Review: Jollito Balance Bike for Kids 2 to 4 Years Old


With an astonishing price tag of $69.99, Jollito Balance Bike is a tough competitor for an expensive balance bike. This balance bike promises to assist in learning balance and coordination at a young age for an easy transition to pedal bikes. Is this bike perfect for your kids? Does a low price come with a price for its quality and features? Keep on reading to find out more about this bike.


Pros and Cons


  1. Durable paint job
  2. Shock absorbent EVA tires
  3. Presence of a footrest
  4. Durable and lightweight
  5. Environmentally and non-toxic friendly material
  6. Adjustable seat height
  7. Adjustable handlebars with a good grip
  8. Easy to assemble


  1. Limited color options
  2. EVM foam tires do not provide traction
  3. Lack of hand brakes
  4. Lacks reflector
  5. Poor customer support


The Jollito Balance Bike is a $69.99 steel ride that comes in two color variations, blue and pink. It has a regular wheel size that can withstand weight up to 220lbs or 90.71kg. The weight limit makes the bike ideal for kids 2 to 4 years old.

The Jollito has a light frame of around 9.08lbs or 4.11kg. The seat of the bike can be adjusted from 12.2″ to 16″. The bike has straight handlebars and EVA tires for a tubeless experience.


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Paint Job

Jollito Balance Bike doesn’t have too many color options like other balance bikes in this price range. It comes in blue and pink color options. So if your kid is specific about the colors, the limited color options may disappoint you. The paint job is perfect, which gives a matte finish to the bike. The paint looks uniform in any orientation. Jollito Balance Bike has a colored frame, while the rest of its components are black. The spokes look different from other bikes in this price range, making these bikes kids friendly yet classy. The bike attracts the attention of both the parents and kids at its first look.


Material and Strength

Jollito Balance Bike uses carbon steel as its primary material for the frame. The material is very durable as its rust-resistant. The material is environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to worry about causing harm to the environment while buying this bike. The bike weighs only 9.08 lbs or 4.11 kgs. This weight is suitable for kids, and they won’t need their parents to help while transporting the bike. Despite being so lightweight, this bike can support a maximum weight of 220 lbs or 90.71 kgs, which is incredible.


Safety and Stability

Jollito Balance Bike comes with unexposed bolts, which reduce the risk of minor scratches to the kids. This balance bike does not come with a reflector, but it’s not a significant disadvantage in this bike as kids usually ride in broad daylight. The bike does not come with handbrakes, which increases the risk of collisions for kids and jeopardizes their safety. While several other balance bikes come with handbrakes, the absence of handbrakes in this bike could be a dealbreaker. This balance bike comes with a footrest so kids won’t exhaust their energy due to the dangling of legs in the air. This balance bike does not come with a handlebar pad. Kids may bump if they are not careful while riding this bike.


Wheel and Comfort

Jollito Balance Bike comes with non-inflated widened EVA foam tires. These tires are shock absorbent. However, foam tires do not provide good traction as compared to rubber air tires. They may slip on slippery surfaces, but kids won’t have to worry about flat tires on this bike.


This bike comes with a padded seat, making the ride enjoyable by providing more adjustment and comfort to the kids. This balance bike has 4.8″ of seat height adjustment (from 12.2″ to 16″). This seat height adjustment feature is pretty impressive in this bike as kids get more room to grow. They learn balance and coordination without pushing themselves. Jollito Balance Bike bike has a tool-free quick-release seat post clamp for easy seat adjustments.


Handlebars are straight in shape and provide an excellent grip for the kids. It is adjustable from 19.7″ to 21.6″. Adjustable handlebars maintain the correct posture of the kids, thus ensuring a safer and more confident transition to pedal bikes.



The bike does not offer too many color options, so kids may have to compromise with their favorite color options if they want to opt for this balance bike. However, the paint job is durable and does not easily chip. The bike attracts the viewers’ attention at its first look. The carbon steel material is very durable and rust-resistant while being non-toxic. The foam tires are shock absorbent, yet they do not provide better traction. Adjustable seat height, handlebars, unexposed bolts, and the presence of a footrest are some of the extraordinary features of this bike. The absence of a functional website the company makes it difficult to contact its customer care. Jollito Balance Bike is suitable for kids aged 2 to 4 years.


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