Review: JOYSTAR 10″/12″ Roller Balance Bike For Kids 1.5 to 5 Years Old


JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike allows kids to develop steady balance and coordination to learn to ride a bike. This toddler training bike is a great way to help your kid transition to a traditional pedal bike. The convenient low-frame architecture makes touring easy. The frame has bright colors and is available in two sizes. The bike has enough safety features that make the ride joyful and comfortable. Read the full article to know if the bike deserves to be on your purchase list or not.


Pros & Cons


  1. Adjustable seat and handlebar height
  2. Footrest available
  3. EVA tires – Flat-free
  4. Lightweight
  5. Easy Access Frame
  6. Rear Mudguard
  7. Hand Grips for safety


  1. Brakes unavailable
  2. No turning limiter
  3. Exposed bolts


The high-tensile steel can withstand 75lbs or 34kg of weight. This makes the Roller Balance Bike an ideal choice for kids 1.5 to 5 years old. If you buy it on Amazon, it will cost you $45.99 and will be available in three colors – green, black, and pink. If you want more variations in color, you can visit the JOYSTAR website. They even have a wheel size variation of 10″ and 12″.

The bike has a unique step-through frame that you can put together within 20 minutes. The assembled bike weighs 6.39lbs or 2.9kg, thanks to its light EVA polymer tires. The bike has an adjustable seat and a handlebar with a quick-release lever. The seat can slide between 12.6″ to 18.5″ while the handlebar can slide between 20.4″ to 22.4″.


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Paint Job

Right out of the bat, the bike has a unique appearance. The frame, along with the seat and handlebar grips are colored. The black rim and wheel give it a good contrast against the colorful frame. There are cool branding stickers on either side of the body that make it look classy and fill up the vacant frame. The bike has an overall glossy shine available in Black, Blue, Green, and Pink colors.


Material & Strength

The frame of the JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike is sturdy and durable. One can use the bike even after several falls without any significant loss in performance. It has an easy access frame design. The bike has a lightweight architecture that enables kids to control the bike smoothly and ride. The bike has a weight of 6.39lbs or 2.9kg, which is sufficient to lift kids having a maximum chubbiness of 75lbs or 34kg.


Safety & Stability

Safety features play a crucial role for a parent in deciding whether to go for a particular balance bike or not. The JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike provides basic safety measures to make the kid’s ride convenient. The handlebar has a handgrip that keeps the little hands safe when they fall or come across a wall or a tree and restrict their hands from sliding off. The bike has a footrest where kids can rest their feet while riding the bike and avoid any strain on their legs during a long stride. The bike has a low-to-the-ground design that makes it easy for small children to get on and off the bike and ensure their safety. It does not have a turning limiter that restricts the handle from getting overturned. It does not have any kind of brake. Also, the bike has exposed bolts which are not as safe compared to rounded bolts or flat bolts.


Wheel & Comfort

The JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike has two size variants, 10″ and 12″. Both use durable EVA foam tires that do not get flatten and high-quality puncture-proof tires. The EVA tires are a decent shock absorber and ensure safety on a bumpy ride. Though the foam tires do not provide much traction and cushioning compared to air tires. These tires work just fine on paved surfaces. Having a foam tire reduces maintenance and minimizes the weight of the bike. The bike has a rear mudguard that keeps mud and dirt away from the child and keeps them stain-free.


The bike has a padded saddle that is soft and comfortable. Having a good seat is important as it prevents any slippage of the rider while using the bike. It ensures that the kid experiences a comfortable and joyful ride. The seat post of this bike is adjustable using the quick-release clamp and discarding the use of any tools. The post ranges from 11.6 inches to 17.5 inches. The range is quite enough to extend the bike seat as the child grows older.


The bike has a straight handle with a handle grip which keeps the little hands safe. The bike handlebar is also adjustable and can be adjusted similar to the seat using the quick-release clamp. The handlebar fork ranges from 19.4 inches at the lowest to 21.4 inches at the highest.


The bike has a footrest situated at a natural place where the feet would be if one coast on a pedal bike. It helps the kids maintain the center of gravity and balance the bike properly.


Extra Features

The company ensures the quality of the bike and gives a 1-year warranty on the bike. The company is also well known for its excellent customer service.


Notable add-ons such as bike bells, bike baskets, and decor elements can be purchased from their website.



The JOYSTAR Roller Balance Bike is an awesome balance bike that is light in weight. It has an adjustable seat and handlebar post that grows with the kids. With a low-to-ground frame design and a comfortable footrest, it is available in many glossy variations. It has EVA foam tires which, to be honest, are not as comfortable as rubber tires. It does not have a brake and a turning limiter. It fits fine for little kids ages 2-4 years old or for kids between 32 and 42 inches in height.


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