycle and significantly increase its appeal.


Material and strength

The bike’s mainframe is made up of steel, which absorbs most vibrations and jerks and delivers a comfortable and smooth ride. The bike weighs 14.8 lbs/ 6.71 kgs, which is undoubtedly a lower number than its counterparts. The rubber tires provide an enhanced grip on the paved and off-road surfaces than the foam tires. Handlebars come with a threaded handset that can be raised to 1″, maintaining the upright posture of the rider. The rims have steel spokes that help maintain the load distribution of the rider beautifully. Overall, the quality of the materials used is very good for the price range of $239.


Safety and Stability

The bike comes with exposed bolts, which may pose a problem for little riders. Having a longer wheelbase and a steel frame to support the rider, the bike delivers a smooth and reasonably stable ride. While the bike does not come with reflectors, the caliper brakes on both tires cover its absence, although the V-pull brakes could have been better on the bike. The handlebar grips are smooth and have bumpers at both ends. The handlebar pad saves the rider from unexpected lurches and ensures a safe ride. The training wheel and the push handle add another layer of safety to the bike. Overall, the bike has appreciable safety features and stability traits.


Wheel and comfort

The 14″ wheels are a perfect choice for kids between 2-5 years of age. The tires are made up of rubber, which provides enhanced grip and comfort over foam-based EVA tires. They are a suitable choice if your little rider likes to go off-road as much as on paved tracks.


The training wheels provided with the bike help the kid to maintain balance if he is struggling with the same.


An extra padded seat in the bike delivers everlasting comfort, and the quick-release seat clamp reduces the burden of adjusting the saddle every time with a toolkit. The seat has an adjustment range of 16.5″ – 18.25″, which I believe is somewhere insufficient and could be improved.


The handlebar is also made up of alloy metal, offering full support to the rider in case of jerks or sudden breaking. It can be adjusted up to 1″, thanks to the threaded handset used.


The push handle allows the parents to support their child if he struggles to maintain balance independently.


The training wheels given with the bike are made up of cheap quality plastic, but they are readily available, so this particular defect isn’t a dealbreaker by any means.


Extra features

The manufacturers provide a bell, a stem pad, a quick-release seat post, a push handle, and training wheels with the bike. As for the warranty, I wasn’t able to find its exact duration or availability on this product except for the information that “most” joey bikes come with a limited period manufacturer warranty. I was a bit disappointed in the customization segment as there was no information on accessories or customization options for this bike. I firmly believe that the company needs to improve in this area.



As I conclude this article, I want to make sure that even though this bike has some cuts that can be improved, this bike is a solid competitor in the market as it offers so much in the budget segment of $260. The paint job is perfect, and the stickers used resonate with the overall theme of the bike. The steel alloy is an excellent choice for the mainframe of the cycle as it absorbs most of the vibrations while riding. The bell, training wheels, stem pad, and quick-release seat clamp significantly increase the overall appeal of the bike. I would surely recommend it to a parent looking for a more budget-friendly product for their child.


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