Review: Joovy Bicyoo Balance Bike for Kids 1.5 to 5 Years Old


Learning to ride a bike is one of the most memorable experiences for one’s child. Training wheels do not teach your child how to ride properly; they simply keep them upright. A balance bike teaches your child to maintain their balance when moving. When they get it, and you see the excitement on their face, the feelings are astounding for both you and your child. The Joovy Balance Bike is one of the best companions for the kids to learn balance as it has a highly durable lightweight frame with all the safety measures. It helps the toddlers learn balance, coordination, and fine-tune their motor skills. Do words sound interesting? Read the full article to know about the bike.


Pros & Cons


  1. Rear handbrake available except for “Bicycoo Mg” model
  2. Lightweight
  3. Covered bolts
  4. Sturdy and durable
  5. Extra-wide tires help kids balance
  6. Many color options are available
  7. Easy to assemble


  1. Minimal seat height range allows little room for growth
  2. Handgrips are a bit small
  3. Footrest unavailable except for “Bicycoo Mg” model


The aluminum frame of the Joovy Bicyoo can handle a load up to 55lbs or 24.94kg. The load limit makes it comfortable for kids 1.5 to 2 years old. The bike comes in 4 different shades, Red, Black, Blue, and Pink, mounted on a 12″ wheelbase and a price tag of $129.


The bike has a weight of 8.75lbs, which is about 4kg. It has rubber air tires and a rear hand brake for safety. From 14″ to 15.25″, the seat can be fixed at any point for comfort.


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Paint Job

The Joovy Balance Bike is available in many beautiful colors that are enough to satisfy each child’s mulishness. The Bicycoo Mg model bike is available in Pinkcrush, Goldy, Blueness, Forged Iron, and Orange colors. Whereas Joovy Bicycoo Bike is available only in blue color and Joovy Bicycoo BMX Bike is available in white and pink shades. All the models of the bike have a colored frame with the rest of the parts in black. It has a glossy finish with a minimal and clean look on the mainframe.


Materials & Strength

The Joovy Bicycoo and Joovy Bicycoo BMX bikes are made up of an aluminum frame that keeps the bike strong and durable. The Joovy Bicycoo BMX bike is a lightweight bike that weighs 7.25lbs or 3.3kg. It is easier for the kids to handle this bike, whereas the Joovy Bicycoo Bike is heavier in weight. It weighs 12lbs or 5.4kg, which is too heavy for little kids. The toddlers face difficulty in controlling the bike and have an unpleasant adventure. The Bicycoo Mg Bike is made up of a magnesium frame. The magnesium frame is more lightweight than an aluminum frame and also acts as a good shock absorber. This is an eco-friendly and sustainable metal. The bike weighs 6.7lbs or 3kg, making it very easy for a child to control, from walking along to riding.


Safety & Stability

All the models of the bike have handgrips that keep the kids’ hands safe and provide a firm hold. It has covered bolts that restrict the kids’ legs from getting scratched. The Joovy model of the bike has wide tires for the stability of the bike. It has a rear handbrake that is very easy to reach and helps kids stop the bike quickly. It lacks a footrest which results in the wearing out of the shoes. Whereas the Bicycoo Mg model bike doesn’t have a handbrake but has an integrated footrest. It allows the kids to rest their feet while riding and keep their legs safe.


Wheel & Comfort

The Bicycoo Mg Bike has magnesium rims with rubber pneumatic tires. It has white all 12” rubber tires with no-flat technology and great suspension. These tires need no maintenance and are fit for paved surfaces. The Joovy Bikes has refillable 12” pneumatic tires that provide good suspension. It has wide 2.25” tires for the stability of the bike.


The seat height of the Joovy Bikes can be adjusted from 14”-15.25”, but the range is too small compared to other bikes. It doesn’t provide enough room for the kids to grow. The Bicycoo Mg bike’s seat height can be adjusted from 12”-15”, which, on the other hand, provides a pretty better amount of space for the kids’ growth. No tools are needed for seat adjustment. The quick-release seat clamp is a small, simple but vital part; its job is to firmly clamp down on said tube to hold the seat post in place. The seat post can be adjusted as the child grows.


The handlebar can also be adjusted to allow the kids to sit in an upright position.


The Bicycoo Mg bike has an integrated footrest that is stuck just below the seat post. It allows kids to rest their feet while riding. But the traditional Bicyoo and the Bicyoo BMX bike lack a footrest.


Extra Features

There is a 30 days return policy where customers can return the product if there is any fault. Joovy also provides a 2-year warranty and guarantee on the bike.



The Joovy Balance Bike is one of the best balance bikes in the market for kids to build up confidence and learn balance. It has a perfect blend of functions and architecture that attracts both parents and kids. Its lightweight frame with all the safety measures makes the ride safe, comfortable, smooth, and joyful. The bike is fit for kids of 1.5 to 2 years of age.


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